December 18, 2010

Speaking of Books

Google just released their Google Books. Over the years, I've tried getting into a lot of what Google does for some reason. Lately i have been converting a lot of my stuff over to Google because it gives me easier access. 

Anyway, awhile ago i was browsing Netflix on the Xbox and came across the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. I've heard a lot of good things about it so i watched it. Not too many movies that are all sub-titled can keep my interest. However this one did. Just recently, i caught the second part called The Girl Who Plays With Fire. Yet another sub-titled movie. And just as good as the first. 

So what's all this have to do with books you ask? Well, i bought the first two books on the new Google Books. I've been reading the first one on my pc and my phone when time permits. And i have to admit, it's very good so far. Fills in little detail left out of the movie. But the ease of access i have to this book with out having to carrying something rather hefty around is good. No worrying about leaving it at work, home, in the car, etc. 

I highly recommend the movies, though word of warning, these ARE NOT FOR KIDS. To graphic. As for the books, pick them up. As you may enjoy them. 


The End of the World As We Know It....

From time to time i stop off at the book store to see what new books maybe out that might interest me. I check out the computer section, the fantasy section and sometimes even the history section. Over the year there has been a boom in those " (insert title here) for Dummies" books. I even saw one just recently title Step Parenting for Dummies. Now, the first thought through my mind was, you need a book for this? My second thought was, i knew a few people who could actually use a a book titled "How Not To Breed for Dummies". I just rolled my eyes and i kept walking.

Well now comes the moment of truth. When wanna be gamers get catered to even more then they are now. With the likes of MySpace and Facebook, social games have seem to become the norm. People complain about those who play games like World of Warcraft, Everquest and other big name games. Say they are wasting their lives, they're not social, they're adolescent, etc. But yet i talk to people everyday who bitch and complain because they can't load their Farmville or their Fronteirsville is not working. And they have crops that need harvesting and there's bears attacking the penguins and their level 325 mob has a war to fight. And above all it's my internet service that sucks because their can't play. About 9 times out of 10 their pc's are so messed up from all the toolbars and game cheats.... well, that's a different story. 

I know a few people in the criminal world i can introduce you to, so you can see how that mob actual works. I'm overly sure you have never stepped foot on a farm and a petting zoo doesn't count. And i highly doubt you were with the Donner party trying to cross this country so you sure and the hell ain't no frontiersman. 

But it seems that world doesn't have enough idiots around, we'll cater to them even more by giving them the "Farmville for Dummies" book. Yes you read right. Don't believe me? Take a gander. 

It goes into print in February 2011. And you can even pre-order it at amazon. Rules, regulations? Give me a break. This isn't the NFL playoff's. Though i would suspect that most of the ref's play Farmville on their smart phones, because their too dumb to call plays that happen in front of them. 

Please, do the world a favor. If you know anyone who buy's this book. Slap them. Slap them so hard they see stars. Then burn the book. If you buy the book, go jump of  a bridge somewhere high. 

October 31, 2010

What's It Mean?

I get asked all the time about my xbox clan tag. I tell people to Google it, and then the tirades come. Lazy ass people anyway. RTFM!!

What's Up?

Halloween is here and i have yet to see any decent horror movies on TV. What once used to be a time to sit in the dark and try to scare yourself with movies like Halloween, Omen 1 and 2 and maybe even Children of the Corn has become a joke. Pumpkinhead, late sequels of Halloween are all I have seen so far.

I know Halloween is nothing more then a business venture at best anymore. Kids don't even trick or treat anymore. For the public fear of poisoned candy? Please, most of the end results of that were nothing more then stupid, arrogant people trying to get even with  a family member or neighbor by hurting their kids.

I remember those days of going door to door and getting candy. Running the haunted houses and weekend parties. Today it is nothing more then a flash in the pan memory for anyone pre- generation Y.

