July 31, 2008

Obama And Who?

Okay, this one really made me laugh. McCain comparing Obama to the likes of Spears and Hilton. I mean come on, He's a hell of a lot more attractive then they are. He even tried saying the Obama was Vapid. Does McCain know what the word means?

But let's look at the comparisons here shall we?

1. Both Spears and Hilton have out sex tapes. Obama does not.
- Though neither one was any good. Michelle, you up for it?

2. Both ladies (is that the correct term?) have flashed their nether regions more then once.
- Closest thing i have seen is a picture of Obama in his swim trunks at the beach.

3. Spears has been in and out of rehab, while Hilton spent time in jail.
- I don't recall Obama doing either of these.

4. Both Spears and Hilton have had semi/successful TV and Movie careers. Not to mention singing.
- Other then campaign ad's, i haven't seen much of Obama. And i don't think he can blow like Clinton does on the sax.

So far i don't see any Vapidness in any of these. Nothing dull, flat, definitely not lacking liveliness.

Now i'm not a politician. THANK GOD. But it seems the Mr. McCain is basing his campaign on the fact that he was a war prisoner. We all know this, this is not new news. GET OVER IT. The man wants to run our country but has no idea of the future. He doesn't even know how to use a PC for christ's sake. I talk to a lot of elderly people everyday. Over half of those know at least the basics.

Obama doesn't have the experience. So what? Maybe it's time for a radical change for this country. Look where experience has gotten us in the last 3 decades.

Other then being an natural American born citizen, permanent resident of the US for 14 years and 35 years of age, there is are other requirements or experience needed. Maybe I should run for president next year? But then again, i would piss so many people of int he "business" they would probably shoot me.

I find this comparrison to be a laughing stock. If this is the best the Republican party can do, i fear they have no choice but to give up now. Though im not a Republican or Democrat, so far, Obama is winning this race.

Thank You Time Warner/Road Runner!!!

Today i had the cable tech out to replace my cable box, since it had been acting up for sometime now. So he comes out, after the scheduled appointment time, no big deal there as i was home. He proceeds to check the box and swaps it out with a new one. Something still isn't working right so he proceeds outside. To make a long story short, he knocked out my cable service and my internet. got it fixed and in the process swapped out my cable modem for a new one.

Now, everything seems to be working fine, from the outside. I go to work and get home at almost 1am. Now, i had a long day at work and i want to check my email so i can go to bed. But my email wont connect. It keeps telling me my password is wrong. So i try the web mail, same thing. Now i know i didn't change my password, so i try the fiance's account. Same thing. What the hell is going on here. I proceed to try and reset my password. It asks for the mac address off my modem. Um, okay...

I enter the mac address and then it tells me that the mac address does not match my email account, thus i cannot change my password. okay, now i'm getting pissed. I proceed to the on-line chat. Always fun. So i get the guy and tell him what's wrong. then like always he repeats everything i said. So then he tells me that by swapping out my modem for a new one, it deactivated all my email accounts. WHAT THE FUCK?????

So while he is busy looking through his playgirl magazine at his desk, pretending he is actually going to help, i proceed to bring up the Time Warner TOS (Terms of Service). Brought up my little browser search bar and typed in the word modem. Searched the entire page. Only once did the word modem appear. Under the title DESCRIPTIONS!!! No where in their TOS does it state that by changing out your modem, will it deactivate your emails.

So this chat room tech proceeds to tell me he cant help me i need to call in. What else is new. I have never gotten any help from the Time Warner/Road Runner chat techs. But why I bother to attempt is beyond me. Unless there is that one shred of hope. That one shinning moment one of their chat techs has a lightbulb go off in their head and can actually do something.

So now im calling in. Get the 2nd tech for the night. Now it's almost 1:30 in the morning. He tells me he was advised of the situation and will get it fixed. 15 minutes go by and the evenitable words, i'm sorry i don't have the authority to help here. Well fuck me like a billy goat running. I ask him why he didn't just pass me off to someone with the proper authority, i got no answer.

