July 15, 2008

Dammned If You Do, Dammned If You Don't

Okay, 2006 is what, 2 years behind us? What can happen in 2 years? A lot actually. New job, more friends, IRS breathing down your neck! Apparently they've fucked up yet again and now I have to pay for it. A few months ago i received a letter from them, stating my 2006 tax returns were wrong. Apparently they say i claimed over $3,000 on my returns yet they only took out over $1,000 in taxes. WTF!!!!

So i proceed to my little file cabinet and take out my tax returns for 2006. Yes i held on to them and they didn't get lost during the move from PA to FL.
My W2 as well as the tax return form i sent into the IRS for that year both stated the $1,000 +. The correct amount. So where the hell are they getting i claimed over $3,000? I proceed to call the number provided and talk to a nice lady at the IRS office. She brings up my return and we go over everything. She determined that by what was submitted, someone entered the wrong amount into the computer. She then advised me to fax over the copies of my paper work, including my W2 and tax return. So i did. The wife even took them to Staples to fax them.

Now, about a month and a half latter i get a letter from the IRS. Fairly thick, can only be bad news. Damn skippy. They are still claiming that i claimed over $3,000. That i owe them over $1,500. SUCK WHAT????? I gave them everything they wanted and proved my case and they still want money. The 1040 paper work i sent them claims the $1,000. So where in the hell they are getting the $3,000 from is beyond me. On top of all of that, they want me to pay them, to send me paper work. Give me a fucking break. It's your job to keep paper work. it's your job on a daily basis to go through the paper work and it's your job to supply said person with paper work without charging them $50 bucks for a 42 cent stamp.

So it looks like i get ready for round two. But let me ask this. If i did claim $3,000 on my returns, then why back in 2006 did i only get a $1,000 refund? And why are they now claiming they just went over it and found the error? If i had indeed claimed $3,000 back in 2006, wouldn't i have gotten the bigger difference in my tax return? Which i never got because it went to higher education. That's a whole other ball game there that i don't want to get into just yet.



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