March 12, 2017

Battle of the Nova's

Been spending more time in Forza 6 tuning and paint. Decided to go for a spin. Didn't mean to flip him, honestly.


December 17, 2016

Revenge of The Fatman

Ok, for the better part of 30 minutes now, sirens have been blasting like it's a 90's rave party. Coming from this direction, moving to that one. Damn, must be a serious accident. They just aren't stopping.

All the sirens are gone now. But damn! As i'm on the shit box, they get louder and louder. I open the window and see a line of cars with lights going, like a funeral procession. I think, okay, cop died or something and the guy lived in this area. After all, i've only been here about 7 months and don't know anyone. Then see the hook and ladder stop between my house and my neighbors house . I'm like WTF! Then i see a fireman get out of the truck and start jogging toward my house. I'm thinking, damn, i'm not done yet. What if i have to get out? So i start squeezing like no tomorrow. This is how hemorrhoids start ya know! Clean up and run to the door. At this point, i see a cop car pulled over behind the truck. Now i'm a little worried. Then it hits me. The fucking fat man in the red suit is walking toward the police car. He waves, I smirk. All this for a fat man that gets his jollies with little folk?

I don't see the firemen. I walk around the corner of the house and one comes walking back and one is standing there. "Oh i'm sorry sir, he was feeling ill and threw up in your back yard." WHAT?!?!?

Finally the one who threw up comes around the corner and apologies. He asks for a hose to wash it away with. I point to his truck. I get "that" look. I'm thinking, what? You're the ass throwing up not me. Tell them there is a hose on the back of the house he can use.

By this time the cop car is gone with the fat man. I know what happened. Mrs Clause got all hot and bothered by the fireman calendar and had a midday sushi roll with Mr. flame wetter. So the fat man offered up some of the Mrs's special Christmas cookies at the start of their little neighborhood tour. I know that fat bastard was laughing his jolly ass off as he drove away under police protection.


November 7, 2016

To Mine, Or to Craft. Or To Just Minecraft. PT2

So the work begins. After clearing out a small work space at the end of the tunnel, I really wonder how far up I will have to go, to get to the top of this mountain. As I work on a somewhat aesthetic layout as well as functional, the thought keeps going through my head. "How may digs will it take to get to the top?"

Let's find out. One, Two, Three. Three licks to get to the .... oh sorry. Where was I?

Okay, all set. I have dug all the way up to the top and have a fairly large working space. But one thing that gets me is, I have to keep running back and forth between here and my home. That is a long ass run. There has to be a easier, oh SNAP! A railway system. But i need more materials. Time to go mining.

To make this short, half way back to my starting point, I decided to start digging out and down. After about ten minutes, I happened onto this massive cave. Think the entire Grand Canyon underground. After about 8 hours time, I believe I have the entire thing explored and mapped. I put in stairs, rails and platforms to help guide me. Think the massive shaft in National Treasure at the end.  With enough materials, I start crafting what I need for rails of all types, mine carts and power sources.

Done. Now I have a high speed, (more like a Radio Flyer being pulled by two racing piglets) rail from Point A to Point B.

Rail system with a recall function from Point A to Point B

Now I can get back and forth relatively quick. And I have been using this A LOT! There is a stop switch in the section. Sometimes, I don't need to get to Point B, but rather the mine shaft in the middle. If i do need to get to Point B, just press a button when I stop and off I go.

For the better part of the last three to four days, I've been digging, crafting building and exploring.  So Far, Point B keep is done. There's another rail system to get me from Point B to Point C. 
Point C is the Keep before the Castle. There is yet another rail system at the bottom of Point C to the top, since elevators don't seem to work on the Xbox version of the game. 

Point C is for the most part half way done. Just need to finish decorating the inside. The bridge from Point C to the mountain where the castle will sit is complete. 

A lot of work has gone into this. I have switched from Survival to Creative a few times. Especially to build the Point C rail system. With a recall function, a lot of damn digging and testing had to go in.

Work station at Point B. Automatic Smelting Furnace and Clock. Need to know when it's daytime!

