December 31, 2011

The Year Is Coming To An End...

So this year has been a turbulent one. Just life in general. Shit between work and home. The loss of my grandmother and two co-workers all with in 30 days  of each other with in the last month.

More corporate greed and the further fall of the American Rights,  the rallies, protest around the world. We as a people have become tired of the shit and are just now stepping up to the plate. We will, eventually gain control back of what is ours. And make sure those that are in charge, listen to us.

We lost some icons this year. We saw changes throughout. Some minor and some radical.

The world is supposed to end in 2012. Not so much by WW3, but by nature and science. So be it. Bring it on. I have the beer and the chips set up and ready to go. Should I survive, then I will help rebuild.

I have met some amazing people on Google Plus as well. Some are amazing friends like, Margaret O Rourke, some great friends like Kat B, Mechelle Conrad (because she miss-spells her name lol), Jody Swaney  (because I love the scooter), Phil Greco (who is more a brother then a friend) and a lot, lot more. 

I've learned that I have got to have the most tolerance for bullshit and ignorance then anyone I know.  I have put up with more bullshit and lies then I ever have before. All to bite my tongue for the better. I have gone through some life changes this year. All for the better but yet, still trying to grasp and get a hold of. 

All in all, it's yet another year survived. Another year I can mark off on the books that at least I've learned something new.  I've shared what knowledge I had. I taught someone something they didn't know. And I have forgiven someone who others may not have.

Sometimes I feel that the song Let It Die by Ozzy is me. And it is. I am everything in that song. I am everything you are. I am you, You are me!. It's a perfect marriage. I can't fault who I am. I can only make me better. And in doing so, I can only make you better. Even it is is a small minute thing. I really have seen what I am made of this year from the inside. Though sometimes I try and hide my feelings and emotions, like hiding behind the curtain, I have stepped forward. And in doing so, I await what next year holds for me.

So as this year winds down,  I just want to wish everyone the best for 2012 in what ever it may bring. Keep your heads up, keep your smiles on and above all, DO NOT give up on you. Others may for what ever reason they have, but never give up on  you.

So this will be the last post for the 2011 year. So until me meet next time...

Stay safe, be merry and...



December 30, 2011

Life's Song

So after the turbulent year I had between home life, work, deaths, fights and all the grand and glorious wonders that life has to offer, I' have decided that this song best represents me and everything about me.

Queensryche - Anybody Listening?

You and I long to live like the wind upon the water
If we close our eyes, we'll maybe realize
There's more to life than what we have known

And I can't believe, I've spent so long
Living lies, I knew were wrong inside
I've just begun to see the light

Long ago there was a dream, had to make a choice or two
Leaving all I loved behind, for what nobody knew
Stepped out on the stage, alive under lights and judging eyes
Now the applause has died and I can dream again

Is there anybody listening?
Is there anyone that sees what's going on?
Read between the lines, criticize the words they're selling
Think for yourself and feel the walls become sand beneath your feet

Feel the breeze, time's so near, you can almost taste the freedom
There's a warm wind from the south, hoist the sail and we'll be gone
By morning, this will all seem like a dream
And if I don't return to sing the song, maybe just as well
I've seen the news and there's not much I can do alone

Is there anybody listening?
Is there anyone who smiles without a mask?
What's behind the words? Images, they know will please us
I'll take what's real, bring up the lights

Is there anybody listening?
Is there anyone that sees what's going on?
Read between the lines, criticize the words they're selling
Think for yourself and feel the walls become sand beneath your feet

Close your eyes


December 27, 2011

Anybody Listening?

Death is a funny thing. At first you seem scared of it. And as life goes on, you seem to grow tired of it. Are you afraid? I remember the first big death that hit me. The one I remember the most. My grandmother. I took it hard. I think the hardest of anyone in the family. It was an open casket and it took my mom and my aunts about 30 minutes to get me to go up to see her. I kept refusing. Death was not to be seen but to be remembered. Finally I got up there. I about passed out. Not from sorrow, but I was scared. I was horrified. Then slowly, I laid my hand upon her's. It was cold. Death's cold. 

But I couldn't let go. I don't know if i was in shock. Or if it was the fact that this was going to be the last time I would ever see her again. Either way, I started to cry.  As I went to step away, I stopped and rested my hand on her forehead and said a little prayer. Probably my last prayer ever. That was back in 2001. 

Now, over the last 10 years, I've lost more friends and family, 12 in all so far,  then I have in the 38 years on this rock we call home. Some of them hit me hard, while others I just take a few moments to remember and go about my day. Cold? Callous? Maybe. But to each his own and we remember people the way we do for reasons. 
Not long ago, I lost 2 good friends that I had known since about 1999. Of those two passing's, one hit me the hardest. I think it's because we knew each other pretty well. And we shared a lot. So when his wife called me at work and told me his brain cancer got the better of him, I lost it. Right in front of every one. This was a few years ago.  I've lost both my grandmothers, with the last one just the week of my birthday last month. Lost one grandfather, only one of those left.

Now to part of the point for this story. Five years ago this coming February, I started my job at my current company. There were 40+ people broken into 2 training classes (only 5 of us left now). It was at this time I met Mike. Weird guy at first, until you got to know him. Kids, family man. Had a rough time a few years earlier. Bad accident. More stuff I never pressed on. Shortly into a illustrious career as  public punching bags, Mike and I went out ways with in the company. Soon after, he followed me into the department I help start. Shortly after that, he had the chance to go home and work from there. During this time, we talked, shared laughter, pain. Was there for him to talk about the girl he was with. Their problems. The pain he was in with his back and legs, etc. Normally what a friend does. 

After awhile, we lost contact. He would hit me up from time to time at work with questions on certain things or outside of work if he had a hit an a design job for me. Then, nothing. This was about 6 months ago.

I found out tonight that he passed the other day. According to what i was able to read, it was either Saturday or yesterday. I'm not sure of how. But I do know he was on a lot of pain pills last time I saw him. I also found out, he was arrested back in October for  possession of methamphetamine. Most likely, Oxy or a family member.

I will miss Mike. I feel sad for his kids and his family. But I'm not sad for him. I haven't cried for him. I don't know his whole story. But I know he needed help. I offered awhile ago. Never took me up on it. So now he lays to rest. In peace I hope.

Another point of this story.  Last year I lost my niece to an overdose. She was at one of those famous pain clinics here in FL that have been getting busted for giving out shit. Kinda of where the story for Mike points to. She knew she needed help. We all did. We told her. Then one day, she never woke up. Like Mike, I never cried once. Never felt sorrow for her.  Felt bad for her kids. Well a few of them, because the others seem to live for this shit and promote the fact their heroin addicts. 

One more point. When my grandmother just passed. I was sad. I felt bad for my father, as both his parents are dead now.  I did cry for all but a minute or two. I was more upset then anything. Mainly for the fact, that I hadn't been able to see her for quite awhile. Since I moved out of NY. Nine years in all. 

