July 28, 2008

Willma... I'm Home!!!

Okay, i've been seeing a lot of these "smart cars" on the streets a lot. First off, they're ugly as all hell. No one over 4'5" will be fit them comfortably. Secondly, i have micro machines from when i was 12 bigger then these things.

Yeah they've been around for awhile. Never gave them much attention. Until i moved to FL. And here's why...

I drive a Chevy S10 Blazer. Good size truck. Lots of steel. Ever see what the ass end of one looks like after it's been hit at 45-50 miles an hour while it's sitting still? Or the front end of the vehicle that hits it? This almost happened to me about a month ago. The fuel pump went in the truck on the main highway at the intersection. Now there's roughly 100 feet from the red light behind me to the one in front of me. And not one person who was doing 45-50 from red light to red light was paying attention. Twice, i was almost rear ended by a Ecoline van and a Lincoln Navigator. At that speed, there would have been nothing left of my truck.

Getting out of the truck, i watched as 4 people who were not watching the road in front of them, almost rear end my truck. Not to mention the lady who was turned around momma slapping her kid. She came about 6 inches from hitting the truck. And i watched her go from a red light stopped to my truck at about 50.

Okay, so i made it out okay. But yesterday i watched a newer Lexus rear end a Chevy S10 truck at a red light. Turned the trucks bumper 90 degrees under the truck. Why? Because they Lexus driver wasn't paying attention. And he was only doing about 25-30. What if he was doing 50?

The reason i bring this up is, these "Smart Cars" are great on gas milage. So they say. 50 miles to the gallon or something like that. There is approxitmley 3 feet between the rear end and the back of the drivers seat. What happens when someone not paying attention decides to hit them while they're sitting still? Who's making it out of that crash alive? My monies on the guy that did the hitting, walking away with some bruises.

These cars look like upgrades for Fred Flinstone. From the Bedrock S300 Foot Power, to the the Bedrock Smart "Damn don't hit me i'll be dead" Car.

And if your wondering what they look like? Here, take a gander.

Smart Car



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