So now i'm on the phone with the third tech. As we go through this, he changes the password to the master account and has me log in. After i log in, i proceed to change the password to the fiance's and my accounts. But i'm still unable to access them. The tech says give me a moment and let me look. he can't figure it out. So i start looking through the different menu choices and tell him i got it. Hidden under status was an enable button. He said oh yeah you have to enable them. What a dumb fuck.

I asked him three times if it is common practice for Time Warner or Road Runner to deactivate your emails if you get a new modem. His first reply was no. His last two were and i quote "basically."

So now i'm able to access all accounts. So he then asks the same question they always do. "Is there anything else i can help you with?" Now, being a DSL tech myself, i do the same thing. But 9 times out of 10, yes there is always that one customer that pisses me off to no end, i mean it. I get in trouble for going above and beyond a lot of times.

I said you know, living in NY state, Frontier doesn't do this. Living in PA, Verizon & Atlantic Cable didn't do this. Living in FL, Embarq doesn't do this, yet you do. Why?

His answer.....

"Thats how we learn about computers."

Holy fucking shit batman. Stop the damn presses. Since when did changing your modem have anything what so ever to do with learning about computers? I've been doing/dealing with computers for over 8 years. This is the first i've seen this first hand. Do i need some sort of Time Warner educational degree to know how to run a PC? Do you need a modem, to have a computer? Wait, does the modem have to be on for me to open a word document on my pc that is stored on my pc, that has nothing to do with internet connection? He truly was a dumb fuck.

Now it's 2am and i got the email i was waiting for. Cleaned out all of my Gmail from the emails that couldn't be forwarded to my Road Runner account because i got a new modem, woooooooooooooo.


July 28, 2008

Oh The Horror!!!

As a DSL tech, even a PC tech for that matter, I have heard some weird stories in my day. I really knew there some good catches in the sea,but since i've started my current position, i've found some new one.

Some of the better ones are the people who claim to be tech's. yet they can't tell the difference between a PC and a DSL modem. When asked what type of modem they have, i hear:

Customer: It's a Dell Dimension.
Me: no sir that's your PC. Whats the box we sent you?
Customer: I'm telling you, it's a Dell Dimension.
Me: Okay sir, let's do this. Do you have a real small box with 4 lights on and 3 cables in the back?
Customer: Yes
Me: Okay, whats that say?
Customer: Dell Dimension.
Me: ...

Very informative tech we have here. I wonder if he knows what a condom is because some people should not breed. And before you jump on me, this guy wasn't no more then in his mid to late 20's.

How about Area 51? It's an alien refuge is it not? Apparently one lady thinks so. She calls in once or twice a month. Apparently "They" are hacking her PC. Seems Roddy Pipers aliens have come to the tech age.

Throughout the call, she keeps insiting "THEY" are trying to get her. Who's they i ask? Them. I know it's them is her reply every time. So to be comical, i ask her what she does normally when "THEY" try to get into her PC.

You ready?

Are you sure?

"I turn off my monitor."

Um, why do you turn off your monitor maam? Because with it off "THEY" can't get in.

Oooookay, if i remember correctly, Kmart is having a Blue Light Special on tin foil hats in isle 3. You might want to go pick one up.

Then there's always that one. you know, the guy or the lady who knows abosultley NOTHING!!! When you ask them a question, they just sit there is silent. You can hear the deepest fathoms of the sea on the other end of the call. When you repeat yourself, they act supprised. Like they've never heard you.

Wake up people. This isn't rocket science you know. Well maybe to some it is. But still. Pushing the power button on your PC to turn it on takes less energy then it does to blink your eyes.

How about this one.
Me: Sir, you see that little white arrow on your screen?
Customer: yes
Me: When you move your mouse, does the little arrow move too?
Customer: I don't know i can't see it.
Me: What do you mean you can't see it?
Customer: When i move this mouse across the screen i can't see the arrow.

** "light goes on in my head, head proceeds to bounce of desk, hand reaches for drawer, hand pulls out bottle of excedrin..."