But through out that day after I got off the phone with my dad, I was angry. I was numb. I was wondering why. I didn't feel the sorrow for the last 3 or 4 deaths that I felt with the first few. As with no feelings for Mike. And some of these people meant more to me then others. Family usually is closer then friends. 

So, the fact I am not feeling sad, the fact that I don't care, does that mean I'm finally numb to the whole death thing? Does it mean I'm in-tune with it? Or does it mean I just don't care anymore. That death is part of life and no matter how I feel, or what I say,  it just won't make a fucking difference?

Can someone answer that?


December 26, 2011

What's In A Dream

We all dream. Some are nightmares, some not. Now, the one I had last night was probably one of the weirdest ones. It has remnants of nightmares I used to have as a kid being chased to no end. It had people in it that are local celebs, only because their asses were on TV.  So far, those I've told look at me like I do belong in a nut house.

Those of you who watched the news over the last 2 years, know about a mother in FL named Casey Anthony. Bitch got off from killing her kid. Anyway, her mother is the one who appeared in my nightmare. 

So here it is in a break down;

Throughout the entire dream I'm being chased by a black car with chrome tinted windows. Parts of it, I was running, being chased while in my car and while riding my bike. The entire trip, I was being chased around all the area's I know in central FL. 

The dream ended up in a 7-11 down by where my mechanic is. As I entered the store there was a lady bent over the counter causing a big commotion. There were a handful of Hispanic and black guys in the store as well. Suddenly the lady turned around to yell at the one black guy next to me, and it was Cindy Anthony. HOW THE FUCK, did she get into my nightmare. With her, it was officially a nightmare. Anyway, what ever she said to the guy, I can't remember. But He laid her out flat. When his fist made contact with her head, her face looked like Rocky's when the Russian hit him. 

At this point, as soon as she hit the floor, the black car come busting through the doors, sending glass and products everywhere. And it's at this point my alarm went off. Never did see who was driving. No plates on the car, no identifying marks. Couldn't even tell the make or model of the car and i'm pretty good at that. 

When i did get up today, my calves, thighs and hamstrings hurt like hell. Like I just finished a 20 mile run with full military rucksack. They still hurt like hell. 

So i'm not sure what caused this to come to light. But damn it was weird. And why her? I don't think about her. Haven't heard anything about her in months. Or her daughter for that matter. 

I used to like having nightmares over dreams. Because I could always remember a lot of details with nightmares. But also, I would wake up with my heart racing, knowing full well, I was alive! Call me weird, but that's the way it is. 

But this one?... WTH?

Santa Needs To Bring Sanity

The day after Christmas, to me is worse then Black Friday. Especially since I do tech support. Mainly because people don't read nor do they listen. 

All day it's  "I can't connect my Nook. I can't connect my Kindle." Did you read the instructions? Did you change your password to the wireless? 

Nine times out of ten, every other wireless device in the house is working fine, and yet it's still my fault their fucking toy won't connect. Well guess what, go buy some new batteries and KY and shove it. I'm over it. 

Apparently, it never occurred to anyone that these devices might not be working right for any other reason, then their internet is broke. 

Hell, a guy went as far to threaten to cancel services because of this. And yet he had 2 laptops and a smart phone all on his wireless working fine. So when he threatened to cancel, I asked him point blank, "If you owned a Ferrari and it broke down, would you take it to a KIA dealer and tell them to fix it or you would cancel your insurance and sell the car?" The asshole hung up on on me. Oh well, guess the KIA dealer just got a new Ferrari. 

Smarten up people, this shit isn't rocket science you know. 

December 24, 2011

Christmas Trip From Hell?

So i'm one of those that does last minutes holiday shopping. Mainly because I never have money. And usually the last minutes you can find some good deals.  So I did something today, that I haven't done since i was in Jr High. I went to the MALL.

As i was looking for something I knew the wife would like, I got the cashier to help me locate some extra's. I was looking for as many seasons of an old TV show she loves that isn't on any more. IT was the last small thing to get her. So as the cashier is helping me and there is this little elderly Hispanic lady looking in the area we are. The cashier found what I needed. But apparently the lady was looking for the same thing. She said something in Spanish that I didn't understand. The cashier answered back and she glared at me. 

One thing I have learned from my Hispanic co-workers is, if they are talking about you, they look at you. And man was this little old lady staring at me. Even think she put a curse on me, as I almost took out a new Cadillac in the parking lot. She started to say something. Not with an inside voice. No, she had to speak loud enough the entire shop in the all heard her. 

At this point in time, i'm getting ready to check out. What happened next was, um... let's not nice. She kept rambling on and on as she walked around the isles. Raising her voice every other word. She come around the corner and stopped and finger to my face lit me up. Okay that's it woman. It's on like Donkey Kong now. I set my items on the counter and turned to face her. What ever she just said, the cashier snickered.

All in my mind, i'm dancing like a 20 someting Rocky. She looks like Clubber Lang on steroids. Weaving and bobbing, ducking and jiving. Kinda felt like lifting her dress up to expose those knickers of hers. But then relaity set in. 

I slid my card through the machine and got my receipt. As i turned and started to walk away, I turned back at her and said, "I didn't understand a damn thing you just said. But have a good Christmas anyway." The bitch hit me with her purse! Literally, smacked me upside the shoulder with her purse. The cashier tried talking to her. Eventually she got her attention so I could leave. Must have been a brick in there. Because my shoulder hurts.

Now, as i get outside, I realized with my newly found friend, I got lost. Yes Lost. No GPS. No maps. I walked out the wrong side of the building. So back in I go. Find my way out front and head to my car. Now what happens next, put the biggest smile on my face yet.

As im pulling out, I wait for the other cars and people to cross the drive. I have Ozzy blaring on the stero, as i'm already a little annoyed. Two little old ladies are walking down the sidewalk, bags in their hands. Dressed up kind of nice. I know these people can here the music, as it is loud and my windows are open. Hell it's 80 damn degree's here today.

Part of the lyrics in the song playing are, "So come on Jesus, were all here waiting just for you." The smaller of the two ladies turns in my direction and yelled, "Hell yes we are. Amen."
I lost it. She started to laugh, waved and I wished them both a Merry Christmas. They returned the salutation. Who knew granny liked Ozzy so much? LOL

So next year, all shopping will be done on-line. no last minute trips.  And the mall, well the mall can kiss my lily colored white ass.


Futuristic Thoughts

Someone needs to develop and patent a way to get ones thoughts form our heads to our canvas. Whether it be writing, art, design, whatever.

As an artist, I can see what I want. I can envision the final outcome. And as I start working, I will spend hours on end a lot of times working on the project. Only to have nothing close to what i wanted in the end. Same thing goes for my writing. I have bits and pieces here and there floating around in space. Yet, I can never manage to gets those thoughts to flow together on page. Or in this case, keyboard. 

