January 31, 2009

Crack Addiction

Now I've seen a lot in my 9 years working and playing in computers. Some of those are still on my top 10 list. However today, I just added a new item to that list.

I talked to a person who was having email issues. It seemed,that they were getting what looked like a regular SMTP error when trying to send an email. So i asked this person to read to me the error number and anything else the error stated. So i took this number and attempted a Google search because this number was not one i was familar with, nor was it one that normally comes up with your normal SMTP error. And one word the person read to me stuck in my mind as odd, ice.

So i asked this person who they were trying to email, and they really hesitated in saying. So after a few minutes of asking questions, i got to the bottom of the persons issue. They were clicking on a contact link on a web page, which in turn, was launching the persons Outlook Express, which they didn't even have set up. The person was trying to email through this instead of their normal web mail.

The error popped up again, but this time it was worded differently. I cannot remember the exact wording, but it went something like this...

"The contact your trying to email is being held in custody by Immigration, Customs and ICE. The email cannot go forward."

What the hell???

After a few moments silence, the person, joking i hope, blurted out..."so much for my coke runs. Guess i will have to fly south to pick it up then."

I was floored. Speechless and yet laughing my ass off inside. I turned to this person as said, you know this conversationis being recorded don't you. They said, really?, and hung up.

Now, i have never seen this error before, and yes it could be some form of new virus. But i haven't seen it so i doubt it. But what really gets me is the fact the person hung up when they were told the conversation was being recorded. maybe the person is a drug runner. Who knows. But if they are, they must be using their own product.

January 24, 2009


Ok, so once since the great depression, has the state of California handed out IOU's for state tax refunds. Guess what... Looks like there are going to do it again.

State Controller John Chiang has said that as early as Feb. 1, his office may begin issuing promissory notes if lawmakers have not resolved the budget crisis. The state has done this only once before since the Great Depression -- in 1992.

"We have not made any decision about deferring payments or using IOUs, but they are possibilities if the governor and Legislature don't come to some agreement soon," Chiang spokeswoman Hallye Jordan said Tuesday.

Under the state Constitution, schools and bondholders get first rights to any cash in the state's coffers.

Among the first to get IOUs instead of payments would be business and individual taxpayers who are expecting refunds, local governments and recipients of grants from the California Student Aid Commission. Last year, more than 10 million taxpayers received state refunds totaling $8 billion.

Court-appointed lawyers, 1,700 judges, legislators and their staffs would also go unpaid. And officials are preparing to delay a popular program that helps elderly and disabled Californians by paying their property taxes.



I wonder if the govt would take an IOU from the tax payer when the tax payer doesn't have the money to pay in on the owed taxes? I highly doubt it. They would sick the IRS all over you like bee's to honey.

I know the govt states i owe them money. But yet they have failed to prove it to me onmany occasion when i have simple asked for proof. But they insist that i pay. I wonder if i would get away with an IOU on the next payment.

What have the states done in the last 10 years that they are so far in debt? How many law makers, senators, congressman have gotten raises and pet projects paid for while everything else has gone to hell? I think it's high time any govt official take at least a 15% pay cut and all that money gets put back into the state. All pet projects that lawmakers and state officials want get paid out of their own pockets.

Raises can only be voted on the the residents of the states. Pet projects can only be voted on by the residents of the states.

When I Grow Up...

Why parents should always check their children's homework before they hand it in: A first grade girl handed in the drawing below for a homework assignment.

After it was graded and the child brought it home, she returned to school the next day with the following note:

Dear Ms. Davis,
I want to be very clear on my child's illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm. This photo is of me selling a shovel.
Mrs. Harrington

January 18, 2009


Again, the Steelers are the AFC CHAMPIONS!!!

Here we come Arizona!


January 17, 2009

Retro Print

Working on some retro 80's designs for shirts. This is the newest design for BMX.


January 16, 2009

I know your Problem

Two Christmases ago, the mother in law bought me a t-shirt. On this t-shirt was an image of a warning sign, and a stick figure sticking a fork into a AC outlet with the words, "I know your problem, your stupid."

Today a friend linked me a video from failblog.org. And as i watched the video, the t-shirt popped into my mind. Judge for yourself...


January 14, 2009

Feel It

Illustration done in Photoshop


January 11, 2009

AFC Championship Here we come!!

After a very well played game, something i haven't seen the offense do in god knows when, the Steelers are moving on to the AFC Championship game against the Ravens. With the offense playing so well, that gives the defense which is the leagues #1 rated defense a lot of rest for the upcoming game. In his 2nd year as head coach, can Tomlin take the Black and Gold to yet another Super Bowl victory? Making this their 6th over all?


All my life i had done minor work on my bikes. the basic. however, when ever it came to the fine tuning or brake installations, i would take it to the local bike shop. I've finally gotten my brakes back from the painters and together. However, installing them is a whole new ball game. The lower brake cables for the gyro don't seem to fit right. Guess i get to take it to the bike shop to have them finish it up.

January 9, 2009

Coloring with Photoshop

I've uploaded a tutorial to my site, showing you how to color a picture or line art with Photoshop. Though i use Photoshop, programs like Paint Shop Pro and others can be used. All in all, the entire image took about 6 hours to complete.

Stop over to the main site and check it out. It's located under the Downloads section.

The Mask

As the night makes it way
across the sky,
No one knows they're gonna die.
The blame cannot be put,
anywhere other than it should.
Silent and unspoken,
figures dance the dance.
History says it pays to take the chance.
But no one seem's to learn,
that ignorance is nothing yearned.
When the smoke clears and all is seen,
nothing looks as it seems.
Fingers pointing this way and that,
but who wants to wear the hat?
For i have seen alot,
murders,muggings, shooting's and rape.
People turn their heads for escape.
But when will we realize,
that what we do is scrutinize.
That we must start in the beginning,
to make this world a safe place for
a child to live in.

