July 17, 2008

Rent A Wheel?

Apparently Rent A Center's aren't enough in this world. Now you can rent wheels for your vehicles. Have a pinto you want to deck out? Go rent some wheels. What about that 1985 Yugo G5? Get your self some nice spinners.

Now how does this work you ask? Well, take your drivers license, SSN, pay stub and car registration and get you some wheels. Now these aren't just tires were talking about. You can get your self some of the coolest, hottest chrome add on's you can think of.

But wait, i have a question. With a typical Rent A Center, if you fail to pay your weekly rent, they come and get your stuff. Do they do the same with these wheels? Will you come out one morning to go to work, only to have your once bitching ride up on cinder blocks because your didn't pay your weekly wheel rent? "Uh, sorry boss, i can't come into work today. Ya see, i forgot to pay my wheel rent and they came and repo'd my wheels."

I can see Jeff Foxworthy now, I may have 3 foot tall grass, and ma may spit while ironing, but look at these dag um wheels on the john deer!

Maybe i should start a Rent a Body Car Kit business. Wonder how many Escort bodies i can pimp out?



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