Me: Sir, are you putting your mouse "Physically on your monitor?"
Customer: Yes. How else am i supposed to move it around?

Please, i kid you not. I know at least 4 other people, not including me, who have talked to people like this.

I love my job. But there needs to be a national exam to take when you operate a PC. At least learn the very, very basics. I mean you have to take a 15-20hr class lecture to get your drivers license. Why not one for PC operation?


Willma... I'm Home!!!

Okay, i've been seeing a lot of these "smart cars" on the streets a lot. First off, they're ugly as all hell. No one over 4'5" will be fit them comfortably. Secondly, i have micro machines from when i was 12 bigger then these things.

Yeah they've been around for awhile. Never gave them much attention. Until i moved to FL. And here's why...

I drive a Chevy S10 Blazer. Good size truck. Lots of steel. Ever see what the ass end of one looks like after it's been hit at 45-50 miles an hour while it's sitting still? Or the front end of the vehicle that hits it? This almost happened to me about a month ago. The fuel pump went in the truck on the main highway at the intersection. Now there's roughly 100 feet from the red light behind me to the one in front of me. And not one person who was doing 45-50 from red light to red light was paying attention. Twice, i was almost rear ended by a Ecoline van and a Lincoln Navigator. At that speed, there would have been nothing left of my truck.

Getting out of the truck, i watched as 4 people who were not watching the road in front of them, almost rear end my truck. Not to mention the lady who was turned around momma slapping her kid. She came about 6 inches from hitting the truck. And i watched her go from a red light stopped to my truck at about 50.

Okay, so i made it out okay. But yesterday i watched a newer Lexus rear end a Chevy S10 truck at a red light. Turned the trucks bumper 90 degrees under the truck. Why? Because they Lexus driver wasn't paying attention. And he was only doing about 25-30. What if he was doing 50?

The reason i bring this up is, these "Smart Cars" are great on gas milage. So they say. 50 miles to the gallon or something like that. There is approxitmley 3 feet between the rear end and the back of the drivers seat. What happens when someone not paying attention decides to hit them while they're sitting still? Who's making it out of that crash alive? My monies on the guy that did the hitting, walking away with some bruises.

These cars look like upgrades for Fred Flinstone. From the Bedrock S300 Foot Power, to the the Bedrock Smart "Damn don't hit me i'll be dead" Car.

And if your wondering what they look like? Here, take a gander.

Smart Car


July 23, 2008

The Little Blue Pill, Oh My...

Apparently there was a recent study with woman taking Viagra. But no good information or changes came about except that if the women is taking something like Prozac for depression, it may help with their orgasms. Because Prozac and the likes take that away from women.


I can see a class action lawsuit coming from Billy Bob.

"...ya see ur onor, since Lily May started taking this here lil blue pill, her nipples have been hard for weeks. She has been very emotional like and crying all da time. I haven't had any sex in six months. My arms tired and my memory isn't what it used to be. I feel i should have some constepation for my troubles."


The commercial for Cialix states if your erection lasts longer then 4 hours to call a doctor... HELL NO, i would be walking around with a smile on my face saying it aint felt this good since i was younger. Screaming ADRIAN!!!!!! slapping the wife on the ass and saying let's go. I feel like the Itailin Stallion.

If they can make a little blue pill to help men, they need a better one to help women!!


Time to Rant

Is it me, or has the American population gotten more stupid over the generations? I mean i grew up in the 70's, 80's and 90's as a little kid to a budding teenager. I lived mostly in a single family home and yet i still managed to grow up with the sense of whats right and wrong. Granted i got myself into trouble. It wasn't because i didn't know better, it was because i wanted to do what i did. I watched those horror movies growing up, i played those video games and listened to that music. But i also spent a lot of time outside playing GI Joe, riding bikes and climbing tree's. And some how, through the fabric of peer pressure and the mindless diatribe of the government rants, i managed to not kill anyone. How can that be?

