October 27, 2008

Felon's Can't Vote, Yet They Can Run The Country

Commit a crime and become a felon and you can't vote in elections. But what about if a political figure like a senator or congressman commits a crime and becomes a felon? Most will step down. But apparently Senator Ted Stevens, who was just found guilty of all 7 corruption charges, which carry a term of 5 years each, may not even go to prison. Apparently federal guidelines will help keep him out of jail. Though he is now considered a felon, there is no law against a felon from holding a political office job or running the country.

"Despite being a convicted felon, he is not required to drop out of therace or resign from the Senate. If he wins re-election, he can continueto hold his seat because there is no rule barring felons from servingin Congress."

"Stevens faces up to five years in prison on each count when he issentenced, but under federal guidelines he is likely to receive muchless prison time, if any. The judge originally scheduled sentencing forJan. 26 but then changed his mind and did not immediately set a date."

It seems federal guidelines were created solely for political figures and heads of corporations. It seems every political figure or CEO who is found guilty, under federal guidelines either A) spends a year or two in jail. B) spends no time in jail or C) walks away with millions in severance pay.

I feel the laws of this country need to be re-written. I'm tired of hearing about the people who we elect to run our country, commit crime after crime and get nothing but a slap on the wrist. And yet if you and i were to do something similar, we should be spending yers behind bars. They are people like us. They are not above the law.

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October 26, 2008

The Conjuring

The dark rituals of the dead come to life. Raise the dead or raise your spirits from with in.


Good Reviews

I was checking the stats on my two websites. My main one as well as my graphics store over at Cafe Press. While looking at the visitors and where they came from etc, i noticed a certain site, Supergeek Returns. So i'm looking at his site, and he miss-spelled my name...lol. Instead of Altered Creations, he called it Altered States. Not a big deal since he gave me an excellent review of my art.

...Altered States (Altered Creations really) has a shop full of awesome original fantasy designs. This stuff is amazing. If this guy isn't working in some professional capacity in the gaming or comic book industry, then he and the rest of us are sorely missing out.

Sorry to say, i'm not working in the comic or game industry. I would like to though. Would even like a few authors and bands to hit me up for some work. But it's more of a hobby. I just haven't put as much time and energy into it lately as i would like.

Check out his stuff. Scroll down and you will see the "Companion" print he has of mine on his site.

It's Only A Movie

Now that Halloween is fast approaching, it's time for TV to start showing those same old 'scary" movies. Horror movies are my favorite. As long as they're done good. A few of the cliche' movies are okay as well. i remember as a kid, tricking my mom into looking at the TV every time Freddy would kill some poor sucker. Damn she was gullible, because she looked every time.

As i grew up, i wanted to be able to make movies like those. Even create some of the characters. As i grew older, i kinda got my chance. As i studied music and film in college in Pittsburgh, i made friends with other students who were in the Industrial design field. or the movie FX field. I also happened to land one of the, if not the best job i have had to date.

There was a gentleman, who worked in Hollywood, who was putting on a very large haunted house from the start of September to the end of October. It was taking place at the Igloo (Melon Arena). This man was Robert Short. Creator of such characters as the mermaid from Splash and such delights as the Beetle Juice. It was during this brief two month stint that i was able to do what i have always wanted to. Scare the hell out of people. Here is a clip that Entertainment Tonight did on that particular years event.

Bob is a master FX artist, writer and director. So of course, he lent his knowledge to everyone who was working for him. During the pre-work meetings and the post work meetings. And i always took what he said to me to heart. Even when he was stressed and lashed out at me. He was a man of a boss, because at the end, he came to apologize when he didn't have to. not a lot of bosses will do that. And it was Bob ho introduced me to my idol, Tom Savini. A master horror architect, who has thrilled and scared over the years. What got me the most excited about playing my role as the Phantom, one of three i played in a two month period, was when both Bob and Tom followed a group through and pulled me aside after the group left my station. Both were very impressed with my work. With the way i was able to work the crowd, my ability to ad lib when the tourists thought everything was going to be okay. Tom had told me that i was able to make my character come to life. He offered a few suggestions, which i tried and came to master in a variant of my own, and it worked. It got to the point i could really get under peoples skin. Even to the point i made a few ladies wet themselves. Even one of my college professors didn't know it was me when he and his friends came one night. Though i was one of the people he was talking about when he discussed the previous night in class.

Already being in two movies as a non-paid extra, Sudden Death and Diabolique, this was pushing me further into the movie realm. But it was all to good. I left college, settled for a part time job at Burger King back home and ended up going no where, where i wanted to go. Years went buy and every Halloween i would watch the horror movies that once compelled me into an almost career. I thought those days were long gone. until one of my friends, told me his brother works in the movies. He even went to the same college i did. He called me up one night and said, we're going to Toronto this weekend, so pack your bags. My friends parents drove us up to the train station in Buffalo and we took a train to Toronto. When we got off, we were met by some people that his brother worked with. They took us to the movie lot where the Bride of Chucky was being filmed. The same studio lot where Stargate was being filmed.