Entrance to Point B workstation

Three furnaces for cooking and smelting

Point B crafting Table and storage

Point B garbage disposal. Actually destroys whats tossed in.

Point B Storage

Point B Maintenance Door

Access to the mechanics for the Automatic Smelter and Disposal

Point B Automatic Tree Farm (Can't always make it outside!)

Automatic Tree Farm

Point B storage

View from top of Point A to Point B. See how far the distance is to the mountain int he middle?

Above Point B looking at Point C Keep

Point C Keep

Land where the castle will sit

Point C Bridge

Point C

Point B Keep

Point B Keep, stairs that go to workstation below

To the roof of Point B Keep

Point B looking at Point C

Point B middle storage, half way up

Point B middle storage

Workstation hallway to rail-line to Point C

Workstation hallway to rail-line to Point C

Point B to Point C Rail-line with recall function

Base of Point C, Rail-line that goes up

Looking straight up the Point C Rail-line

Looking down from the top of the Point C Rail-line

(Some night shots below)

Found something while digging in the workstation. Iron door protects me

Deep down the hallway lies another world

The further you go, the colder it gets

I don't like that glow!

A portal to the Nether World!
(Created with Vines, mushrooms and moss to give it the Horry Sheet feeling)

SO there it is. A labor of sore thumbs and pissy attitudes because the tutorials seem to revolve around the PC version with mods. About as many hours have been spent trying to figure out the Redstone mechanics as actually digging and building. And I've only just begone.

Once the castle is done, the valley below will be next. Filled with shops and houses. I"m building a world. For what reason, no idea. But i do know, i get to play GOD!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


November 6, 2016

To Mine, Or to Craft. Or To Just Minecraft. PT1

So I've been playing Minecraft for a little while now and decided to go big. well, big to me. If you've seen some of these creations in this game, your jaw would drop. I don't plan on being as good as these people. After all this game does require some mathematics skills that I don't have!

I created a survival world and started right where I spawned in. Doing the survival world, I need to farm and craft everything I need to build. Unlike Creative where it's all there for me.

First things first, I need shelter. It's night, I can see baddies wandering around and I have no weapons. AH, a mountain. Up we go! As I'm hoping up the mountain, I feel like Q-Bert! Breaking some grass blocks as I go, I need material for a make shift shelter. Once I get to the top, the fun begins.

Built a small shelter. Maybe 6x6 at best. Then I start digging down. From time to time, I pop a hole in my walls to see if the sun is out yet. Once it is, I head down the mountain to farm some lumber and animals for food. After a few hours, I have a nice little hut on top of the mountain, away from the baddies. Crafting table, a couple of chests for storage. A furnace to cook and smelt with.

By now, a day or so has gone by in real time. I only play a few hours at night after work.

What to do next? I can't stay up here all the time. As i'm out and about farming materials, I'm also scouting the area and see a nice flat area at the bottom of the mountain. That is my next stop. I need something bigger.

By now, I have tools. An ax, a pickax and a shovel.  So it begins. I dig into the side of the mountain and start making room to live. There is a small water pool here so water will be no issue. Couple of rooms dug out, few more chests and crafting table created. Once the main area is created and doors up to keep me safe, i begin to dig in all four directions to see how far I can go til I reach daylight. Come to find out, it's quite the damn ways!

Food is getting harder to find already. If this were the Alaskan Frontier, i'd be dead in a few weeks! But alas, this is Minecraft MacGyver time. Or something like that.

I began to dig out a small section for farming. Crops will grow with enough light and water. Next, I began digging a small section for animals. PETA would have my ass if they saw how I have this little bastards caged up!

Materials are running low, so now it's time to start mining. Part way down the eastern corridor I dug before, I begin digging steps down. Down and down and whoa! Cavern! Some torches, trusty pickax, let's go.

After a few hours of exploring and killing baddies, I had enough coal, iron ore and cobblestone to start my own ammunition factory.

By now, I'm trying to decide what my end game will be. I know there's a partial end game itself by killing the Ender Dragon. But What am I actually making here? Then it hit me. I've already done a few small castles in Creative mode. Let's do yet another castle. This time however, something with a little more gusto.