Don't get me wrong though, i did wish some very creative and harmful things onto the people who spurned me, bullied me and down right insulted me on a daily basis. A lot of which didn't come from the movies or video games, but came from history. Yes history. A lot can be learned from history, including the art of torture. Just look at the Inquisition. Which happens to be in history books.

It's high time the parents step up and take responsibility once again. It's up to you to advise your kids what entertainment is. Whats right and wrong. That they need to take responsibility for their actions. Not blame it on a video game, movie or music.

Now, for those who feel it necessary to not work, live off others and rob stores to fund your drugs and other habits. Your time is coming. Maybe we should bring in corporal punishment. You rob, you loose a hand. You rape, you loose your genitals, you kill, you die. The justice system in this country is so broken, it couldn't hold water.

So far alone this year, Game stop store here in FL have been robbed multiple times. Games, game system and cash taken. Why? Are you too fucking stupid to hold a job? Or just too damn lazy? My bet is on the latter because apparently you had the smarts to break into a locked store to steal from it. Now i have a relative that works for this company. He was robbed once, came out okay. Just shaken up. However, should anything happen, it's not the law that the perps will have to worry about, apparently they don't now. Go back above and read what i said about history.

Get a damn job and pay for the stuff like everyone else.

Now, the last item on my rant today is children. And this is a subject that has pained me over the years. First off, spanking your kid is not child abuse, unless you intentionally go over board to cause physical harm. A slap on the ass because the kid swore, threw a tantrum or tried to catch the house of fire is fine. But a beating is not. There's a line there. Growing up, there was a time that the teachers at school could give you a spanking when you got out of line. Trust me i know, I got a few in kindergarten. I've had my fair share of ass whoopings over the years and yet somehow, through all of it, i managed to not rape anyone, kill anyone or beat anyone. Because i knew that it was a consequence for my actions. Now there were a few times i thought it went over board as i got a little older, and i voiced it.

There's a difference there. Pay attention. A little discipline, and the child will grow up all right.

Okay, to the people who find it a need to harm, kill, rape and beat children. Your the lowest scum on the earth. I feel anyone found guilty, after two trials by peers, admits to it and likes it needs to be tied up in public and shot point blank. Televised around the world. Seems a little harsh. So is doing the above to a child. What did the child ever do to you? Take away your social life? Then i guess you should have kept your damn legs closed.

Currently there are many children missing everyday. Some found okay, but most end up dead. I feel sad for the child. Because they will never get to enjoy the life that awaited them. There is a little girl missing here in FL and her mother refuses to cooperate with the law. She has lied about everything and she waited something like two weeks or more?, before reporting her missing. The woman is 22 years old. She has already messed the rest of her life up. What ever she is hiding, what did the little girl do to her?

I have a year old nephew. My brother knows if anything happens to him, he doesn't have to worry about the law. He will have to hide from me in hopes i never find him.

In essence, we should instate corporal punishment to anyone who physical and mentally abuses or harms a child intentionally.


Women are from Mars, But...

Lesbians are from Lesbos? Apparently the people of the little island off the coast of Turkey think so. All do to the fact that lesbians flock there for vacation. And back in the 7th century the Greek poetess Sappho was born there who coined the term lesbian. They want people world wide to no longer use the word lesbian to describe the sexual preference of women, because it insults their identity. Yet the tourism trade is good because of it.

Please, how do you think most American's feel with the name Bush associated with us? I mean it's well documented back to the 7th century of lesbianism and homosexuality from the Greeks to the Spartans. So get over it. You can always rename Lesbos. How about Faux Isle, Tribadad or Colloquiali.


July 17, 2008

Rent A Wheel?

Apparently Rent A Center's aren't enough in this world. Now you can rent wheels for your vehicles. Have a pinto you want to deck out? Go rent some wheels. What about that 1985 Yugo G5? Get your self some nice spinners.

Now how does this work you ask? Well, take your drivers license, SSN, pay stub and car registration and get you some wheels. Now these aren't just tires were talking about. You can get your self some of the coolest, hottest chrome add on's you can think of.

