August 10, 2008

Bring The Waders Ma!

Last month, one of the towns i grew up in, in NY was flooded bad.
Now, if you look at the town, it's in a valley with massive hills on either side. Those hills sit about 1800 feet above sea lvl one one side and 1200 feet on the other. The whole area is surrounded by massive lakes and water tables, and it sites on a water table. Now the town itself is about 1000 above, so technically IT'S A DAMN VALLEY PEOPLE.

There is a good size creek that runs through into a big lake a few miles away. These people wonder why when after winter it floods, when after massive rain it floods. They want to blame it on drainage. Drainage where? If they would look around and see that what goes up must come down, they are down. They are where it's going to end up.

It was the first flood like this in 20 years. Wouldn't one think that in 20 years, winter after winter, storm after storm, that the hills and dirt would slowly erode a bit? And then it just may give away? But the street drainpipes don't drain fast enough! Give me a break. You want to see drainage, come to FL. The rain falls faster and heavier here then it does up there. 2 minutes into a rain storm and all the roads have about 6 inches of water covering them.

But lets take a geographical look shall we. Locate Springwater on the map and then zoom out once. look what rises all around it.

View Larger Map

I mean, let's get real here. It's only common sense, oh damn yet another one of those pesky 3C's, that if you sit on a water table, it will take longer for the water to dissipate. Hell, there's a open sewage creek in the center of town. At least last time i checked there was.


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