Hell's Scream

The night fog slowly clamored across the ground in Darkshire. The eerie sounds
of the creatures that roamed the lands echoed in the stillness of the dark. Small lanterns lit
the windows of the inn, as its patrons paid no attention to the outside world. The Black
Rose Tavern was a live with the sounds of conversation coming from the patrons.
As the barmaids made their way across the semi crowded floor, the door swung
open. Silence fell across the room. Who would be wandering around in the night?
Especially in a place like this were evil is abound like the fears of a child. Making his
way to a table in the corner, an elf from the other side of the realm takes a seat. All eyes
watch him closely. Though these elves were known, they were seldom seen in Darkshire.
The elf slid his cape to the side and laid his massive metal blade across the table. Eying
the bar maid, he nodded his head. The wench cautiously made her way over to this
creature of the night. The horror stories she has heard of, these elves could be very
vicious when they wanted to. Even without being provoked.
As the bar maid took the elf’s order, the door opened again. This time a woman,
looking as though she has been in battle every day of her life, stumbled in. Her skin pale
from lack of sunlight, enhanced her features. Her long reddish hair flowed freely over her
shoulders. Dirt marked every part of her face. Dried blood mixed with the dirt hid the
scars on her hands. Every eye in the tavern was on this woman. Some of the patrons
wanted to get up and help her. But they all stood fast. Who was this woman? Why was
she walking the woods at night? Thoughts entered every soul in the tavern. Some not so
innocent and some so frightening, that the patrons quickly turned away from her.
Scanning the room, she eyed the night elf. Making her way across the room, she tossed a
small sack onto the table. Silent eyes gazed upon the sack. Minds could only wonder
what was inside, because neither the woman nor the elf were saying anything. They just
stared at each other. The woman pulled up a chair to the table and sat. She rested her
dented shield next to the wall and her mace on top of the table next to the elf’s massive
metal blade.
As the patrons began going about their business, before they were interrupted by
the strangers, the woman and elf began a hushed conversation. A few patrons tried to
over hear what was being said, but they would not make out the tongue. And every so
often, the woman and elf would shoot deadly glares at the eaves droppers.
“Well Dark, everything is ready. We can leave in the morning.” The woman
touted. Sipping her ale that the bar maid brought her.
“Sounds good Del, but there’s one problem.” The elf adjusted his armor.
“There are two of us and hundreds of them.”
The two strangers just stared at each other. Each wanting to accomplish the task at
hand, but both knew that they would need help. But who would they get? Who could they
get? They knew no one in this area of the realm.
… “He’s coming. Stitches is coming.” Came a booming voice form outside. The
patrons inside the tavern began scuffling for a hiding place, while very few picked up
their arms and headed for the door. Delshae and Darkskye looked at each other and
smirked. They grabbed their weapons and headed for the door to join the others who had
already made their way out.
The fog had risen to waist high as they sat in the tavern. The full moon cast
dancing shadows around the center square. Off in the distance, deep thuds echoed
through the night. The townsfolk that were in the square gathered with their weapons.
What few guards Dakshire had, stood their ground next to the fountain in the center
square. The sounds of evil seem to be coming from all directions. Everyone kept looking
around the square to see where this abomination would emerge from.
Stitches, the infamous undead giant of Duskwood. Every so often, he would
appear to wreak havoc on the townsfolk and the surrounding creatures. He laid waste to
anything in his path. Many a true warrior had come from afar to try and defeat this
monstrosity, but no one had succeeded as of yet. The local mortician was always happy
to see business pick up. But at one point thought he would be out of business, because
Stitches had killed so many, he had to import coffins from the city of Stormwind to help
bury the fallen.
As Delshae and Darkskye stood there watching, they noticed a pair of dwarves
standing outside the blacksmiths shop. Both seemed eager for action, but what could a
couple of stout dwarves do to a giant four times the size their own size? Though both Del
and Dark have seen some great dwarven warriors in the past, nothing would or could