But wait, i have a question. With a typical Rent A Center, if you fail to pay your weekly rent, they come and get your stuff. Do they do the same with these wheels? Will you come out one morning to go to work, only to have your once bitching ride up on cinder blocks because your didn't pay your weekly wheel rent? "Uh, sorry boss, i can't come into work today. Ya see, i forgot to pay my wheel rent and they came and repo'd my wheels."

I can see Jeff Foxworthy now, I may have 3 foot tall grass, and ma may spit while ironing, but look at these dag um wheels on the john deer!

Maybe i should start a Rent a Body Car Kit business. Wonder how many Escort bodies i can pimp out?


Jackson Uses the "N" Word...

The Rev. Jesse Jackson used the N-word during a break in a TV interview where he criticized presidential candidate Barack Obama, Fox News confirmed Wednesday.

The longtime civil rights leader already came under fire this month for crude off-air comments he made against Obama in what he thought was a private conversation during a taping of a "Fox & Friends" news show.

In additional comments from that same conversation, first reported by TVNewser, Jackson is reported to have said Obama was "talking down to black people," and referred to blacks with the N-word when he said Obama was telling them "how to behave."

So what's he trying to say? That Obama is socially disadvantaged? Or is Mr. Jackson a bigot himself? I think both Mr. Jackson and Sharpton need to step back and cool off. Over the years they have seen to cause more damage then good for their cause. And what is their cause? Personal gloification?

So now we know how "The Reverend" really feels about Obama, a man of his own race.

The 94 Year Old Pimp

Apparently pimps come in all shapes, sizes and age. A 94 year old man from Bradenton, FL was arrested or should i say coaxed into paying for oral sex from an under cover female officer. It seems that the man suffers fromdementia. And it took him about 20 minutes, but with enough pestering from the officer he agreed to pay for a blow job.

The judge, i know while in his chamber deliberating the case was laughing his ass off. Maybe the gentleman was using cialix? As the TV ad states, if you have an erection longer then 4 hours, consult a physician. He probably thought, "this is the best it's ever been in 30+ years, might as well go use it."

I feel sorry for the man, but at the same time i have to cheer for him. He still probably doesn't know what the hell's going on, but all the same maybe he can become a hero to other older men. Proving you can get an erection even in the later stages of life.

The judge did throw the case out, which is good.


I Want Executive Privilege's

Yet once again, dear Mr. Bush is protecting his own ass. He has asserted executive privilege for Attorney General Michael Mukasey. All of this has goes back to the outing of CIA Agent Valerie Plame. This whole administration has been nothing but a bunch of fuck buddies for each other. And probably the worst corruption since Nixon.

Bush wants to
keep Congress from seeing the FBI report of an interview with Vice President Dick Cheney
and other records related to the administration's leak of CIA operative
Valerie Plame's identity in 2003. And supposedly all over her husbands claims from his trip to Africa, prior to Bush's State of the Union Address that year.

And on top of it all, Bush didn't do this on his own, proving yet once again he can't think for himself. Mukasey had to ask to be protected. So what are they hiding? The fact that their incompetent to run this country as it should be? Or the fact that they don't give a damn about the American public and only themselves?

What role did the high end of this adminstration play in all of this?


On a lighter note:

Bush stated today, "I've got faith in the American people."

Yet it took him almost a half a year to "hear" that gas was almost $4.00 a gallon and in some places has been for awhile?

I think we lost faith in you Mr. Bush a long time ago.

July 16, 2008

For Richer or Poorer

Mayor Bloomberg does math on poverty: More poor in city

Okay, the Federal Govt is wrong again? That's a shocker. I do believe the day they are right, someone better mark it on the calendar. Apparently there are an extra 416,000 more poor people in NYC then the Federal suits claim. Here are some numbers from the new report put out by the Mayor:

Under the new measure, the real poverty line for a family of four is
$26,138, not the current $20,444. That means an additional 5% of New
York's 8.26 million people should be considered poor, city figures
show. The highest increase in the poverty rate is in Queens, 7.9%, and in Brooklyn, 5.5%. Manhattan's actual poverty rate should rise by 3.6%, Staten Island's by 4.7%, and the Bronx's by 1.3%.

