July 23, 2008

The Little Blue Pill, Oh My...

Apparently there was a recent study with woman taking Viagra. But no good information or changes came about except that if the women is taking something like Prozac for depression, it may help with their orgasms. Because Prozac and the likes take that away from women.


I can see a class action lawsuit coming from Billy Bob.

"...ya see ur onor, since Lily May started taking this here lil blue pill, her nipples have been hard for weeks. She has been very emotional like and crying all da time. I haven't had any sex in six months. My arms tired and my memory isn't what it used to be. I feel i should have some constepation for my troubles."


The commercial for Cialix states if your erection lasts longer then 4 hours to call a doctor... HELL NO, i would be walking around with a smile on my face saying it aint felt this good since i was younger. Screaming ADRIAN!!!!!! slapping the wife on the ass and saying let's go. I feel like the Itailin Stallion.

If they can make a little blue pill to help men, they need a better one to help women!!



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