The ability to just think it and have it become reality would be of great use to me. And i'm sure a lot of others could use a little help like this as well. 

So for all of you high IQ, MIT people, let's get to knocking it out would ya!!!

Long Lost Santa Letter

So tomorrows the big day for this family. Christmas Eve is when dinner is. It's when we open gifts. It's when everyone shows up. A house full of people. Some you don't get along with. Some you speak with just to say high. And all the noise.

There are times I feel like the Grinch at the beginning of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. "And they'll play noisy games like zoozit and kazay, a rollerskate type of lacrosse and croquet!" That about sums it up in this house. And it's not normally the kids either.

I guess years of family fighting on the holidays as gotten me to the point that I just don't like to put up with it anymore. I don't mind a few people. But when there are 20+, it's like chalk on a board for me. But like every year, I put up with it and move on.

However this year is a little more sad. As my grandmother passed away the week of my birthday last month. And this will be the first year my father will have Christmas without either of his parents. As my grandfather passed a few years ago of brain cancer. I can't be in NY with him so I can only call him.

I think the biggest thing that gets to me around this time of year is the materialism. Everyone has to have the best of this and the best of that. I doubt anyone can go a Christmas with out getting a gift other then a Christmas card and maybe some candy. People run around the stores, spending money they don't have. Bitching because they are broke after the first of the year. People buying gadgets they have no clue how to use and expect other to tech them with attitudes of whinny ass 2 year olds.

One year, before I pass from this world. I am hoping for a quiet Christmas with the ones I love direct to me. No gifts other then cards, food and maybe some classic Christmas TV. But it's a dream that Santa hasn't brought. Doubt he ever will.

December 20, 2011

Is It Technology That Mystifies?

For the longest time, I have been wondering what's so mystifying about technology to some people. I mean, the basics of running wires and a push power button seem to be over the heads of most people. 

Just yesterday, I had a guy argue with me about what a phone cord was. And why did he need it to get his DSL. Now i've been told countless times by customers that i have a knack for explaining things to them in terms they understand and thank me for it. But there's always one person in a few that I think forgot the brain handouts for the day. 

Another one that has me laughing and pissed because the customers have to argue, is that Company A is blocking emails from Company B.So they have Company B as their provider. Both companies have been working to fix the issue. However, these customers are really that stupid or just ignorant to the fact that it's not Company B's fault and that it was stated by Company A that it's their servers and scripts causing the issue. 

But these customers keep threatening to cancel services with Company B because of Company A's mistakes. Really? So i did what I should have not done yesterday. I challenged the customer. I asked him if he drove a Porsche and it broke would he take it to a Kia dealer and tell them to fix it? And if they refuse would you sell the Porsche and cancel your insurance? He hung up on me. 

I'm just trying to figure out where common sense went to these days. 

December 19, 2011


Pay attention. Not only does this effect you, but your parents, grand parents and friends. It effects how you will pay your bills on line, how you shop online and more. Take 20 minutes out of your somewhat busy day and listen.


'Tis The Time of Year

Now today hasn't been special. Typical day at work. That is until the end of the night shows up. Customer on the phone thinks her back up software is backing up her cell calls and logging her cell phone. On top of that, she thinks that Dell is locking her system up, to force her to re-install their software. 

 Now the later i can see. It's Dell after all. O.o But it get's better. good thing these calls are recorded for security reasons. I need this one on tape for myself. As she swore up and down, that Dell has been coming into her PC since she got it. So I ask, what were they doing in her PC? Well, according to her, they gave themselves admin rights. Yeah I can see that. Next, they renamed her PC wot Work Station. Eh, not likely but possible. Now I've talked to weird people before. 

But as her story goes on, I've grabbed my drink and finish off a slice of pizza i had for lunch. She proceeds to tell me that they have also been logging in and using her PC for work presentations, downloading movies and music and sending corporate emails. I think she's been watching to much 24 and feels she's included in some corporate espionage.

 I couldn't help but sit here and agree and nod and laugh my ass off. It's the best call I've had in a long time. I just kept seeing blue lights going off. Kmart anyone?

Sudden Onset of Tiredness

Something wierd just happend about 30 min ago. While talking to a customer, i had this god awful taste appear at the roof of my mouth followed by a maasive tiredness spell. To the point, when i was done with the customer, i took a moment to rest. 

Now im tired. And im only half way through the day.

So i took lunch early to get something to eat. Wondering if it will help. I am tired. So I guess I will have to take it minute by minute to stay awake. 

Google Hangouts

Think I need to start a Google Hangout on a weekly basis for web developers. So those of us wanting to learn can learn form each other, get help and more.

Though I've been doing designs and layouts for awhile, I'm still new to a lot of it. Especially the nre HTML 5 and CSS3.

That Time of Year Again

It's been a few months since i've posted anything. A lot has happened both at home and work. More so at work and the corporate greed that runs this country. 

I watched OWS unfold, kept an eye on a lot of business and tech news. And wonder how soon the new tech bubble will fail because of the jackasses in office right now.  I don't know of maybe one or two CEO's that actually went to prison for scamming Americans for so much money. But yet, rob the clerk of a pack of gum and get a year or so. 

But it comes time to re-think of everything that has gone on this year. All the good, the bad and the in-differences. For the most part, they all seem to balance each other out. 

I have a few idea's for 2012, right before the end of the world! O.o
One is to put more time into my graphics business. Maybe even get some help. I would really like to get my start up off the ground. But i'm not sure i can still afford the basic costs yet. 

Need to figure out whats going to happen to the house. Since they raised the taxes upwards of $700, plus the insurance almost doubled, not sure we will be able to keep it. And it's been in the family, well the wife's family for about 40 years or more. I think we would be okay if we quit spending our money on other people because they are to damn lazy to work. I'm tired of excuses. The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero according to my Drill Sgt. And yet people don't realize this.

I need to start earning more on the side. Things are starting to fall apart, and i can't afford new shit. 

Started playing on Google Music and Google+ this year. Met some cool people, got a way to listen to my music anywhere i go without having to re-sync my iPod with different playlists anymore.

In general, a lot has happened. Some good, some bad. So i can only look forward to what the next year holds in store.


October 24, 2011

Re-inventing The Stories

So, I've started to get back into collecting comics again. The last collection i had was some 3,000 books total. Wide variety of Marvel and Image/Top Cow with some indies and a little DC thrown in. My life went upside down some 8 years ago and ended up selling 99.5% of the collection for a fraction of what it was actually worth. Including the pride and joy of the collection, issues #181 of the Incredible Hulk.  Anyways, I kept all of my Image/Top Cow books. Which included a handful of Tomb Raider, Witchblade and Darkness. Not to mention all of my Spiderman issues.

So, in the last month, I've started gathering a volume to my collection. Replacing some of the issues I can that i sold off. And filling in issues that i never got before. So in all, this new collection started with about 24 books and is now sitting at about 118.

