December 18, 2010

The End of the World As We Know It....

From time to time i stop off at the book store to see what new books maybe out that might interest me. I check out the computer section, the fantasy section and sometimes even the history section. Over the year there has been a boom in those " (insert title here) for Dummies" books. I even saw one just recently title Step Parenting for Dummies. Now, the first thought through my mind was, you need a book for this? My second thought was, i knew a few people who could actually use a a book titled "How Not To Breed for Dummies". I just rolled my eyes and i kept walking.

Well now comes the moment of truth. When wanna be gamers get catered to even more then they are now. With the likes of MySpace and Facebook, social games have seem to become the norm. People complain about those who play games like World of Warcraft, Everquest and other big name games. Say they are wasting their lives, they're not social, they're adolescent, etc. But yet i talk to people everyday who bitch and complain because they can't load their Farmville or their Fronteirsville is not working. And they have crops that need harvesting and there's bears attacking the penguins and their level 325 mob has a war to fight. And above all it's my internet service that sucks because their can't play. About 9 times out of 10 their pc's are so messed up from all the toolbars and game cheats.... well, that's a different story. 

I know a few people in the criminal world i can introduce you to, so you can see how that mob actual works. I'm overly sure you have never stepped foot on a farm and a petting zoo doesn't count. And i highly doubt you were with the Donner party trying to cross this country so you sure and the hell ain't no frontiersman. 

But it seems that world doesn't have enough idiots around, we'll cater to them even more by giving them the "Farmville for Dummies" book. Yes you read right. Don't believe me? Take a gander. 

It goes into print in February 2011. And you can even pre-order it at amazon. Rules, regulations? Give me a break. This isn't the NFL playoff's. Though i would suspect that most of the ref's play Farmville on their smart phones, because their too dumb to call plays that happen in front of them. 

Please, do the world a favor. If you know anyone who buy's this book. Slap them. Slap them so hard they see stars. Then burn the book. If you buy the book, go jump of  a bridge somewhere high. 


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