compare to the battle they were about to set their eyes upon. Even in Mo’Grosh where the
ogres have magic and the battles always seem to be the last one, one would fight won’t
compare to this.
Just as Delshae and Darkskye turned their attention to the western road, the
monstrosity known as Stitches came crashing through the trees. Eyes glowing yellow,
puss dripping from his wounds, fear began to set in. Like dragon fear, the townsfolk were
scared in the places. One even wet his pants before he fainted.
Orders were being barked by the Dakshire guards. Townsfolk were now turning
into warriors. “Over there, you three, take stand and flank from the right.” One guard
yelled. Delshae glanced around to get a look of the movement, when she noticed the two
dwarves taking a few steps back into the recess of the blacksmiths shop. She laughed
inside at the site. A little more then they could handle she thought. Then a glint of metal
caught her attention. A quick flash came from one of the dwarf’s chest. Not the flash of
armor but a small item. Like an idol or totem of some sort, a holy symbol.
“Hmmm.” She murmured to herself. A warrior of light, a paladin like herself. She
watched as the other dwarf rumbled around inside of a small sack and pulled something
out. Just then the cries of the dead started piercing the ears of townsfolk. Stitches started
his campaign of destruction. Delshae turned toward the abomination, to see townsfolk
rushing in and swinging their weapons. All with little or no effect on the undead giant.
Darkskye stood there with her watching the events unfold like a child’s circus. Darkskye
held his blade with a tight grip. Watching the townsfolk fall like rag dolls, Dark knew it
would only be a matter of minutes before Stitches was close enough for combat. With
that, Darkskye switched his stance but held tight. He needed to wait for the right moment
to strike.
Why are we even fighting this thing Delshae thought to herself? This is not what
we came here to do. “We can’t take any chances Dark, we need to get to Morbent.”
Delshae yelled over the screams of the dying. Suddenly all eyes turned on her. The
townsfolk forgot what stood before them. The word Morbent only meant one thing. More
death and destruction is coming. Stitches swiped across the last remaining townsfolk left,
leaving only the guards, the two dwarves, Delshae and Dark. Twisted bodies flew
through the air and landed with a thud.
“Three hundred…two hundred...” Darkskye was counting to himself. “I know
Del, but this must be dealt with as well. Since were here, what better time…one hundred”
Dark counted. Suddenly a bright flash of light came from their right. The dwarf with the
holy symbol cast some sort of spell on himself and charged the abomination. The second
dwarf, stepped out away from the building and glanced over at Dark. Dark knew what it
meant, even without the exchange of words. Darkskye lowered his shoulder and charged
full speed at Stitches. Both the dwarf and Darkskye reached Stitches at the same time.
In the split second before Darkskye’s blade sliced at Stitches, he let out a
booming yell. As his blade made contact with the undead giant, an invisible force seemed
to push his blade deeper into the rotting flesh. The dwarf yelled as he made contact with
the knee cap of Stitches. Not only driving his mace into the bones, but a blast of holy
light came crashing through the darkened clouds, enveloping the giant causing him teeter.
Both the dwarf and Darkskye stepped through their swings, turning and facing the giant’s
backside. Stitches regained his balance and turned on the two warriors, coming down fast
with both fists. As the two warriors tried to side step the incoming attack, Darkskye
slipped and Stitches caught him with a glancing blow, knocking him to the ground.
“Dark!” Delshae screamed. If he was to be injured, or even killed, their mission
would not be able to be completed. Delshae pulled her mace and charged the undead
creature. The other dwarf started to mumble and a rain of blue lights came forth from the
dark sky and rained down upon the undead abomination. Stitches reared his head in pain.
What ever the dwarf did seemed to cause some damage. Damage that was going to help
them overcome this creature and possible survive. The remaining guards saw a chance
and charged. They grabbed hold of the creature’s massive legs to try and take him down.
Stitches only threw them off with very little effort. Seeing this effect, Delshae yelled out,
“Dwarf, again.” She gripped her mace with both hands and got ready to strike with all of
her might.
As Stitches regained his focus, he raised both of his hands and brought them
