December 12, 2009

It's been awhile

It's been quite some time since i posted anything here. It's not like i forgot to, it's been a lot of stress, real life and just being lazy. So much has happened since my last post, some of it con-drum, some of it useless and some of it enough to piss me off enough to want to bitch slap people.

I'm still working at the same place, though the company was "merged" with another, it's rolling down hill to the little guy. I'm still dealing with the " i have no common sense" crowd of people. But not as much. And like always work politics suck moose eggs!

Spend a lot of time on the Xbox til wee hours in the morning. But then again, i'm normally home from work between 12:30am and 2am. So a normal bed time of 4-5am isn't unheard of. But i am getting better at Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 2!!

Still suffer from the daily headaches, and lower back pain. But that's life i guess. Lost a few friends along the way this year. Some very young and some a little older then myself.

Now the holidays are here. So whats that mean? Well, more bitching and complaining for one. People just to tied up in themselves over the holidays that it actually makes me sick. The further lack of common sense and courtesy. What, you expected there to be some anyway? More assholes on the road trying to kill others. People just don't pay attention while driving any more anyway. And come the holidays they get worse. It's kind of like dumb and dumber meets the Griswold's.

So i'm hoping to start posting more often and get this thing rolling like i had originally intended.



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