In this new collection, I've started adding some DC. I've never been a major DC Fanboy. But with the recent re-launch making the New 52, I figured i would give it a shot. So other then my normal Marvel issues I picked up this weekend, I also picked up, Catwoman #1 and Detective Comics #1 and #2. 

Let's start off with Catwoman. Selina is sexier then ever. Plus the fact her and Batman pick up on their old "fling." The art is good, which is important to me. The story line is more or less a break through to re-introduce her to new readers as well as some background to set up the new stories. And she's half nekked!!!!

The Detective comics are more my style. Dark, well drawn, excellent color (though for the most part, im color blind). The first issue was good. The ending had me diving for the second issues.  *SPOILER* Nothing like seeing Jokers face, yes his face. Like in the movie Face Off, lying on the floor on the very last page. Now this may have been a re-hatch of a previous story. However, like I said before, I'm not big into DC. So this is all new to me. 

The second issue was just as good. I have now decided that I will stick with this series until it either changes for the worse or just stops. The good thing about this I think, is the writer is also doing the sketching. So now only can he draw what he see's, it will make it more intense. 

I may be getting older. But I've always liked comic books. The biggest reason is the art and the colors. Sometimes the story is a total flop. But the art in the issue was amazing. And since I don't have any kids, another story in itself, I can pass this collection off to my nephews when they get older. Currently, they are a little young. In a few more years, i'll get them started with some basics and maybe show them about collecting. But by time they get this collection, there will be plenty books to read. And they can choose what they wish to do with it. 


October 17, 2011

That Time of Year Again

It seems, that this time every year, my company decides it wants to take more away from it's employees. First, when our company was bought out, everything we had went. Incentives, bonus's, higher taxes on our overtime and holiday pay. Reworked holidays, including the addition of Black Friday as a paid corporate holiday???

Just last week, we get an email, stating come first of the year, we no longer get time and a half on Sundays. After 5 years of being here, this will be the final blow for a lot of people. A lot of people signed up to work Sundays for this. It wont be the case anymore.

Granted, companies are not required to pay time and a half for weekend work. But when the top five CEO's take a 117% paid increase in one year, at the same time, they remove everything the employee's have, it makes one wonder why our country is in the shitter. Especially when companies no longer report to their customers or employees but only to Wall Street, no wonder things like #OWS (Occupy Wall Street) are happening.

Companies seem to want to get their employees disgruntled enough that enough of them leave, giving the company a reason to outsource the jobs.

If the companies reported to their customers, even the shareholders would be happy, as long as they're not greedy.


Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Just an observation.

It seems that for the most part, society has taken a few steps backwards. At least in the listening and common sense arena. The majority of people i speak with on a daily basis,just don't seem to comprehend the subject of listening. The most simplest of questions escape these people. Yet they can carry on what seems to be detailed conversations of the most useless information.

The majority of people i speak with, you can ask them what color vehicle they drive and they cannot answer it.And the answer every time is"I don't understand what you're asking." The age/generation gap is from early teens to maybe 60-75 years of age. All walks of life. There is no singling out anyone. Basically a catch all pool of genes.

People complain everyday about how our businesses rape us, our govt screws us. These same people, or i should say, a good majority of these people don't understand it. And at the same time, a good majority of these people expect everything for nothing.

I'll admit, I don't understand everything. Sometimes I don't want to understand it. But if i do and don't know anything or enough, I take it upon myself to try and educate myself.

So, on my wish list for the remainder of the year, is that 1 in 5 people learn to listen, THINK and comprehend. Don't buy a Ferrari and take it to a Ford dealer expecting them to fix the knock in the motor and bitch at them because they won't touch your car, (yes i seen it last week). Don't call your phone company to pay your Dr bill and bitch because they wont accept your payment, (happened to me on Friday). And don't get pissed at your internet company because you threw your laptop because the screen died and complain your internet doesn't work & want credit on your account, (has happened to me twice).

My new campaign motto is thus:

STOP- Listen- THINK- Comprehend
~A better way of understanding those around you

August 28, 2011

What A Rip Off

So in the end, I stopped over at Pep Boys during my lunch break on Thursday. I was looking at the batteries, because the car did need a new one. As I was looking, not one person came to see if they could help. No one said "Hi, welcome to Pep Boys" when i walked in. So that kinda turned me a bit. Secondly, $93 dollars for a fucking Neon? Give me a break. Advanced Auto, Auto Zone, Walmart and Sams Club all want $49.99 w/o exchange for the same battery and same 2 year warranty.

So as i decide to waste the rest of my lunch period driving to Auto Zone, the car died. Guess what, i'm buying a $93 dollar battery.

As I buy it, I ask the guy, how long until he can go out and put it in? He said they don't do that. It has to be done in their shop. Say huh? So, not only did I pay for the battery which was well over priced, but I also had to pay them to put it in for me. They wouldn't even loan me the two tools I needed to do it myself. Their competitors do it for free, but they don't?

So, $127 later, the car was running fine. What get's me even further was the fact that the manager, who by the way, was back near me at the battery section, tried to sell me their $89 dollar code scan service, instead of stating they could do a cold scan on the car to see why the engine light was still on.

I reminded him, as only I can, that i worked in the automotive world for a long while and was ASE certified. So he "Needs to not open his mouth with out thinking." I don't think he liked my choice of words.

Pep Boys slogan is "Everything for Less." Now, I'm not sure what their everything is, but it sure and hell isn't for less. This was the first time and will be the last time I go to Pep Boys. It's been at least 15 years since I've stepped foot in a NAPA because of similar things.

To Gump, Or Not To Gump... That Is The ?

So the niece had her boyfriend over last night. now, i don't know how quiet they were trying to be. But i think they forgot i was still up at 2am. but as i went to go to the bathroom, i heard some fucked up noise in the house. as i got further down the hallway, i figured out what it was. and the sudden crashing of the bed and her moans didn't help none. I so wanted to stand outside the door and emulate little Forrest Gump when the principal came out of his house after having sex with his mom. woooooooooo, waaaaaaaaaaaa, wooooooooooo

August 25, 2011

First My Truck, Now My Car.

So the fuel pump went on my car last week. It's not like i beat the hell out of my cars any more. I have responsibilities now that take more attention and need then fucking off. 

Anyway, after about $400 to fix it, the battery seems to be having issues or there is an electrical issue. I just can't get a damn break. I've put up some items on Evil Bay to try an compensate what I've cleaned out of the bank account for repairs.  There's no overtime at work, so i can't earn any extra. Not like that would work anyway. But that's been talked about before. 

I hate cars. My ass needs to get into shape so i can start riding my bike everywhere. 

July 31, 2011

Proverbial Shit List

Okay, so the son in law just mad my proverbial shit list. After the mechanic put in the new bushings, and tested the truck, it will not go into 3rd gear at all. So the tranny needs to be replaced. A new one from the auto store will run about $1700. So the possibilities of a rebuilt one are there. However, it will still run me about $700 for a rebuilt one and the cost for labor. so I'm still looking at over a grand.

