July 15, 2008

It's All In The Language

We've all had to call tech support at one point in time or another. We've all dealt with the pain of the language barrier. Down right frustration sometimes. But let's flip the switch for a moment, shall we. Why is it people from other countries have to give us a hard time for not knowing their language, while they live in this country?

Example: gentleman from Korea calls in because his dsl isn't working. Can barely spell the simplest of words, yet i do my best to help him. He doesn't understand any terminology i am using, though it is common like modem, phone cable, filter, etc. As the conversation goes on, he starts to get upset and rude. He then asks me if anyone speaks Korean. I advise him probably not but would check. I already know the answer to this, because on a daily basis, there are emails going out from other reps, asking if someone speaks Russian, Chinese, Korean, German and more.

I let the customer know i will do everything i can to help him, it just may take a little longer. Oopps, wrong words. Apparently the word longer didn't sit with him. He decided it was time to treat me like a concubine in his native language. And his wife in the background kept raising her voice. After about an hour, i was able to get the gentleman on-line. it was all because he plug the wrong cable into the wrong spot.

Isn't it a that if your going to live in a country other then your own, that you would at least learn the basics of the language? Other then pen, pencil, book, toilet, etc. Learn the basic customs? Why do some of these people feel the need to belittle us, when we are doing what we can to help them, and they don't choose to speak our language?

Hell, if i go to a foreign land, i would expect myself to learn the basics so i can at least communicate. Not belittle them on their own soil for not understanding me. So take a tip people. If you're going to live in the grand old US of A, at lest learn to speak the language. Not only will it benefit you, but make your life a hell of a lot easier. But by all means, don't stop speaking your native tongue.


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