February 18, 2009

Frontiernet.net Needs To Learn

Okay, so the ISP that services my moms area in Western NY has this "bright" idea. They want to cap users at 5g per month of broadband. And then the consumer would have to either pay for their overage or get shut off. Not to mention their prices are already steep for what service you get with them.

But let's break this down a bit.

Let's say there is a family of 3, two PC's and a gaming console such as a PS3 or Xbox 360.

Lets say the first of the month rolls around. You have 2 pc's that need SP3. That's roughly 316mb per PC. So that's just under 1g of broadband usage for updates. Now, after you install SP3, you will have at least 2 or 3 more updates to download and install. Lets say that rounds out at about 60mb for both PC's. So now your over 1g.

Now, of course you listen to iTunes and occasional download a movie or two to watch. Well, the last movie i downloaded was about 1.2g. So you download a movie for the weekend and your already over 2g of the 5g cap.

Ok, so now you see a new game you want to trial on your PS3. You download the trial game before buying, to see if you want to spend you money. The trial download is 1.3g. And right before you can play it, you have to download a 300mb patch for it. So there is yet another1.6g of broadband. So now were over 3g,pushing the 4g limit and this is just the beginning of the month.

So after a week or so of on-line gaming, emails, browsing, etc you decide you want to stream a movie from Netflix over your Xbox360. Guess what, you will go over your 5g monthly cap and face the consequences.

So whats the whole reasoning behind the 5g monthly cap? "It is important that customers that use less don't subsidize those that use the most," Maggie Wilderotter, the chairman and CEO of Frontier.

First off, Economics 101 tells you, YOUR WRONG! Obviously, this lady doesn't understand consumer line pricing. Secondly, HELLO McFLY!!!! Most users of today's Internet do more then play spider solitaire and stare gleefully at their background picture of their puppies.

Hell, with the 2 PC's i have on-line in my house, the amount of stuff i download from iTunes, the games the wife and i play on-line, the amount of art work i upload, not to mention the items i have bough on-line for my Xbox360 would have busted this cap and then some on the first of the month.

What it comes down to in the end is, Frontier refuses to expand their infrastructure to be more adequate for today's high demand for broadband. They want to punish you as a consumer of actually having a life outside of their network.

Hell, i told them some 6-7 years ago, when i had them, someone had hacked their servers and was using customers PC's. They told me i didn't know what i was talking about. But not more then a few days after that hour long phone call with a few supervisors, a large article mysteriously showed up on the main page of the local paper. And the gentleman from Texas was arrested for his crimes.

It's high time the ISP's of this country wake up and smell the roses. CEO's walk away with millions yet they don't know how to expand their infrastructure and do their jobs properly.


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