May 18, 2009

I was hoping

Now i quit following a lot of professional sports years ago. Baseball back in the 80's after the big strike, basketball back int he 90's because i moved on. Only two sports i still follow are football and hockey.

Just because i don't follow the sports don't mean i don't have a favorite team. And my team made it to the playoffs in the NBA. The Celtics lost last night to the Orlando Magic. I was so hoping they would have advanced, not only because they're my team. But also it would have pissed off a lot of my co-workers.

Boston didn't play like they really wanted it last night. They forced game 7, then just stood around like a bunch a kids.

Well, at least i still have the Penguins in the run for the Stanley Cup. They start then next round tonight against Carolina tonight. I would really like to see a rematch of last years Cup finals of Detroit and Pittsburgh. But this year Pittsburgh takes it.

Let's hope.

May 14, 2009

Fireman Fail

Looks like the fireman that used to run the fire house back home...


Added To The Playlist

Work, work, work. Keeps me stressed. And the FL heat keeps me indoors. So i have been playing with my iPod again, adding more too it. Waiting for the one off cool night after work where i can get the bike out and enjoy the evening.

Anyway, Here are two new play lists just added.

80's Arcade:
Bad Case of Loving You : Robert Palmer
Danger Zone : Kenny Loggins
Funky Cold Medina : Tone Loc
I Want a New Drug : Huey Lewis and The News
In The Air Tonight : Phil Collins
Jam On It : Newcleus
The Look : Roxette
Miami Vice Theme : Jan Hammer
New Sensation : INXS
Rock Box : Run DMC
Shout : Tears For Fears
Somebody's Watching Me : Rockwell
Walk Like An Egyptian : Bengals
Walk The Dinosaur : Was Not Was
We Got The Beat : Go Go's
What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) : Information Society
What I Am : Eddie Brickell
Wild Thing : Tone Loc
Wild, Wild West : Escape Club
99 Red Balloons :Nena

Misc Tunes:
Desperado : Alice Cooper
Devil Inside : INXS
Finish What Ya Started : Van Halen
Flirtin' With Disaster : Molly Hatchet
Goddamn Devil : Ugly Kid Joe
I Can't Dance : Genesis
I Drink Alone : George Thorogood
Janie's Got A Gun : Aerosmith
Life Is A Lemon : Meatloaf
Living Dead Girl : Rob Zombie
Move It On Over : George Thorogood
On The Darkside : John Cafferty
Panama : Van Halen
Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution : AC/DC
Sir Sexy Psycho : Red Hot Chili Peppers
Throwing It All Away : Genesis
Thunderstruck : AC/DC
Tonight, Tonight,Tonight : Genesis
Wild Summer Nights : John Cafferty
Working Man : Rush


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