The Candle

Lightning crashes as the rain blows,
shadows appear from nowhere.
To dance like ghosts.
You awake to the cries of a child,
to light a candle and go see.
Everyone's sleeping,
and you smile down upon thee.
Smoke from the candle rises up to follow,
slowly behind.
Lightning crashes, the wind howls loud,
temporarily your blind.
Candle light flickers,
streams of flowing wax.
As you lay your head to rest,
you just know.
Happy to see the candle lit your way,
tommorrow brings another day.

The Passing

the shallow halls are silent,
memories of distant past come forth.
screams of laughter and hate invade the mind,
but what once was a terrible accident.
shall soon come to rest for on this spot.
he did say the chosen words,
that made him what he is today .
the invisible guest, the poet, the martyr
but his spirit lives on for in these
halls he once spoke,
words from the heart now that heart
is divided no more shall it be one

as the visions of the past arise,
may he rest in peace,
with closed eye's he was a poet,
of all sorts romance, laughter and horror
but in the end, he was a man, with clouded vision
his feelings were spilled in blood
on the parchment of space everyone
read what he wrote, letting him slide on a high note as time went on,
he sat there and watched people wanted more,
they drained him dry he left for a crusade
the personal kind and when he came back,
all his friends were few to find...
so he laid his head to rest,
one cold and lonely night when his eye's closed,
they closed for the last time.
now all i said is true i say
ghost writer walks his way,
he may come in from time to time,
but then again, i may be lying.
who know's what this man will do,
not even i, his other you.

Testamony of The Beast

And another...

The wolves carry my name,
in their midnight speaches.
A voice much closer to home,
shouts into my heart with unholy impatience.
One thousand and one moons,
hung overhead.
I'm growing old,
soon i shall be dead.
I have found the gates,
that lead to the otherside.
Standing atop temples,
built to the gods.
The testimony i preach,
shall be learned.
All i have seen,
shall be heard.
For the chaledon's roam free.
I have found fear,
i have raised the dead.
Things subjected,
only unto me.
The book of the Black Earth,
is now my home.
Waiting and dreaming,
for my departure.
The ancient ones,
tell of tales.
Of the beginning,
for which i have seen.
Close all gates,
as the vapor of death,
shall toll my bell.
The chaledon's roam free.
The chaledon's roam free


Writing the post below, i looked up an old website of mine and found some of my writings from back then. Here is one of them.

Life is but an illusion,
hanging from a wall.
What once was, will never be,
what is, will never become.
As i sit in my mental isolation,
i can't help think of my anihalation.
Alone i sit, behind a wall,
a wall of thought, misunderstood by all.
My world is blackend, nothing more to see,
blackend, looks whats left of me.
Come a little closer, look into my eyes,
do you see the fire, in my skies?
The light is shinning through,
nightmares about you.
Dreams are my compainionship,
why don't you get ahold of it.
My world is blackend, nothing more tosee.
blackend, looks whats left of me.
Your minds are inraged,
to you, life and death are not the same.
come to me, and you will see,
never more, not tonight,
it's not the same, everythings alright.
Blackend, blackend.
Look whats left of me.

Flash Dance

I read a story today on the net. While reading that story, i felt sad and angry. It was a personal story of someone who had a very hard and rough point in life, but seems to have been able to pull their life through and seems to be doing okay. At one point in time, like many young boys during the 80's, i had a crush on this person and badly wanted to be with this person, who is roughly a few years older then myself. Then as time went on, and i moved on, that part of my life changed. Even my life started to turn dark at times.

Reading this story, and knowing where it seemed to have start, i could relate to. Because i too, at that time in my life was at a very similar place in life. But i think the big difference between me and this person was, i wanted the attention. Since i was an outcast in all social circles in school and the community, i wanted the attention for what i did. But it never came. Their were many reasons for that.

But i look back and i have to wonder some 15+ years later, would it have been a good idea? Would it have been like all other young kids who have had their 15 minutes? Would i be here today and if so, what would i be like?

Both this person and i had a dark period in our lives. But from what i read, this person's was so much more then mine. Every teen has difficulties in life, that's a given. But when these difficulties lead one to hit bottom, something is wrong. Mine was when i started to give up and started to get violent. I was hurt too many times and one day snapped. But it also led to other things, in which thoughts of ending it all were becoming more and more a daily thought. I don't know who or what woke me, but i started to change.

I used to write a lot during those times. I did drugs and drank a lot. But i'm happy to say that all of that is behind me. Has been for about 1o years+. Sad but true, so is the writing. Because that is one thing that i enjoyed doing. And now, the blog is really the only writing i do.

But as i read this persons story, i couldn't help but feel connected. I've read a lot of personal stories over the years, talked to a lot of people with personal issues. But there was something about this, that just felt like i lived it. I think some of it has to do with the loss of friends during my dark times. Rejection of people and of myself. Maybe something else. I don't know.

I doubt the person who i speak of will ever read this. But i just want to say congratulations. And maybe one day, i will be able to meet this person. What we would talk about, no idea really. Life in general i guess, art, bikes, music, what ever there is to talk about. One thing i know, is that if you really, really want something bad enough, you can get it. And this persons fight has shown me just that. I know there's probably more to the story itself then what was put on-line, but what is there, is enough to make you realize. Thank you.


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