In real life, there was the castle. Maybe an outlying keep or two as well as a village. Ah, that's it! But where am I going to build it? Time to go exploring.

I set out in a few different directions, killing baddies as night falls a few times. By now, I'm completely lost and have no idea where my hole in the ground, uh, Hobbit Hole is. I need to go higher to get a better view. That's when I saw it. Three separate mountain tops. All within a short span of each other. One slightly larger than the other two. One keep, two keep, Castle. Achievement unlocked! But still, where the hell is my house? Oh, there it is. About 10 miles back that way!

With too much of a distance to travel across ground, and not really wanting to fight off baddies every five seconds, the only other option i have is to go under ground. A tunnel. A long, winding tunnel under and around the lakes between where I stand and my home.

Queue the music!

Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.

After a few hours of digging, popping my head above ground, about drowning myself when I unleash a few tsunami's in my back breaking labor of a tunnel, I now sit directly under Point B.

So now what? What's next?

Read Part 2


October 30, 2016

When I'm Feeling Blue

Music has always been my go to for everything. I listen to all types of music. Some I like, some I don't. I grew up on the classic country of Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, and Johnny Cash. As a child, I got to see Tammy Wynette and Conway in concert. Really wanted to see Ronnie Milsap, but never did.

As I got older and into the 80's, my taste turned to the dance beat, aka break-dancing and when I found metal, it was over. Metal is my passion. From Ozzy and Sabbath to Iron Maiden and everything in between.

But it seems, when I am blue or don't want to be around others, I go back to country. My current playlist on Google Music hasn't changed to much in the last few years. Occasionally I'll remove one and add a new song that comes out.

Currently, this is the line up.

Alan Jackson - Midnight in Montgomery
Kenny Chesney - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem
Brad Paisley - Mud On The Tires
Dierks Bentley - What Was I Thinking
Keith Urban - Where The Blacktop Ends
Alan Jackson - Where I Come From
Little Big Town - Boondocks
Toby Keith - I Wanna Talk About Me
Trace Adkins - Songs About Me
Toby Keith - Get Drunk and Be Somebody
Brad Paisley - Alcohol
Tim McGraw - I Like It, I Love It
Trace Adkins - Swing
Brantley Gilbert - Baby's Guns n Roses
Brad Paisley - Little Moments
Blake Shelton - Some Beach
Garth Brooks - American Honkey Tonk Bar Association
Tim McGraw - Real Good Man
George Strait - Check Yes or No
Brantley Gilbert - Small Town Throwdown
Kenny Chesney - There Goes My Life


MAA - Minecraft Addicts Anonymous

So, I've been playing Minecraft on the Xbox for about a month. It's actually been very therapeutic for me. It's gotten me into being creative again. Though in game only. I get to build things! Drawback is, I'm not getting any damn house work done. And I've pulled a few all nighters. I originally got the game so I could play with the nephews once in awhile, since I don't get to see them all the time. Think i've spent more time playing on my own, minus the few hours I have played with them.

I started a Survival world, what I am currently working on and will be for quite some time. I've done a few Creative ones to get the hang of things. So I figured it was time to see what I could do when I had to farm for everything I needed to build. So far, I'm liking it.

The tutorials could be better online. 90% of them are for the PC with mods. You can't use mods on the Xbox. Started right at my spawn point and started to learn. Built a small room on top of the mountain. From there, I started to dig down and farm some trees. Next it was to the base of the mountain to build a temporary fort.

From the fort, I started digging into the mountain. Not just in, but down. There are animals plenty around the fort, so I built an underground pen as well as a small underground garden. Water source flows underneath so i can hydrate the crops.

Upon exploring, I found many small ponds and lakes. Then I found it. The area where my castle will be. Problem is, from Point A to Point B, during the night travels is a nightmare in and of itself. I've died at least 2 dozen times (and it's on normal). So how do I get to and fro? Well, underground of course!