This proverbial shit list is all exclusive. You never come off it. Only 2 others are on it and one of those is an ex. So not only is he going to start forking over monthly payments to me, not the wife, for fixing this. But he has 2 1/2 weeks to fork over the insurance money for the truck, gets the papers signed so it goes in his name so I can be done with it and to sign off on his old car. Which we took away from him because he stopped making payments on it.

He doesn't want to stay on my bad side. I can and will make his life a living hell. You don't respect me, I do not respect you. Period.

Talk About Pain

Yesterday started out good. Even went out for the hair cut i've been meaning to get for the last month or so. However, by the time 6-6:30 rolled around, I started to get a headache. This one wasn't a migrane but sinus. the pressure build up in mt forehead and on top of my head really got to me. At one point the pressure moved down behind my eyes and i could no longer see out of my left eye. Just a blurry, hazy field of what ever particles wanted to make up the masses of objects in my house.

I layed down on the couch in the PC room and fell asleep. Slept for a few hours until mother nature called. At that point, about 8pm, I got up and went to the bathroom and promptly passed out in bed. I could feel the pressure moving from side to side, like an air bubble moving around in there somewhere. I finally fell back asleep. I woke up about midnight when the wife came in. Got up, but i felt no better. Stayed up to about 2:30 then went back to bed. Finally got up about 9 this morning. The headache is still there but not nearly as bad as it was.

Problem is, this is all too re-occurring for me. Sinus headaches anyway. Hot showers, steams baths, Vick's, nothing seems to work to relive the pressure. I just have to let it do that on it's own. Drinking hot liquid sometimes helps loosing it up so i can blow my nose with some kind of end result. But a lot of times it makes it worse as the pressure just moves around.

I've been to the dr's many times for this. There are a lot of things in my daily life that contribute to this. But no one has ever found a cure. I don't think they ever will.

I started to feel a little better, but just went out to the garage to help get the lawnmower started again. Though it's only 86 outside, with the heat index and humidity, it feels like it's almost 110. At least by the weather report. And inside the garage, it's like Death Valley. Now I feel like im drunk, because the pressure is moving around so much, it's throwing my equilibrium off.

Hopefully i can get rid of this today before the start of work tomorrow.

July 28, 2011

Got Lucky

Mechanic stated no real damage to the transmission. But the bushings are shot. He said about $300 to fix it. Plus the son in law, over filled the oil, after he called me and asked where he put it in at!!!!!

He can't count his eggs that he didn't get my foot up his ass.


July 24, 2011

How Do I Check My Dipstick?

So the youngest son in law called me this morning. wanting to know about the radiator in my blazer. after the call, i had a pit feeling. needless to say, he called about 20 min ago. the blazer wont go over 30. It hits 30 and start making funky sounds. He proceeds to tell me that it over heated on his way home from work. Im thinking maybe cracked block. But then it would be making all sorts of hellacious noises. If it started at all. Not to mention smoke from the antifreeze and oil mixtures. Then i ask him to turn it on and pull the tranny stick. bone dry and in his words, "shiny". I asked him when the last time he checked the fluid, he said he took it to the mobile place. Then read me the receipt. 8/29/10. Here's your sign!!!

I know it wont work, but it may enough for him to get it home. But told him to go get 2 quarts of fluid and put in it. Run it for a few minutes, back it up and forward to get it into the tranny. Then check the fluid to make sure its reading on the stick.

Then he calls me from Wally World because he can't find the fluid. I tell him what to get, and i bet he puts it in the wrong spot on the truck.

Not buying a new tranny and not doing a pick a part job either. Guess i will sell it for scraps. Wife is none to pleased. Better yet she's livid. She don't want nothing to do with him now. Don't blame her really.

Granted it's a 94, with medium amount of miles. But damn. At least i took care of it.

He called when he got back to the truck. Asked me if the motor had to be on when he put the fluid in. I said no. Then I Said to make sure you put it where the tranny fluid goes and not the oil. He said, that I know. It would be devastating if he did. You think not checking your fluids for almost a year wont be??

He got it home. Said it felt like it was shifting. But once it got to 30, it was making hellacious sounds again. So, either the 2nd gear band is broken or the flywheel is coming apart. My bet will be on the gear bands.

July 23, 2011

Down With Apple, Long Live Android

So, trip to Lowes to get replacement plugs for the lawnmower, check. Trip to Target to get phone case and screen protector, Nope. They only cater to Apple. Trip to Walmart for same thing, Nope. Again, only cater to Apple. WTF Apple is not the only company that makes phones. And they have lost mass ground in the market to Android.

Trip to Sprint store to get case and screen protectors. WTF, you sell the phones and carry accessories but don't carry anything but generic shit for the new phones. Yet i can go on line and order form over seas? The case i got was not what i wanted, but i needed something. the screen protectors, which the clerk said yes they will work are an inch to short to cover my phone.

Yet they had a lot of crack berry shit and specific items for other phones. I have still yet to find a micro sub cable for charging under 6' in length. Really people?

I hope Apple burns to the ground. I wont miss them. Then maybe these stores will start stocking other items for other phones.

July 22, 2011

Im Drowning

So, for the last few days, I've woken up with some serious sinus headaches. Feels like I'm drowning.


July 12, 2011

Matchbox and Tinder

I know times change. but what happened to kids going out racing bikes, jumping bikes, playing with gi joe or its equivalent. staying out until the street lights come on, building forts in the woods and having all the kids on the block get together for some wiffle ball or football? has the morale responsibility teachings of a parent slipped that bad? 

I hate young people with xbox and playstations who dont fucking listen when you try to help them. I think all kids under the age of 18 should be banned from owning a game systems or playing them and go outside and play with fire or something.

July 7, 2011

I'm IN... I Finally Made the + Crowd

YES!!!!! I'm part of the Plus crowd now. Meaning, I've gotten the invite to the new Google+ social network platform. 

So I've been playing with it. It's laid out in a real easy way to use. Simple and yet Web 2.0 elegant. But what I've noticed, and brought to my attention by a co-worker who is also using it, that it looks like the Ubuntu theme for Linux. Kind of like the new "Preview" theme for Gmail. 

Overall, I've been playing in + for a few hours. I've sent out invites, though most people won't be able to join right away, have my circles set up, my sparks set. It's looking good. The layout has some similarities to Facebook. But how many ways can you make a layout that's so busy and yet easy to navigate and read?

One thing, and i'm sure it will change as this moves forward, is no more "I need boards for my chicken coup" spamming my streams. 

