February 22, 2011

Is There Such a Thing As Ethics Anymore?

Recently, my company has decided to outsource my department. Not uncommon in today's world. But what really hurts the most, is the fact, I help start this department 3 years ago. Helped another 9 people build it up from nothing, to get it where it is today. 

What hurts even worse, is the fact that the company that they are giving my job to, we have been helping for some time. What seemed to be a little innocent at the time, yet questions were asked and of course shot down, turned out to be nothing more then a set up from the get go from the higher ups. 

Now, they have the gall to ask me to continue to help this group of people who are taking my job away from me? When I state that i cannot in good faith, management has the audacity to tell me they are disappointed in me? 

Now I can understand if I was being promoted or moving to a different city where i had to train a replacement. But to be told, were not good enough and not saving the company enough money, so were taking your job away? Please. I was raised better then that. 

Honesty/Integrity, Fairness are three of our so called unifying principles. However, everything this company stands for is all about the shareholders this and shareholders that. Not about the employee. Bullshit for the customer as well. 

And yet somehow, I have managed to remained loyal to this company. How has the company remained loyal to me? Let's see...
1. Raised the tax rate on all overtime and bonus's
2. Removed Year end bonus's all together
3. Removed work incentives
4. Cut in half, what very few incentives they did leave
5. Cut the pay rate for differential so most people took a nice pay cut with that

and the list goes on. 

Apparently i was raised wrong and everything i was taught in school was either wrong or all for not, because it doesn't seem to apply with Corporate America. 

So in the end, I have yet to break Code of Conduct policy by refusing to help those who are taking my job. So now the question remains, what loop hole will they find to fire me?


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