July 14, 2008

Enough is Enough Already

I work in the telco business as tech support. Dsl tech support to be precise. But in the mean time I'm also doing phone support. I knew there were a bunch of cranky son's of bitches out there, but god damn!! Everyone knows the amount of summer storms this country has been getting. The amount of rain and floods, not to mention the lightning. So when your phone goes out because the lightning hit your house and blew your phone box off to the other side of the street, please call in right away. Don't wait 4 to 5 hours to see if it will "FIX ITSELF". Yes i said fix itself. Apparently there are some jack ass's that think the phone box will get back up off the ground and re-attach itself to the house and re splice itself. Then they bitch because it's now 11:30pm, 8 hours into my shift, and they have to wait at least 24 hours to have someone out there.

Is it not comprehensible that other people in the area have already called in about their phones? Is it not ideal that unless there is a medical emergency, that those people will be taken care of first? You know, first come first served. Come on, use some Common Sense. Ooppss!! It's one of those 3C's again.

Or what about the lady who calls in at 11:57pm, 3 minutes before the end of my shift. Who had her account closed because of non payment. Has 9 children in the house and keeps asking me if she's up the creek with out a paddle. And why i can't get someone out there tonight to fix her phone? Well let's take a look at this for a moment...

First off, you have 9 children. Get a fucking job to pay your bills. Anyone with 9 kids needs to be shot. Including those Hollywood A Lister's. I mean come on. Enough is enough already. Do we need to mandate 2 children per household here? Tie your feet together and shove an aspirin between your knees?

Second off, It's fucking midnight. Unless there is an accident, act of nature or some other dire emergency, there is no field tech working that late. Even if there was, your account was cancelled for non payment. What the hell is he going to do? Play with himself while waiting for the account to be re-activated?

Thirdly, you owe us a lot of money. You need to call the business office. Any normal company, Dell, Microsoft, (so okay they're not normal companies, but hey, I'm in the tech field) ARE NOT OPEN at midnight.

Then she proceeds to ask how she is supposed to call in the morning. how are you calling me now? "On my cell". okay, lets think about this... HELLO McFLY, ANYONE HOME!!! use your cell to call the business office first thing in the morning. Oh but wait, she doesn't want to use her minutes to call the business office. Slap me silly and call me Susan.

Yes lady, your up the creek without your paddles. And apparently your sense's too.

Even better is when a relative calls in for their parents.
(Most annoying mono tone, droll voice ever. Slow speaking)... "Yeah my moms 86, she has no phone. She is on meds. She is using a walker. Oh, by the way she's 86...."

okay, i get the point. Your mom is old and needs her phone. through the entire conversation, they keep repeating that their mom is 86. Is every one's fucking mom 86 this year? Is there no other number in the world that their mom can be other then 86? Hell my mom is in her early 50's.

Please people, think before you speak. Enough is enough already.


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