One of the biggest advantages, and maybe even a slight disadvantage of using Google+, is the ability to get updates, add people to my circles from the new + bar when logged into your Google account. So while I'm working on a document, checking my email or messing around in my calendar, I can read updates and add followers to circles, all without having to open Google+ itself. This makes keeping up on the streams easier, and I don't always have to keep the page open. Just logged into my Google account. Unlike Facebook, where you need to keep it open all the time or rely on a mobile app. But Google+ has a mobile app too, so it makes access to it just as easy.

If Google sticks with this and pushes and promotes it with the better then Facebook privacy settings, I have a feeling, this may catch on. Now it won't explode over night and be a 7 million user website like that. But if they keep with it, it looks to be a great contender to the king of social media. 

But one question still remains, when, where and how will the Google ad's come into play in the layout?

July 6, 2011

Home Brewed Fireworks

So the wife had it out with the niece this weekend. The niece who has been staying with us for almost a year now, since her mother passed away last year. The biggest thing that brought it about is her attitude. Not to mention her whinny ass kids. Now the 2 year old i can understand. But the 8 year old thinks she's the center of god's created universe. I got news for her!

Anyway, she kicked the niece out Sunday night. Told her to leave or when she did come back, all her stuff would be outside.

I wouldn't' have been as pleasant. But that's me. My time is coming. They say hell knows no fury like a woman scorned. They've never seen me blow up.

So now I get home last night and the wife tells me, the niece took a leave of absence from work. Because she can find a regular babysitter. Now the wife can watch the kids a day or two. But it is hell on her. Especially the 2 year old. And she has what I would call a worthless father.

So, the clock is ticking. I can hear it. Ain't no mouse waiting for the chimes either. When the sand runs out, so does the charity and good will.

June 23, 2011

Check Yourself

Seems someone in the house today woke up on the wrong side of five beds. And im not talking about the baby.  Bitchy is an understatement for today. But the baby is having his moments again today.

And my name was mentioned because the garbage can, which was empty when i left for work and over full when i cam home from work, still sat in the washroom. Seems no one could be bothered to take it out to the trash.And i've stated, if people can't take the damn thing out when they fill it up, then it can sit there. It's less then 15 feet from the washroom. But I guess picking up a garbage bag is too heavy for most people. So maybe I'll take the whole damn thing out and leave it in the garage for tonight's trash man.

So far, ass, bitch, shit and fuck are about every other word coming out of the mouth. I could understand a moment or two of having  a really bad day, as I have them from time to time. But this is an everyday thing.  And I know if the grandparents were still alive, none of this would be happening.

Executive for a Week?

So apparently, I won a contest at work because i had the highest numbers for the month. So being the winner, I get my boss's boss's office for a week. Sounds like fun, but it's not me. I remember the email vaguely, describing the contest. However, i deleted it and never thought about it again.

I'm not one for contests at work, unless it has something to do with raising money for a worth while cause. I've always been one to just show up at work and do my job and leave. I've dealt with customers for the better part of the last 30 years. Be it working in fast food at 15, the automotive retail world for 4-5 years, department stores, etc. I treat each customer as i am a customer myself. A lot of people don't get that. 

Im not a salesman though. I cannot sell ice to Eskimo's. I can offer something of beneficial value, if I know it will help. Something I learned while working for Advanced Auto for so many years. But not this job. 

I've been in the office for 3 days so far, today making number 4. It's is nice to have some quiet while working, however I miss the daily jabber with my co-workers around me. So it's kinda isolating.  But it's worth it.

I get a nice dinner as well. Most of the times when things like this happen, Red Lobster or another nice restaurant is chosen. It's okay, but I'm me. So i chose iHop. Besides, I've been craving pancakes for awhile. So why not let work pay for them.

June 13, 2011


For ten long years now, America has been at war. At war with Iraq, war with terrorist and a war amongst ourselves. Both economically and emotionally. After ten long years, one has to wonder when is it going to end?

Our freedoms, as there is not only one freedom, has never come at a cheap price. But as time has gone on, not only us as a whole, but as individuals as well, have taken a lot of these freedoms for granted. Sometimes to a point, that we no longer question authority or our leaders. 

With this whole War on Terror, it kinda reminds me of being a kid and always reading about the War on Drugs. A war in which there was no one enemy, like in a typical conflict. But a group of individuals that made up a faction. It was a war in which we spent billions of dollars and yet really didn't get no where. To this day, there are still millions and millions of dollars worth of drugs, making their way into our country every day. Not a very successful war if you ask me. 

So, I have to ask the same question. Is this whole War on Terror successful? Yes, we have been able to pull out some of the most dangerous criminals and terrorists. And like the War on Drugs, there was someone to take their place.  History has shown, that there will always be some lunatic out there, wanting to cause harm on others for nothing more then his own beliefs. 

Being a former member of the military, part of the famed 101st Airborne, I know what it's like in the military. Though I was lucky and unlucky at the same time, I never saw the light of combat. But when a fellow soldier falls, it eats away at the heart. 

Such as the recent loss of a fellow soldier, Devin Snyder, who at 20 years of age, was killed in Afghanistan on June 3rd. 20 years of age! Why? Her and three others were hit by an IED, all 3 perished.  All three, who like a lot before them were trying to protect our freedoms. 

I respect Devin and the others. I respect any member of the military. But I have to question the authority. Call it my nature. Was there a reason she, as well as all of the others have had to perish? Was there another way around all of this? How many more will perish before we can safely say, No More?

I have lost a lot of friends and family members over the years. However, loosing a fellow soldier always seems to hit just a bit closer to home. 

I mean, 11 years after the fact, we are still arguing over money and there is still no memorial for those lost in 9/11. We are supposed to be a  country based on freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of persecution. Yet everyday, we are put into and put ourselves into a position to fight against these very things. We have taken cue's from our leadership and have learn to live by that without question. 

So in ten more years, will we still be fighting the same war? If so,  I have this bad feeling it won't be on some foreign soil. But if history has anything to prove, it will be in our own back yard. 


To A Fallen Comrade

You are a professional. You are a guardian of freedom for those of us who could not defend ourselves. You are a guardian of the American way of life. May your actions never go unnoticed. Rest in Peace Sgt. Devin Snyder. 

You're Poison

No, nothing related to the Alice Cooper song. But the mind and attitude of someone in my family. It's one thing to wake up with a sinus headache and a sore knee due to arthritis. But to constantly wake up to the mouth, the crying kid, the 8 year old who thinks she's 21 with a pompous and arrogant attitude, it drains you day in and day out. And that's all before your day even starts. 

With phrases like, "get out of my face before i knock you the fuck out," "thanks a lot asshole,"  and my favorites, "get the fuck away from me," all aimed at the 8 year old, one has to wonder if the child will be knocked up by the time she is 16. 

Now, I've been yelled at, spanked and beaten grown up. Got beat for a couple of things no one remembers what for. But I was never spoken to as a child this way. And I think I turned out fairly well.   They say like parent like child. So one can assume with great certainty that the child will be the same.