Okay, now that's just NYC. What about the rest of New York state? Do they not count? Everyone knows that most of the politicking that goes on in the state is for NYC anyway. I lived there for most of my life. I should know. The current budget for this year is almost 90% for NYC.

Now, NYC makes up almost half, yes half of all the population for New York. And yet the rest of NY covers more square miles.As of 2006, the estimated population for NYC was a little over 8 million people. All of New York state was estimated at over 19.3 million.

Yet NY state keeps raising taxes on everything and anything they can find to. They even want to create new taxes, see the Amazon Tax issue. They are the 3rd highest in all taxes yet again this year. They keep taxing the hell out of their people, but give very little back to them. No wonder there are so many poor people.

I think it's high time all of NY gets together, finally get their heads out of each others asses and fix the issue.


July 15, 2008

Dammned If You Do, Dammned If You Don't

Okay, 2006 is what, 2 years behind us? What can happen in 2 years? A lot actually. New job, more friends, IRS breathing down your neck! Apparently they've fucked up yet again and now I have to pay for it. A few months ago i received a letter from them, stating my 2006 tax returns were wrong. Apparently they say i claimed over $3,000 on my returns yet they only took out over $1,000 in taxes. WTF!!!!

So i proceed to my little file cabinet and take out my tax returns for 2006. Yes i held on to them and they didn't get lost during the move from PA to FL.
My W2 as well as the tax return form i sent into the IRS for that year both stated the $1,000 +. The correct amount. So where the hell are they getting i claimed over $3,000? I proceed to call the number provided and talk to a nice lady at the IRS office. She brings up my return and we go over everything. She determined that by what was submitted, someone entered the wrong amount into the computer. She then advised me to fax over the copies of my paper work, including my W2 and tax return. So i did. The wife even took them to Staples to fax them.

Now, about a month and a half latter i get a letter from the IRS. Fairly thick, can only be bad news. Damn skippy. They are still claiming that i claimed over $3,000. That i owe them over $1,500. SUCK WHAT????? I gave them everything they wanted and proved my case and they still want money. The 1040 paper work i sent them claims the $1,000. So where in the hell they are getting the $3,000 from is beyond me. On top of all of that, they want me to pay them, to send me paper work. Give me a fucking break. It's your job to keep paper work. it's your job on a daily basis to go through the paper work and it's your job to supply said person with paper work without charging them $50 bucks for a 42 cent stamp.

So it looks like i get ready for round two. But let me ask this. If i did claim $3,000 on my returns, then why back in 2006 did i only get a $1,000 refund? And why are they now claiming they just went over it and found the error? If i had indeed claimed $3,000 back in 2006, wouldn't i have gotten the bigger difference in my tax return? Which i never got because it went to higher education. That's a whole other ball game there that i don't want to get into just yet.


It's All In The Language

We've all had to call tech support at one point in time or another. We've all dealt with the pain of the language barrier. Down right frustration sometimes. But let's flip the switch for a moment, shall we. Why is it people from other countries have to give us a hard time for not knowing their language, while they live in this country?

Example: gentleman from Korea calls in because his dsl isn't working. Can barely spell the simplest of words, yet i do my best to help him. He doesn't understand any terminology i am using, though it is common like modem, phone cable, filter, etc. As the conversation goes on, he starts to get upset and rude. He then asks me if anyone speaks Korean. I advise him probably not but would check. I already know the answer to this, because on a daily basis, there are emails going out from other reps, asking if someone speaks Russian, Chinese, Korean, German and more.

I let the customer know i will do everything i can to help him, it just may take a little longer. Oopps, wrong words. Apparently the word longer didn't sit with him. He decided it was time to treat me like a concubine in his native language. And his wife in the background kept raising her voice. After about an hour, i was able to get the gentleman on-line. it was all because he plug the wrong cable into the wrong spot.

