February 18, 2009

I'm Suing You

Well i might as well. It seems everyone including their great grandmother is suing everyone for anything these days. It's getting ridiculous. The latest, and i find this absolutely absurd, a woman named Beverly Stayart is suing Yahoo because when she did a search on her name, it led to porn sites and malicious websites. Well shit, i should sue Yahoo, Google, MSN, Dog Pile, Ask and every other search engine because when i search my name, i don't get accurate results on who i am.

So i did, search that is. What a schmuck i am.

The first result states i'm an artist, which is true. But it also stated i DIED in 2008!!! WTF! Last time i checked i'm alive and well. Total lies. That's worth suing right there.

The second result is for a blog that I've never seen before, and i have nothing to do with it. False advertising. Last time i knew, that was illegal.

Third result has me as a State Rep for MA. Hold the damn chuck wagon pa. I'm in no way shape, form or any other adjective you can think of a politician. I aught to sue just for that alone, associating me with politics. Who thought that was funny?

And apparently i am the Director, Owner and President of Spurwink Cordage, Inc since 1998. And this guy has the same first, middle and last name. Talk about stolen identity. Damn!!

And these were Google search results. God only knows what i would find on all the other search engines.


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