crashing down towards the fallen Darkskye. The dwarf rolled through the giant’s legs and
came up facing the creature. Darkskye rolled out of the way as the club like hands came
crashing down and slammed into the ground. As the dwarf stood there ready to attack, he
turned toward Delshae, “jump!” he yelled. Just then he took a crouching stance, making a
leaping platform for her to take off from. As she neared the crouching dwarf, Delshae let
out a loud war cry. Very similar to what she saw the dwarf do just moments ago, a bolt of
light came crashing down onto the giants head. Just then, Delshae stepped onto the
dwarfs back and leapt with all her might. She came roaring down on the back of the
abomination and buried her mace into the back of its skull. Suddenly more rain of blue
light came raining down on them. Stitches wrenched in pain. As he reached over his
shoulders to grab Delshae, she lost her footing and came tumbling down, landing hard on
the ground. Stitches turned, screaming in pain. Delshae stumbled to her feet. As she
raised her head, it was as if she became possessed by the fall. Her eyes shown no fear, her
jaw clenched and she stood rigid. As Dark made it to his feet, he glanced over. He saw
this before, it was not good. Not just for the intended target of her wraith, but for her
health as well. The dwarf standing back by the blacksmiths shop came running up. He too
knew what was coming. But only from seeing it from his traveling companion.
Stitches reared his head in agony and stepped toward Delshae. The dwarven
warrior knew that if she was to pull this off, she would need a split second. The dwarf
turned toward Dark and motioned towards the giant. Dark knew they had to be precise
with their strike, or Delshae was dead. Delshae began to mumble. The words were in a
tongue that only few could understand. She raised her hands, and a glowing ball started to
form around her. As the orb of light started to grow, the second dwarf stopped and began
to cast his own spell. His target, Delshae. He knew that he must be just as accurate as the
other two if this were to succeed.
As the orb grew bigger, Stitches was on target. His clubbing hands came down
forth from what seemed like hell. The eerie scream he bellowed made what small
creatures that where in the area run for cover. The rafters of the buildings trembled and
shingles fell off the structures. The orb of light almost reached its maximum size. Dark
looked over at the dwarf, waiting for the sign. “Now!” the dwarf yelled. Stitches hands
were just a few feet from crushing Delshaes’ head. In the split second that followed, both
the dwarf and Darkskye landed clubbing blows on the undead abomination, stunning him.
The dwarven caster let loose his spell, enveloping Delshae in a white aura. The orb of
light that surrounded Delshae flew straight up towards the sky.
Time seemed to stand still for everyone. Did they make it in time? Did this
creature from hell make it to his target?
Suddenly a thundering wave of noise came bellowing from the sky, knocking both
dwarves and Darkskye to the ground. A bright flash of light and a mystical hammer came
forth crashing down upon the undead monstrosity. A vacuum of air swirled around and
the undead creature, disintegrating  it on the spot, leaving a pile of dust behind. Delshae stood
wavering for a moment before falling to the ground. Blood trickled from her mouth and
she lay twitching.
Coming to, Darkskye crawled to his feet. “Del,” he yelled. “Delshae!” He ran
over to her, trying to bring her to. As Darkskye patted Delshae on her face, he felt a hand
on his shoulder. “She will be alright if we get her a warm bed. She is a brave soul.” The
paladin spoke softly. “I’m Aeromantu. My priest friend here is Hepius Rockfall. Let’s get
her inside the tavern.”

May 4, 2010

Just haven't. been In the mood.

A lot since Christmas, I haven't been in the mood to do any posting. Since my mother in laws stroke in January, and her passing the week before Easter, I've been drained. Work is more stressful then ever. And most of the people I talk to on daily basis should had had lobotomy's by now.

Is it a fad?

Normally fads consist of kids and the latest new toys or gizmos. But Facebook seems to be bigger for adults then for kids. Mainly the games on Facebook. I think in today's society, its no longer parents working that don't watch their kids. Its all the parents addicted to these games on Facebook that don't watch their kids. Never mind Johnnie's out robbing some old man, mom and dad have farms that need harvesting, or cafes that need tending. And God forbid the internet goes down.


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