Though i never got to meet Ritter or Tilly, i did get to meet Brad Dourif, Nick Stabile, Katherine Heigl and a whole slew of others working on the film. Got to watch as they were preparing for the graveyard scene. Got to look at the equipments and everything i dreamed of in the past had re-lit the fire in me and started to come back. I wanted to do this so bad. That Sunday after a very long night out, we boarded the train and headed back to Buffalo. Never to step foot on another movie set again.

My dreams? they are still there to one day have a credited role in a horror movie as either an actor or an FX artist. Over the years i took my passion of the macabre and put it to use making costumes and make up for others for Halloween. A few even won awards at parties for most original or realistic. Maybe one day i will get to work with my idol and have my dreams come true. But until then, here is a list of my favorite horror movies. They span generations of talent and include both the macabre and hard core. But they are in no particular order.

Halloween 2
Halloween 4
Omen 2
Rosemary's Baby
House of Wax
House of a 1,000 Corpses
Devils Rejects
Mothman Prophecies
Children of the Corn
Murders in the Rue Morgue
Hell Raiser
Hell Raiser 2
Friday the 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Blair Witch Project
Bram Stoker's Dracula
House of Usher
Jeepers Creepers
The Unnameable
Dawn of the Dead
Day of the Dead
Silence of the Lambs
Sleepy Hollow
From Hell
Evil Dead
Army of Darkness
The Dunwich Horror

Movie Talent
Bela Lugosi
Bruce Campbell
Anthony Hopkins
Johnny Depp
Vincent Price
Jamie Lee Curtis
Donald Pleasence
Borris Karloff
Lon Chaney
Harvey Stephens
Sam Neil


October 11, 2008

Sick And Tired of Being Sick And Tired

It seems that in general, society is on a rapid decline. I'm not talking about the economy or politics. But the fact that people in general are bringing the fall of society.  Confused yet? Thought so. Let me explain.

Everyday i see people who have little consideration for others. I see people who like to cause harm to others for no more then the sheer enjoyment of it. Just today, i was cut off while driving because apparently the lady didn't care. She was whistling along while i was pulling out from my stop sign, to stop in front of me, stare at me, then continue pulling out. What happened to the right of way? What happened to patience and common sense? Oh damn a Three C! And after that, i was standing in line at Sam's Club to pick up a prescription. I stood roughly 3-4 feet behind the gentleman in front of me. To give him some privacy while he talked to the pharmacist. It's none of my business what he's there for. I don't need to know what med's he's taking. So while standing there, a little spanish woman comes up with her cart cut's in front of me. She never bothered to ask if i was in line. She never acknowledged me at all. So i'm waiting for her to turn around or even catch a glimpse that im now staring at her with my arms crossed. But nope, she keeps ignoring me.  The pharmicist finishes witht he gentleman and she stepped to the counter and began asking for something in spanish. He nodded at me and only then, did she turn and look at me. Gave me one of "those" looks. The pharmicist asked me what i was there for and i told him. Got what i was there for and left. What is so wrong with asking people a simple question? I do it all the time. What's so wrong with taking your time for once and not being in a hurry? Why can't people treat other people with just a little bit of respect? Is it illegal or taboo to show even the slightest amount of compasion for a fellow person?

Life is hard enough for some people. Why do others have to make it harder on them? On a daily basis, i see a handful of people who are in such a rush on the roads, that they come very close to causing a multie car pile up. For what? Their ass's on fire and they're looking for water? They got the run's and forgot the pepto? Seriously though, if everyone would just take their time and pay attention, slow down and live life things would be a lot better.

I've already told the wife, if were in an accident or i am by myself and get into one where someone ran a red light or was at fault for not paying attention, she would get a call from the police. BAIL ME OUT! If i am concious and able to move, who ever hits me will get clocked in the head. Man or women it doesn't matter. There is no reason i should have to suffer because of someone else's neglegence. If someone feels they have a right to do what ever they please as they are driving, then they have the right to get their ass kicked for being stupid.


October 4, 2008

Not This Soccer Mom

Watched what i could, of the VP Debate the other night. Between calls or on calls at work, i was listening to it. Boot camp did Palin well. But not good enough. She kept to her scripted answers. And what was up with the eye winks? And what the hell was the "Hey Joe?" She think she's the white Jimi Hendrix or something?

Biden by far did what he normally does and got to the point. But he did it with a mannerism as to not make her cry. For those who have seen Biden int he past, he didn't tear into Palin. He didn't make her cry or have a nervous breakdown. She would have faulted from her script.

No one is believing the "Maverick" team anymore.

A friend of mine put it this way... "I think that the strategy they have stuck to is exactly what will get them elected. There is something deeper going on in this country right now. I think the days of full bore free wheeling capitalism are about to be over and with it will go the political tide. All Obama and Biden have to do is stay on message and people are and will continue to come around."

Well put. Most american's are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


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