July 31, 2008

Obama And Who?

Okay, this one really made me laugh. McCain comparing Obama to the likes of Spears and Hilton. I mean come on, He's a hell of a lot more attractive then they are. He even tried saying the Obama was Vapid. Does McCain know what the word means?

But let's look at the comparisons here shall we?

1. Both Spears and Hilton have out sex tapes. Obama does not.
- Though neither one was any good. Michelle, you up for it?

2. Both ladies (is that the correct term?) have flashed their nether regions more then once.
- Closest thing i have seen is a picture of Obama in his swim trunks at the beach.

3. Spears has been in and out of rehab, while Hilton spent time in jail.
- I don't recall Obama doing either of these.

4. Both Spears and Hilton have had semi/successful TV and Movie careers. Not to mention singing.
- Other then campaign ad's, i haven't seen much of Obama. And i don't think he can blow like Clinton does on the sax.

So far i don't see any Vapidness in any of these. Nothing dull, flat, definitely not lacking liveliness.

Now i'm not a politician. THANK GOD. But it seems the Mr. McCain is basing his campaign on the fact that he was a war prisoner. We all know this, this is not new news. GET OVER IT. The man wants to run our country but has no idea of the future. He doesn't even know how to use a PC for christ's sake. I talk to a lot of elderly people everyday. Over half of those know at least the basics.

Obama doesn't have the experience. So what? Maybe it's time for a radical change for this country. Look where experience has gotten us in the last 3 decades.

Other then being an natural American born citizen, permanent resident of the US for 14 years and 35 years of age, there is are other requirements or experience needed. Maybe I should run for president next year? But then again, i would piss so many people of int he "business" they would probably shoot me.

I find this comparrison to be a laughing stock. If this is the best the Republican party can do, i fear they have no choice but to give up now. Though im not a Republican or Democrat, so far, Obama is winning this race.


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