September 10, 2008

Childhood Dreams

Everyone at one point in time tries to re-live a part of their childhood. Doesn't matter what it is, we've all done it or are doing. Including myself. Years back as a kid, like all boys, i rode BMX. Over the years of the early 80's freestyling became huge. Tricks on BMX. Now a days there are the Dew Tour and XGames with extreme stunts on bikes, that were created back in the day.

So as i grow older, call it an early mid-life crisis or what you will, i decided after talking with a guy at work, to get back into BMX. I found a few sites here and there, one in paticular, The BMX Museum. Excellent site of both ladies and gents, full of information and good people. Not to mention the stories!!

Anyway, I bought myself the same bike i had BITD (back in the day). Had it stripped and re-painted. Took six months to find the parts. But after seeing what some of the parts go for, i opt'd to build it as close to what i had. Got it all together with the exception of the brakes. Which have gone to the painters tonight. Still searching for the proper brake cables and white pedals. But other then that, I've ridden and she rides smooth as hell. But anyway, enough talking, here is my project, a 1986 GT Pro Performer...

Now, can i do all the tricks i used to when i was younger? Hell no. My balance is off, i've grown alot. Especially around the mid section...hahahaha

But i can still perform some of the basics.



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