July 14, 2008

The Three C's

"Kindness goes a long way." It's an old saying that i have heard hundreds of times. But in this day and age, kindness seems to have disappeared into the wind like the old west towns of times before. The Three C's are as follows: Common Sense, Common Courtesy, Common Decency. All three, like kindness, seem to have fallen by the way side.

A perfect example, I went to NY for Easter vacation this past March with the wife. On our way back, we were at airport security. There was a gentleman behind me of middle eastern decent. Good looking fellow, clean shaven, very well mannered (so i thought), carried himself with pride. Upon his items going through the scanner, something alerted the guard. So they pulled him aside, in front of me and asked him to open his brief case. He instantly threw a fit like a 12 year old girl. Upon looking through his items, the guard found a small satchel. Upon opening it, there were about a half dozen gold plated pens in it. When she started to sip it back up, he got rude with her. He demanded she put the pens back in order as they were when she opened it up. He also demanded that every item be in the exact same place as it were when the case was opened.

Now I'm thinking, what is so damn special about the pens, that they need to be in a certain order? Do the inks only write on certain days? Do the pens speak to you on the odd and even days? What is it? The guard never ravaged through the case. she carefully picked up each item and looked it over. But this gentleman found it necessary to be rude to the lady who was smiles and being as polite as she could, all while doing her job. This gentleman even pissed me off, but i bit my tongue and didn't say anything.

Was this gentleman pulled aside because of his race? I don't think so. Even i was pulled aside and my belongings were searched. They found two Bic lighters in my jacket pocket. I was advised, not told, that i was allowed one lighter. Not a big deal. I thanked the lady and moved on with the wife.

Moral of this story: A little Common Courtesy and Decency would have gone along way. The guard was doing her job.



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