July 31, 2008

Thank You Time Warner/Road Runner!!!

Today i had the cable tech out to replace my cable box, since it had been acting up for sometime now. So he comes out, after the scheduled appointment time, no big deal there as i was home. He proceeds to check the box and swaps it out with a new one. Something still isn't working right so he proceeds outside. To make a long story short, he knocked out my cable service and my internet. got it fixed and in the process swapped out my cable modem for a new one.

Now, everything seems to be working fine, from the outside. I go to work and get home at almost 1am. Now, i had a long day at work and i want to check my email so i can go to bed. But my email wont connect. It keeps telling me my password is wrong. So i try the web mail, same thing. Now i know i didn't change my password, so i try the fiance's account. Same thing. What the hell is going on here. I proceed to try and reset my password. It asks for the mac address off my modem. Um, okay...

I enter the mac address and then it tells me that the mac address does not match my email account, thus i cannot change my password. okay, now i'm getting pissed. I proceed to the on-line chat. Always fun. So i get the guy and tell him what's wrong. then like always he repeats everything i said. So then he tells me that by swapping out my modem for a new one, it deactivated all my email accounts. WHAT THE FUCK?????

So while he is busy looking through his playgirl magazine at his desk, pretending he is actually going to help, i proceed to bring up the Time Warner TOS (Terms of Service). Brought up my little browser search bar and typed in the word modem. Searched the entire page. Only once did the word modem appear. Under the title DESCRIPTIONS!!! No where in their TOS does it state that by changing out your modem, will it deactivate your emails.

So this chat room tech proceeds to tell me he cant help me i need to call in. What else is new. I have never gotten any help from the Time Warner/Road Runner chat techs. But why I bother to attempt is beyond me. Unless there is that one shred of hope. That one shinning moment one of their chat techs has a lightbulb go off in their head and can actually do something.

So now im calling in. Get the 2nd tech for the night. Now it's almost 1:30 in the morning. He tells me he was advised of the situation and will get it fixed. 15 minutes go by and the evenitable words, i'm sorry i don't have the authority to help here. Well fuck me like a billy goat running. I ask him why he didn't just pass me off to someone with the proper authority, i got no answer.

So now i'm on the phone with the third tech. As we go through this, he changes the password to the master account and has me log in. After i log in, i proceed to change the password to the fiance's and my accounts. But i'm still unable to access them. The tech says give me a moment and let me look. he can't figure it out. So i start looking through the different menu choices and tell him i got it. Hidden under status was an enable button. He said oh yeah you have to enable them. What a dumb fuck.

I asked him three times if it is common practice for Time Warner or Road Runner to deactivate your emails if you get a new modem. His first reply was no. His last two were and i quote "basically."

So now i'm able to access all accounts. So he then asks the same question they always do. "Is there anything else i can help you with?" Now, being a DSL tech myself, i do the same thing. But 9 times out of 10, yes there is always that one customer that pisses me off to no end, i mean it. I get in trouble for going above and beyond a lot of times.

I said you know, living in NY state, Frontier doesn't do this. Living in PA, Verizon & Atlantic Cable didn't do this. Living in FL, Embarq doesn't do this, yet you do. Why?

His answer.....

"Thats how we learn about computers."

Holy fucking shit batman. Stop the damn presses. Since when did changing your modem have anything what so ever to do with learning about computers? I've been doing/dealing with computers for over 8 years. This is the first i've seen this first hand. Do i need some sort of Time Warner educational degree to know how to run a PC? Do you need a modem, to have a computer? Wait, does the modem have to be on for me to open a word document on my pc that is stored on my pc, that has nothing to do with internet connection? He truly was a dumb fuck.

Now it's 2am and i got the email i was waiting for. Cleaned out all of my Gmail from the emails that couldn't be forwarded to my Road Runner account because i got a new modem, woooooooooooooo.



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