March 5, 2009

Wild Blu Yonder

Just a short time a go, i found out that a friend of mine had passed away. I've known this man for the better part of the last 9 years. He was an avid Flight Simulator player. He was an excellent communicator and a dear friend. He was loved by everyone that knew him and cared for those equal as much.

It's hard when you loose someone. There is a void that never gets re-filled. I spent many a night with him in our on-line community talking. He always offered advice to me, whether i used it or not and he was always there to share his knowledge. We had discussions about everything over 9 years of friendship. But 9 years is too small for the amount of caring i have for this man. It's more like a life time.

May God grant you blue skies aloft,
With winds of calm by land,
As you play on the outskirts of heaven,
On the fragile wings of man.

May you have all the peace you need to carry on your dreams. Rest in Peace bro. Going to miss you.

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