July 16, 2008

For Richer or Poorer

Mayor Bloomberg does math on poverty: More poor in city

Okay, the Federal Govt is wrong again? That's a shocker. I do believe the day they are right, someone better mark it on the calendar. Apparently there are an extra 416,000 more poor people in NYC then the Federal suits claim. Here are some numbers from the new report put out by the Mayor:

Under the new measure, the real poverty line for a family of four is
$26,138, not the current $20,444. That means an additional 5% of New
York's 8.26 million people should be considered poor, city figures
show. The highest increase in the poverty rate is in Queens, 7.9%, and in Brooklyn, 5.5%. Manhattan's actual poverty rate should rise by 3.6%, Staten Island's by 4.7%, and the Bronx's by 1.3%.

Okay, now that's just NYC. What about the rest of New York state? Do they not count? Everyone knows that most of the politicking that goes on in the state is for NYC anyway. I lived there for most of my life. I should know. The current budget for this year is almost 90% for NYC.

Now, NYC makes up almost half, yes half of all the population for New York. And yet the rest of NY covers more square miles.As of 2006, the estimated population for NYC was a little over 8 million people. All of New York state was estimated at over 19.3 million.

Yet NY state keeps raising taxes on everything and anything they can find to. They even want to create new taxes, see the Amazon Tax issue. They are the 3rd highest in all taxes yet again this year. They keep taxing the hell out of their people, but give very little back to them. No wonder there are so many poor people.

I think it's high time all of NY gets together, finally get their heads out of each others asses and fix the issue.



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