Isn't it a that if your going to live in a country other then your own, that you would at least learn the basics of the language? Other then pen, pencil, book, toilet, etc. Learn the basic customs? Why do some of these people feel the need to belittle us, when we are doing what we can to help them, and they don't choose to speak our language?

Hell, if i go to a foreign land, i would expect myself to learn the basics so i can at least communicate. Not belittle them on their own soil for not understanding me. So take a tip people. If you're going to live in the grand old US of A, at lest learn to speak the language. Not only will it benefit you, but make your life a hell of a lot easier. But by all means, don't stop speaking your native tongue.

Jacob Marley or John Edwards?

Okay. today had to be one of the wierdest days i have had in a long time. So bad, that i barely remember the drive home from work. Apparently, not only can I fix your phone issues but i can contact your dead relatives. I shit you not. The gentleman i talked to tonight, who wasn't even a customer of ours, stated he was getting constant calls to his cell phone. Apparaently this number belonged at one time to his brother in law.

So as the conversation goes on, i find out that his brother in law passed some 4 months ago. And that as soon as he passed, this number start showing up on his sisters caller ID. Okay, the conversation is going weird. I advise the customer that the number is in fact our property, however, it is not assigned to anyone. So it can't be used to make calls unless it's being spoofed, (proceed to explain what spoofing is).

Now, enter the crypt keeper and the twilight zone. He keeps stating that his brother in law must be trying to get a hold of him. Once again i stated the previous. Then it comes like a brick wall in a road runner cartoon. "Do you know how i can get in touch with him?" HELLO!!!! you just told me he died 4 months ago. Do i look like John Edwards? I just want to clarify, so i ask him again. Indeed he states his brother had passed.

Sir, there's nothing i can do at this time. You need to contact your cellular carrier and have them block that number. But this gentleman insists on contacting his deceased brother in law. I have heard of grieving. I did it when my grandmother passed as well as my father in law. But this? I see a hug me jacket in the near future. Mine maybe?


July 14, 2008

Enough is Enough Already

I work in the telco business as tech support. Dsl tech support to be precise. But in the mean time I'm also doing phone support. I knew there were a bunch of cranky son's of bitches out there, but god damn!! Everyone knows the amount of summer storms this country has been getting. The amount of rain and floods, not to mention the lightning. So when your phone goes out because the lightning hit your house and blew your phone box off to the other side of the street, please call in right away. Don't wait 4 to 5 hours to see if it will "FIX ITSELF". Yes i said fix itself. Apparently there are some jack ass's that think the phone box will get back up off the ground and re-attach itself to the house and re splice itself. Then they bitch because it's now 11:30pm, 8 hours into my shift, and they have to wait at least 24 hours to have someone out there.

Is it not comprehensible that other people in the area have already called in about their phones? Is it not ideal that unless there is a medical emergency, that those people will be taken care of first? You know, first come first served. Come on, use some Common Sense. Ooppss!! It's one of those 3C's again.

Or what about the lady who calls in at 11:57pm, 3 minutes before the end of my shift. Who had her account closed because of non payment. Has 9 children in the house and keeps asking me if she's up the creek with out a paddle. And why i can't get someone out there tonight to fix her phone? Well let's take a look at this for a moment...

First off, you have 9 children. Get a fucking job to pay your bills. Anyone with 9 kids needs to be shot. Including those Hollywood A Lister's. I mean come on. Enough is enough already. Do we need to mandate 2 children per household here? Tie your feet together and shove an aspirin between your knees?

Second off, It's fucking midnight. Unless there is an accident, act of nature or some other dire emergency, there is no field tech working that late. Even if there was, your account was cancelled for non payment. What the hell is he going to do? Play with himself while waiting for the account to be re-activated?

Thirdly, you owe us a lot of money. You need to call the business office. Any normal company, Dell, Microsoft, (so okay they're not normal companies, but hey, I'm in the tech field) ARE NOT OPEN at midnight.