But it doesn't help that the child has no discipline either. She thinks she is the center of the universe and everything revolves around her. Well I got news for her, come high school, she may get it knocked out of her. Now I understand kids need to be kids. But here you have a kid trying to be an adult, and more or less, she is being tutored by her mother on how to do so. And yet, at the same time, she is trying to be a kid with very bad results. She lies so often, she don't know when she is telling the truth. Just like her parents, aunts and uncles. 

And then there is the whole lack of common sense. Like turning the cable box off, yet leaving the tv on. Or in broad day light, instead of using the lamps, turn on all the lights in the house except the lamps and leaving them on. Though i'm still trying to figure out why, the child must go to the bathroom or take a bath and leave the door wide open? When time after time she has been told not to. Is she afraid the water monster is going to get her? Or is she afraid she is going to miss something. 

 As time goes on, I hate to be the one who said, "I told you so." But from just watching and listening, I may be the one. But as time goes on, I hope to be made a liar out of. But the questions is, how long will it take?

June 4, 2011

Loss of Insanity

No one has sanity anymore. The rules count by how much Insanity you have and how well you use it. 

I've finally gotten on a new work schedule after about 8-9 months of 5pm to 2am. During that time, I was well versed in insomnia. Many night's, I didn't get to bed much before 8am. Now, the new shift is from noon to 9pm. Really good for me. With the exception of training myself to get to bed early. As in the other night. Bed by 1am, up at 2:30am back to sleep around 7:30am. Up at 10, work by noon. Yeah that didn't work out well.

So i'm working a few hours I took off yesterday, today. Kind of reminds me of an old Huey Lewis & the News song, I want a New Drug.  The loss of my Insanity makes me want something to keep it intact!

The Ability to Hijack Facebook/Twitter Accounts.

Just like Firesheep, Faceniff allows someone to hijack the cookies sessions for FB over wifi. In doing so, you have full access to that persons FB session, profile, messages, etc. This program also works on Twitter.

One of the basic security aspects of any site is just that security. With Sony's multiple hacks, and it being revealed they are storing passwords in plain text, it goes to show you how much security is highly taken with a lot of companies.

Though firesheep has been out for awhile, Faceniff is a new app for the Adroid phones. It currently works on just about all versions of wireless encryption. It doesn't however work phone to phone. only phone to pc. As the phones actually encrypt the data as it leaves. however the guy that made this app, states he may include ssl stripping. personally, i don't want to see that. but it's not mine.

i was able to use this app as a test with a friend at work, with his permission. took over his account and posted as him on his FB. he laughed, then said, don't do it again!! lol

i can see a lot of useful things for this. But we all know where this type of app ends up and who uses it.

one way around this, until sites like face book and twitter start encrypting session cookies is to use auto ssl to connect. since this app cannot yet connect or read the ssl sessions, that will keep you safe.

for now!

April 22, 2011

Where Did Journalism Go?

I'm a geek. I admit it. I'm not the type of geek from the Revenge of the Nerd movies, but geek none the less. Back in high school, I used to read the local news papers all the time. I needed my news. But over time, I saw the quality of the news reporting drop and become nothing more then some words on a page.

Being a tech/gaming geek, I scour the web for new tech sites that report on all types of news. A few sites I follow on a regular basis are Tech Dirt, Mashable and Ars Technica. I follow a few more, but these are not only bookmarked on my PC's, but my phone and iTouch. I even follow them on Twitter & Facebook. 

Recently, there have been some incidents about the world of corporate lies, deception and hacking. The story in question is the HBGary Federal VS Anonymous crew. For the most part, the story unfolds like a Hollywood movie. It's a story that in reality, effects every person on the web. Regardless of the fact if you use social media sites/programs or not. 

A group of writers over at Ars Technica put together a series of articles they had written into an ebook. I have read all the individual articles and even purchased the ebook. Once I started reading the articles as they were being posted, I couldn't help but notice the amount of time and effort that went into delivering the most amount of information and background per article. They way it was all put together, the way it was reported made it a very compelling read. 

Modern journalism, for that matter, journalism in general has always been a few short paragraphs, with time, date and incident. Long gone are the days of actual in depth discussion, opinion and story. After reading the entire set of articles, a few times over, I couldn't help but notice that this story never really made the big headlines ion major distribution papers like the NY Times. I was able to find one main article and a few small tidbits here and there. But even the main article is lack luster at best. And the NY Times has set up a Pay Wall to access their content?

I feel, if journalism went back to the way the writers at Ars Technica reported this story, more people would actually get back into reading. Not just tech news, but news in general. Even smaller articles of news can be beefed up with more in-depth information.

So to some good writers and reporters, here's a shout out: @ @ @ @


Good Friday Equals Corporate Pay Day

Every since the buy out of my company, a lot of things have changed. A lot don't seem for the better either. I have come to hate corporations as much as I hate politicians. One thing I don't understand is the new structured holidays. So they gave us a few extra paid holidays, which is nice. But the holidays them selves make no sense. 

The first one is Good Friday. yes, it's the Friday before Easter. But there is no company Easter holiday. Granted, not a lot of companies celebrate Easter as a paid holiday. But Good Friday? Makes a little sense, but at the same time, I would rather have Sunday off so I can spend it with my family. So this year, I work on the "official" company holiday today, but I also work on Sunday. Which means no Easter dinner.  And no egg hunt!!

The other holiday that makes absolutely no sense to any of us is Black Friday! Black Friday isn't a national holiday. It's a corporate pay day. So we have 2 holidays in the same week, which used to be a scheduling nightmare. Not it's simple. If your already scheduled to work on the day in which the holiday falls, your working the holiday.  And since schedules are done upwards of 3 months in advance, there is no guarantee you will get that day off. And you may get lucky enough to find someone who will switch shifts with you.

I'm not against working holidays, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. I'll work them all. But if I do want one of them off, I have to try and choose a schedule 3 months in advance for that one day. Meaning for three months, I can get stuck with a schedule that interferes with everything else.

The company used to take volunteers for the holidays. And for the most part, they filled all the positions rather quick. But under the "new rules", you don't have that many options. 
I wonder if I can get the Easter Bunny to show up at work on Sunday to give me some candy?

April 18, 2011

Maiden Intro & Opening Song - Final Frontier

Was trying to upload the intro and opening song, however, it kept erroring out. If i can find away to get it up, I will post it.
Here is the set list from tonight's show:
  • Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
  • El Dorado
  • 2 Minutes to Midnight
  • The Talisman
  • Coming Home
  • Dance of Death
  • The Trooper
  • The Wicker Man
  • Blood Brothers
  • When the Wild Wind Blows
  • The Evil That Men Do
  • Fear of the Dark
  • Iron Maiden
  • The Number of the Beast
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name
  • Running Free


Final Frontier

So it's been mad busy hell for the last month. Had the first surgery done. It ended with some small complications, so I went back in a few days later to finish it up. Now the healing is for the most part, done. I need to go back in and get the upper fixtures re-sized so I can start wearing them. 

