December 17, 2008

NY Govt Fails Once Again

Apparently the NY Governor finds the need to bailout the state by adding 88 new taxes and fee's to the residents of the state. It's bad enough that NY state is 2nd highest in the country for taxes, but not once in the new budget was it mentioned that the officials in the state would take a pay cut or forgo the expensive and lavish trip they take. But instead the suits want to create a tax for downloading items from iTunes, tax soda, water and alcohol like wine and beer. Raise taxes on cigarettes and cigars. Even go as far as taxing your cab ride to and from work, taxing your gym membership, raise the taxes on clothes and movie tickets.

The suit also wants to remove the rebate checks given to customers under the STAR program, but keep the program intact. But it gets even better. The suit wants to cut payments to hospitals and nursing homes by $3.5 billion. Yes that's billion. And cut funding to schools by $698 million.

wel fonux relly werked fer me ma!

This state really needs a head check. The govt wants to nickel and dime the people to death. It spends money carelessly, can't cover for it's own mistakes. NY state is like the 4th in the Big 3 auto bailout. Spend, spend, spend and screw the people when all else fails.

Added after the article posted.

Reduce/Eliminate Categorical Programs:
These include the elimination of $40 million for the Teacher Centers Program, which provide professional development.

-If the teachers don't know anything, why should the students?

The elimination of a $10 million Teacher Mentor Intern Program, which pays for substitute teachers to allow more experienced teachers to leave the classroom to mentor new teachers.

- If there are no substitute teachers, how are the experienced teachers supposed to mentor new teachers?

The elimination of a $10 million program to provide summer math and science programs at colleges and universities.

- Isn't science and math the backbone of most high paying jobs? In fact the back bone of most paying jobs?

The elimination of $2 million in funding for the Rochester Children’s Zone, which is attempting to introduce the community schools model in that city

- Keep them stupid and on welfare.

The wrap up of the Education section follows and i quote...
"While these programs may provide valuable enhancements to core operations and programs, the Governor’s proposal focuses limited school aid resources on direct funding for school operations."

Here's an idea...

- Any govt official in NY gets paid no more then 3% more then the lower end of the middle class makes per year.
- All perks are removed from all branches of Govt and year end bonus's are handed out due on how much profit the state made that year. And no more then .8% to be given to any one govt employee.
-Schools who do not perform in yearly exams, fail to get funding. Only partial funding is allowed if the school fails. And the schols cannot pass their failure on to it's residents in higher school taxes, etc.

Let's face it. There are many ways to raise the funding, but the govt would rather tax its residents more and more. They want to promote prosperity through desparity. they want to tell a resident what they can eat and drink instead of letting the resident decide for themselves. NY is leading the way to dictatorship in ways that are obvious.

I give the NY govt a big "F". In otherwords, they

Yet again.



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