Then she proceeds to ask how she is supposed to call in the morning. how are you calling me now? "On my cell". okay, lets think about this... HELLO McFLY, ANYONE HOME!!! use your cell to call the business office first thing in the morning. Oh but wait, she doesn't want to use her minutes to call the business office. Slap me silly and call me Susan.

Yes lady, your up the creek without your paddles. And apparently your sense's too.

Even better is when a relative calls in for their parents.
(Most annoying mono tone, droll voice ever. Slow speaking)... "Yeah my moms 86, she has no phone. She is on meds. She is using a walker. Oh, by the way she's 86...."

okay, i get the point. Your mom is old and needs her phone. through the entire conversation, they keep repeating that their mom is 86. Is every one's fucking mom 86 this year? Is there no other number in the world that their mom can be other then 86? Hell my mom is in her early 50's.

Please people, think before you speak. Enough is enough already.

Terrorism Abroad?

Five men accused of plotting to detonate liquid explosives on board trans-Atlantic passenger jets have pleaded guilty to lesser offenses but maintain they never intended to destroy airliners, a jury was told Monday


Okay, I have an issue with this, other then being completely stupid. One: detonating any explosive on an airliner, your trying to blow the damn thing up. I don't care if you making a bomb from a Hello Kitty doll and a box of Sponge Bob Band Aides. It's intentions are to cause damage, death and scare the hell out of people.

Two: making a credible bomb? What the hell is a credible bomb? That the offshoot of a smart bomb? A bomb that thinks it's in the same league as the rest of the worlds bombs? Or is it bomb created by a dumb ass bomber who doesn't know what he's doing?

"We did not want to kill or injure anyone," Ali told Woolwich Crown Court in southeast London last month". Yeah okay. When you create a bomb, your intentions are the same as above. Even if it's a cherry bomb in the high school toilet. Destruction and chaos.

On top of that, they are being charged with a lesser offense. Is terrorism not terrorism anymore? Or are there varying degrees, depending on how much damage and chaos you create? Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but i can bet my paycheck, if that was you or myself, we would be under the prison by now, not seen by anyone.
There's supposed to be a "Global" war on terrorism, but apparently it varies in different countries.


The Three C's

"Kindness goes a long way." It's an old saying that i have heard hundreds of times. But in this day and age, kindness seems to have disappeared into the wind like the old west towns of times before. The Three C's are as follows: Common Sense, Common Courtesy, Common Decency. All three, like kindness, seem to have fallen by the way side.

A perfect example, I went to NY for Easter vacation this past March with the wife. On our way back, we were at airport security. There was a gentleman behind me of middle eastern decent. Good looking fellow, clean shaven, very well mannered (so i thought), carried himself with pride. Upon his items going through the scanner, something alerted the guard. So they pulled him aside, in front of me and asked him to open his brief case. He instantly threw a fit like a 12 year old girl. Upon looking through his items, the guard found a small satchel. Upon opening it, there were about a half dozen gold plated pens in it. When she started to sip it back up, he got rude with her. He demanded she put the pens back in order as they were when she opened it up. He also demanded that every item be in the exact same place as it were when the case was opened.

Now I'm thinking, what is so damn special about the pens, that they need to be in a certain order? Do the inks only write on certain days? Do the pens speak to you on the odd and even days? What is it? The guard never ravaged through the case. she carefully picked up each item and looked it over. But this gentleman found it necessary to be rude to the lady who was smiles and being as polite as she could, all while doing her job. This gentleman even pissed me off, but i bit my tongue and didn't say anything.

Was this gentleman pulled aside because of his race? I don't think so. Even i was pulled aside and my belongings were searched. They found two Bic lighters in my jacket pocket. I was advised, not told, that i was allowed one lighter. Not a big deal. I thanked the lady and moved on with the wife.

Moral of this story: A little Common Courtesy and Decency would have gone along way. The guard was doing her job.



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