October 11, 2008

Sick And Tired of Being Sick And Tired

It seems that in general, society is on a rapid decline. I'm not talking about the economy or politics. But the fact that people in general are bringing the fall of society.  Confused yet? Thought so. Let me explain.

Everyday i see people who have little consideration for others. I see people who like to cause harm to others for no more then the sheer enjoyment of it. Just today, i was cut off while driving because apparently the lady didn't care. She was whistling along while i was pulling out from my stop sign, to stop in front of me, stare at me, then continue pulling out. What happened to the right of way? What happened to patience and common sense? Oh damn a Three C! And after that, i was standing in line at Sam's Club to pick up a prescription. I stood roughly 3-4 feet behind the gentleman in front of me. To give him some privacy while he talked to the pharmacist. It's none of my business what he's there for. I don't need to know what med's he's taking. So while standing there, a little spanish woman comes up with her cart cut's in front of me. She never bothered to ask if i was in line. She never acknowledged me at all. So i'm waiting for her to turn around or even catch a glimpse that im now staring at her with my arms crossed. But nope, she keeps ignoring me.  The pharmicist finishes witht he gentleman and she stepped to the counter and began asking for something in spanish. He nodded at me and only then, did she turn and look at me. Gave me one of "those" looks. The pharmicist asked me what i was there for and i told him. Got what i was there for and left. What is so wrong with asking people a simple question? I do it all the time. What's so wrong with taking your time for once and not being in a hurry? Why can't people treat other people with just a little bit of respect? Is it illegal or taboo to show even the slightest amount of compasion for a fellow person?

Life is hard enough for some people. Why do others have to make it harder on them? On a daily basis, i see a handful of people who are in such a rush on the roads, that they come very close to causing a multie car pile up. For what? Their ass's on fire and they're looking for water? They got the run's and forgot the pepto? Seriously though, if everyone would just take their time and pay attention, slow down and live life things would be a lot better.

I've already told the wife, if were in an accident or i am by myself and get into one where someone ran a red light or was at fault for not paying attention, she would get a call from the police. BAIL ME OUT! If i am concious and able to move, who ever hits me will get clocked in the head. Man or women it doesn't matter. There is no reason i should have to suffer because of someone else's neglegence. If someone feels they have a right to do what ever they please as they are driving, then they have the right to get their ass kicked for being stupid.



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