July 15, 2008

Jacob Marley or John Edwards?

Okay. today had to be one of the wierdest days i have had in a long time. So bad, that i barely remember the drive home from work. Apparently, not only can I fix your phone issues but i can contact your dead relatives. I shit you not. The gentleman i talked to tonight, who wasn't even a customer of ours, stated he was getting constant calls to his cell phone. Apparaently this number belonged at one time to his brother in law.

So as the conversation goes on, i find out that his brother in law passed some 4 months ago. And that as soon as he passed, this number start showing up on his sisters caller ID. Okay, the conversation is going weird. I advise the customer that the number is in fact our property, however, it is not assigned to anyone. So it can't be used to make calls unless it's being spoofed, (proceed to explain what spoofing is).

Now, enter the crypt keeper and the twilight zone. He keeps stating that his brother in law must be trying to get a hold of him. Once again i stated the previous. Then it comes like a brick wall in a road runner cartoon. "Do you know how i can get in touch with him?" HELLO!!!! you just told me he died 4 months ago. Do i look like John Edwards? I just want to clarify, so i ask him again. Indeed he states his brother had passed.

Sir, there's nothing i can do at this time. You need to contact your cellular carrier and have them block that number. But this gentleman insists on contacting his deceased brother in law. I have heard of grieving. I did it when my grandmother passed as well as my father in law. But this? I see a hug me jacket in the near future. Mine maybe?



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