January 31, 2009

Crack Addiction

Now I've seen a lot in my 9 years working and playing in computers. Some of those are still on my top 10 list. However today, I just added a new item to that list.

I talked to a person who was having email issues. It seemed,that they were getting what looked like a regular SMTP error when trying to send an email. So i asked this person to read to me the error number and anything else the error stated. So i took this number and attempted a Google search because this number was not one i was familar with, nor was it one that normally comes up with your normal SMTP error. And one word the person read to me stuck in my mind as odd, ice.

So i asked this person who they were trying to email, and they really hesitated in saying. So after a few minutes of asking questions, i got to the bottom of the persons issue. They were clicking on a contact link on a web page, which in turn, was launching the persons Outlook Express, which they didn't even have set up. The person was trying to email through this instead of their normal web mail.

The error popped up again, but this time it was worded differently. I cannot remember the exact wording, but it went something like this...

"The contact your trying to email is being held in custody by Immigration, Customs and ICE. The email cannot go forward."

What the hell???

After a few moments silence, the person, joking i hope, blurted out..."so much for my coke runs. Guess i will have to fly south to pick it up then."

I was floored. Speechless and yet laughing my ass off inside. I turned to this person as said, you know this conversationis being recorded don't you. They said, really?, and hung up.

Now, i have never seen this error before, and yes it could be some form of new virus. But i haven't seen it so i doubt it. But what really gets me is the fact the person hung up when they were told the conversation was being recorded. maybe the person is a drug runner. Who knows. But if they are, they must be using their own product.


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