Mad busy at work. New training, re-training. All because the suits want more in their pockets. But im lucky I still have a job though. And i'm lucky to get written up because of the complications of the first surgery, I had to take a day of work off for the 2nd one. Regardless of if I went in or not following surgery and they sent me home, because I was scheduled to work, it would have been a write up.

So to break up all of the madness, a co-worker and I drove to Tampa tonight to the Iron Maiden concert. I never saw them live before, as they never came close enough to me back in the 80's to go see. So all the footage I saw, has been on bootleg video's and YouTube.

Tonight's show, in two words or less, Fucking Amazing. This is the only band out of the 2-3 dozen I have seen, that sounds so much like their album when playing live. For these guys being in their early to mid fifties, they have not lost their touch in 3 decades. The showmanship, the light show, the music, all of it was the best. I now have a new best concert. And it will take a lot to beat this one. And I mean A LOT!!

 What I found extremely cool about tonight was the range of ages that attended the show. Of course, there were people around my age give or take a few years. So that's the mid 30's. Then there were kids as young as what looked to be about 7-8 and people my parent's age. So in all 7-8 to about 55-58. Now that's a wide range of listeners. The kid next to me had to be about 12-13 years old, was there with his dad. This kid was head banging away, throwing the "devils" sign and knew the lyrics to the old Maiden songs they played. True headbanger right there! I was proud!!

All in all, it was an excellent evening out with a great friend. Too bad we have to miss the Motley Crue/Poison tour. All due to the fact the exact same seats we just paid a $100 even for 2 tickets will cost us over $100 each. So were not spending that kind of money and driving 3 hours round trip for that. Think Nikki Sixx blocked me on twitter because I started bitching at him about the prices.

So now I've had a vent release, it's back to the grind tomorrow. guess it's a good way to start off a Monday work day!

By The Way: Iron Maiden so fucking rules!!!


March 25, 2011

Starz Next In Line

Okay, I should be sleeping. I have another surgery scheduled in less then 4 hours. But i've slept so much for the last few days, and on top of that, the main in my mouth is so severe, it's keeping me awake.

Just read an article where Starz is now jumping the bandwagon and delaying movies and shows to Netflix as of the April 1st launch of Camelot. Guess people love failing and dying business models.

What I don't think these pay for channels take into account is, that most people don't want to or don't like to pay $14-$20 a month, just to watch one original series. I mean, for the last 3 decades or more, Starz, Showtime, HBO, Skinimax and all the others show the same movies each night of the week all month long. I mean, how many times can you watch Tin Cup or Apollo 13 or Bad Boys? There's over a million movies out there. If they would change the lineup every week from the 8pm to midnight slots, maybe more people would agree to buy these channels.

There's better ways for me to spend that money to get my entertainment. I just wish the money suckers would realize were in the 21st century. And what worked 100 years ago, doesn't work now.

March 24, 2011

I thought IT Hurt Before

Okay, so were 48 hours removed from surgery. They couldnt pull the one tooth on the bottom because apparently they had given me all the knock out drugs they could, yet i was still feeling it and moving too much. However, all the top ones are out.

Since the drugs are worn off, im down tot he pain pills prescribed. Plus the Penicillin.  Problem is, though the swelling has gone down a lot, my entire mouth is sore as hell. It feels as if it's being pulled in every direction. 

I tried the dentures again. They are way too big for my mouth. When in, they actually rest against the back of my mouth, setting off my gag reflex. Though that was never that strong before anyway. My upper gum in the front doesn't so much hurt as it's in an uncomfortable stage. It's the sides on the top and where they did try and pull the bottom tooth out.

They did a deep cleaning on my bottom and damn they feel funny. I keep rubbing the bottom teeth with out realizing it with my tongue, then they start to hurt. On a pain scale, 7-8 is wear i start to get annoyed as hell. 9 is where i call the ER or what ever i have to, to make it stop. 10 I just pass out. I will put the pain right now at about a 6. Im following orders like i should as far as meds go. I for one however, cannot wait for all of this to be over.

What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

Growing up, I was always taught compassion from my parents, relatives and everyone around me. You're not supposed to make fun of those who have special needs, you don't tease other kids. But in the end, kids will be kids. There's always playground antics. But in the end of all that, someone still gets hurt.

In Florida, a 6 year old girl has an allergic reaction to peanuts. Actually, it's so severe, it anything with a peanut residue. Now, the school has made accommodations for her. According to the school district, "the severe allergy falls under the Disabilities Act and that by law, it has to accommodate the student." 

However, parents of the other first graders are bitching up a storm, because their kids have to take a minute or two out of their overly busy afternoon schedule, to wash their hands and rinse their mouths before school and after lunch. Seriously? First off, It's excellent hygiene. If they weren't doing it before, guess what, they are now.

One parent, who doesn't agree with the 6 year old girl being in the public school has gone on to say, "We want our children to be treated fairly and to not lose out on their school day and their school time.” Treated fairly? Does this lady actually think this 6 year old girl asked for this? How about teaching your child and your students compassion. Unless this child is a grave threat to any other student, by passing along a virus that will harm them as well, I say ease up. She also states that "the 30-minute daily regime her daughter goes through adds up to 2 1/2 hours a week, or up to 80 hours each school year." Really? Two and half hours a week is all it takes to teach someone compassion?

One parent even said if it was his children, he would keep them home. Okay, so here's a challenge to this parent, with no excuses. Keep your child home the rest of the year. Home school them, change your daily routine to evolve around the child. I bet you will be begging for the kid to go back to school. 

The protest from the parents isn't to ease up on the restrictions. It's because they're afraid. They afraid to teach their own child compassion. 

 This reminds me of a story from back home. There was a young boy who so desperately wanted to play football. But due to his medical condition, one good hit to the chest would kill him. He would go to every game, cheer the teams all the time. he even went as far as becoming part of the cheer leading squad. Finally, before it was going to be too late for him. His parents and the football league came to a decision. Yes, it was a decision that put their child in harms way. But it was also a decision, showing the young man, that because he had a condition, no one was giving up on him or separating him from the others. 

All of the other teams were made aware of this man and his condition. Now, he didn't get a lot of playing time. But he did get some. When he was placed into the field, the other coaches gave their team the heads up. This young man scored a few touchdowns. But he also got hit as much as all the other kids. But the difference here was, the other teams knew they couldn't hit him int he chest. So they did the next best thing, they tackled him like they were taught.

When this young man came off the field each time, you could see the smile on his face. He went on to graduate high school and is even a father now.

So all I have to say to these extreme parents in FL, lighten up. Teach your kids. The wold is not safe, the world isn't fair. If these kids grow up with compassion now, who knows, one of them might be the one who finds the cure for this illness or any others like it.

I for one, say let the girl stay in school. Let her be around her friends. Let her learn. Let others learn from her.


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