Went out during the day and laid some torches along the route to take, taking note where the lakes were and how far down I would have to go. Not really understanding or knowing how far to dig, I laid a half assed plan and went for it.

A week later, I have a tunnel going from the mountain at the temp fort to another mountain. This tunnel ends up in a small quarry under the mountain where I started to build. I have an automatic smelting furnace, multiple storage boxes, individual ovens and water source.

There is a set up stairs that go up through the mountain to a temp storage room and even further up to the top to where I've built the first of many Keep Towers. At night, you can look back to where the first room was built and lit with torches and see how far the distance actually is.

Along the underground tunnel is a railway that stops in the middle. This is a small construction area with smelting furnaces and chests. It is also where I have spent most of the last 24 hours. As I started to mine out I came across a massive cavern. I have spent the better part of about 12 hours in this cavern and when I think I've uncovered all the crevasses without digging anymore, more open up.

It's so large, I was getting lost. Even with leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. So I decided to decorate it. Stairs, rails, chandeliers, etc.  The further I go down, the more I uncover. So far, in some areas, it's nothing but a massive lake of lava. I haven't had my mp with me to figure out what level i'm on, but if lava was a renewable source, i'd be rich.

Anyway, I've been mining the hell out of this cavern to get ores and stone. My smelting furnace is making me the building blocks I need. Now I need to craft an automatic tree farm in my smithing area.

Since there are a lot of animals around the temp fort, I will be going back and making a larger farm. Need to eat and i'm getting low on food. Though there is a rail that goes from the back of the first mountain to the smithing area under mountain two, I will have to make a second rail from the fort to the smithing area to transport food and more lumber. It's a pain to go out, farm lumber, run through the fort, navigate the tunnels just to get to the start of the rail line.


October 23, 2016

Now I'm A Little More Peeved

So apparently, 10 years, yes a full decade after signing up new soldiers to fight in two capitalistic wars that cost us so much, the State of California now wants these soldiers to pay back their enlistment bonuses.

It seems that despite these soldiers putting their lives on the line and signing a contract that makes them property of the good ole US of A, the govt can back out of their end of the deal because a few of their employee's decided to do something bad.

Part of the soldiers oath is;
I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

But who protects the soldiers? Who's allegiance does the soldier have? As bad as the majority of vets are treated, no wonder there is a higher death rate at home than in the field. If a soldier goes back on this oath and contract, they can be tried for treason, regardless of the issue.  But the govt is the govt. They are above the law, as we have plainly seen in the current election cycle.

It's one thing to tell a soldier, hey we made a mistake in your paperwork a few months at best after they reenlisted. But 10 damn years?

“These bonuses were used to keep people in,” said Christopher Van Meter, a 42-year-old former Army captain and Iraq veteran from Manteca, Calif., who says he refinanced his home mortgage to repay $25,000 in reenlistment bonuses and $21,000 in student loan repayments that the Army says he should not have received. “People like me just got screwed.”
In Iraq, Van Meter was thrown from an armored vehicle turret — and later awarded a Purple Heart for his combat injuries — after the vehicle detonated a buried roadside bomb.
Susan Haley, a Los Angeles native and former Army master sergeant who deployed to Afghanistan in 2008, said she sends the Pentagon $650 a month — a quarter of her family’s income — to pay down $20,500 in bonuses that the Guard says were given to her improperly. 
“I feel totally betrayed,” said Haley, 47, who served 26 years in the Army along with her husband and oldest son, a medic who lost a leg in combat in Afghanistan.
Haley, who now lives in Kempner, Texas, worries they may have to sell their house to repay the bonuses. “They’ll get their money, but I want those years back,” she said, referring to her six-year reenlistment.  
So in essence, the govt is not telling these brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line, that they did it for nothing. That the govt does not have to honor its own contracts. And apparently it's been going on for so long, that a Master Sgt was convicted and sentenced to just 30 months for $15 million dollars in fraud. Hell, that sounds like a typical CEO or banker punishment, yet very few have ever been convicted in this country.

But the old adage is still true today as it was long before, don't trust a word that comes out of the recruiters mouth. Even if that recruiter is your CO.



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