February 2, 2009

Steelers Nation PT.2

“We’re unselfish. We’re very blue collar. We’re resilient.” Words spoken by safety Troy Polamalu. We’re a team that’s taken on the personality of our city,” he continued.

This is very true. I've been a Steelers fan since i was 7 or 8, back in the 70's. My favorite players were Franco Harris and Jack Lambert. Even though i had no idea what the Immaculate Reception was or meant. Every Sunday at grandma's house, we had diner and would watch football. And if the Steelers were playing, i would be found in front of the TV. Every Christmas, my grandmother got me a new Steelers jacket. And every year i wanted to go to Pittsburgh not only for a Steelers game but to live.

Some 12 years later i got that chance. I went to college in Pittsburgh. I lived there for 2 years before moving back home to NY. While i was there, i had met some amazing people. Most of them were life time residents of Pittsburgh. There was an aura in and around the city that seemed to welcome one with open arms.

Very seldom would you find a person who was selfish or one who would snub you for any reason. When it came to game day, all the fans of the Steelers, and for that matter the Penguins, would gather around the TV's, the Civic Arena or Three Rivers Stadium and have fun.

No matter what city you go to, you always have those few that want something for nothing. But what i have found in my travels during those years, no other city could match the warmth of Pittsburgh. Hard working people willing to extend a hand when needed. Stick together during good times and bad.

So as i watched my team, a team with a legion of fans across this country go for a record 6th Super Bowl victory, i could not help but wonder if the Steeler Nation isn't the true America's Team? A title that Dallas has had for a very long time. From NY to Mass, down to FL and as far west as AZ itself, i have met numerous amounts of Steeler fans. And to see the amount of black and gold jerseys and terrible towels in the stands in Tampa, one had to wonder where the red and white of Arizona was.

The Steelers had one of the, if not the hardest schedules this year. With the likes of Dallas, New England and the Ravens. However, tonight's game seemed to be the toughest. Tooth and nail from the start of the game down to the last play. The offense made the plays when needed, the defense stepped up when it counted. But I'm not going to count out the Cardinals either. They fought for every inch they got. The Steelers didn't give them anything. I think the Cardinals need to be very proud with themselves. I have not seen such a good game in many years. And they have earned my respect after tonight.

So what's next? Six Super Bowl titles, new records set and a trip to Disney. In a dynasty steeped in blue collar tradition, where does the Black & Gold go from here?


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