October 4, 2008

Not This Soccer Mom

Watched what i could, of the VP Debate the other night. Between calls or on calls at work, i was listening to it. Boot camp did Palin well. But not good enough. She kept to her scripted answers. And what was up with the eye winks? And what the hell was the "Hey Joe?" She think she's the white Jimi Hendrix or something?

Biden by far did what he normally does and got to the point. But he did it with a mannerism as to not make her cry. For those who have seen Biden int he past, he didn't tear into Palin. He didn't make her cry or have a nervous breakdown. She would have faulted from her script.

No one is believing the "Maverick" team anymore.

A friend of mine put it this way... "I think that the strategy they have stuck to is exactly what will get them elected. There is something deeper going on in this country right now. I think the days of full bore free wheeling capitalism are about to be over and with it will go the political tide. All Obama and Biden have to do is stay on message and people are and will continue to come around."

Well put. Most american's are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


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