July 23, 2008

Time to Rant

Is it me, or has the American population gotten more stupid over the generations? I mean i grew up in the 70's, 80's and 90's as a little kid to a budding teenager. I lived mostly in a single family home and yet i still managed to grow up with the sense of whats right and wrong. Granted i got myself into trouble. It wasn't because i didn't know better, it was because i wanted to do what i did. I watched those horror movies growing up, i played those video games and listened to that music. But i also spent a lot of time outside playing GI Joe, riding bikes and climbing tree's. And some how, through the fabric of peer pressure and the mindless diatribe of the government rants, i managed to not kill anyone. How can that be?

Don't get me wrong though, i did wish some very creative and harmful things onto the people who spurned me, bullied me and down right insulted me on a daily basis. A lot of which didn't come from the movies or video games, but came from history. Yes history. A lot can be learned from history, including the art of torture. Just look at the Inquisition. Which happens to be in history books.

It's high time the parents step up and take responsibility once again. It's up to you to advise your kids what entertainment is. Whats right and wrong. That they need to take responsibility for their actions. Not blame it on a video game, movie or music.

Now, for those who feel it necessary to not work, live off others and rob stores to fund your drugs and other habits. Your time is coming. Maybe we should bring in corporal punishment. You rob, you loose a hand. You rape, you loose your genitals, you kill, you die. The justice system in this country is so broken, it couldn't hold water.

So far alone this year, Game stop store here in FL have been robbed multiple times. Games, game system and cash taken. Why? Are you too fucking stupid to hold a job? Or just too damn lazy? My bet is on the latter because apparently you had the smarts to break into a locked store to steal from it. Now i have a relative that works for this company. He was robbed once, came out okay. Just shaken up. However, should anything happen, it's not the law that the perps will have to worry about, apparently they don't now. Go back above and read what i said about history.

Get a damn job and pay for the stuff like everyone else.

Now, the last item on my rant today is children. And this is a subject that has pained me over the years. First off, spanking your kid is not child abuse, unless you intentionally go over board to cause physical harm. A slap on the ass because the kid swore, threw a tantrum or tried to catch the house of fire is fine. But a beating is not. There's a line there. Growing up, there was a time that the teachers at school could give you a spanking when you got out of line. Trust me i know, I got a few in kindergarten. I've had my fair share of ass whoopings over the years and yet somehow, through all of it, i managed to not rape anyone, kill anyone or beat anyone. Because i knew that it was a consequence for my actions. Now there were a few times i thought it went over board as i got a little older, and i voiced it.

There's a difference there. Pay attention. A little discipline, and the child will grow up all right.

Okay, to the people who find it a need to harm, kill, rape and beat children. Your the lowest scum on the earth. I feel anyone found guilty, after two trials by peers, admits to it and likes it needs to be tied up in public and shot point blank. Televised around the world. Seems a little harsh. So is doing the above to a child. What did the child ever do to you? Take away your social life? Then i guess you should have kept your damn legs closed.

Currently there are many children missing everyday. Some found okay, but most end up dead. I feel sad for the child. Because they will never get to enjoy the life that awaited them. There is a little girl missing here in FL and her mother refuses to cooperate with the law. She has lied about everything and she waited something like two weeks or more?, before reporting her missing. The woman is 22 years old. She has already messed the rest of her life up. What ever she is hiding, what did the little girl do to her?

I have a year old nephew. My brother knows if anything happens to him, he doesn't have to worry about the law. He will have to hide from me in hopes i never find him.

In essence, we should instate corporal punishment to anyone who physical and mentally abuses or harms a child intentionally.



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