March 25, 2011

Starz Next In Line

Okay, I should be sleeping. I have another surgery scheduled in less then 4 hours. But i've slept so much for the last few days, and on top of that, the main in my mouth is so severe, it's keeping me awake.

Just read an article where Starz is now jumping the bandwagon and delaying movies and shows to Netflix as of the April 1st launch of Camelot. Guess people love failing and dying business models.

What I don't think these pay for channels take into account is, that most people don't want to or don't like to pay $14-$20 a month, just to watch one original series. I mean, for the last 3 decades or more, Starz, Showtime, HBO, Skinimax and all the others show the same movies each night of the week all month long. I mean, how many times can you watch Tin Cup or Apollo 13 or Bad Boys? There's over a million movies out there. If they would change the lineup every week from the 8pm to midnight slots, maybe more people would agree to buy these channels.

There's better ways for me to spend that money to get my entertainment. I just wish the money suckers would realize were in the 21st century. And what worked 100 years ago, doesn't work now.

March 24, 2011

I thought IT Hurt Before

Okay, so were 48 hours removed from surgery. They couldnt pull the one tooth on the bottom because apparently they had given me all the knock out drugs they could, yet i was still feeling it and moving too much. However, all the top ones are out.

Since the drugs are worn off, im down tot he pain pills prescribed. Plus the Penicillin.  Problem is, though the swelling has gone down a lot, my entire mouth is sore as hell. It feels as if it's being pulled in every direction. 

I tried the dentures again. They are way too big for my mouth. When in, they actually rest against the back of my mouth, setting off my gag reflex. Though that was never that strong before anyway. My upper gum in the front doesn't so much hurt as it's in an uncomfortable stage. It's the sides on the top and where they did try and pull the bottom tooth out.

They did a deep cleaning on my bottom and damn they feel funny. I keep rubbing the bottom teeth with out realizing it with my tongue, then they start to hurt. On a pain scale, 7-8 is wear i start to get annoyed as hell. 9 is where i call the ER or what ever i have to, to make it stop. 10 I just pass out. I will put the pain right now at about a 6. Im following orders like i should as far as meds go. I for one however, cannot wait for all of this to be over.

What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

Growing up, I was always taught compassion from my parents, relatives and everyone around me. You're not supposed to make fun of those who have special needs, you don't tease other kids. But in the end, kids will be kids. There's always playground antics. But in the end of all that, someone still gets hurt.

In Florida, a 6 year old girl has an allergic reaction to peanuts. Actually, it's so severe, it anything with a peanut residue. Now, the school has made accommodations for her. According to the school district, "the severe allergy falls under the Disabilities Act and that by law, it has to accommodate the student." 

However, parents of the other first graders are bitching up a storm, because their kids have to take a minute or two out of their overly busy afternoon schedule, to wash their hands and rinse their mouths before school and after lunch. Seriously? First off, It's excellent hygiene. If they weren't doing it before, guess what, they are now.

One parent, who doesn't agree with the 6 year old girl being in the public school has gone on to say, "We want our children to be treated fairly and to not lose out on their school day and their school time.” Treated fairly? Does this lady actually think this 6 year old girl asked for this? How about teaching your child and your students compassion. Unless this child is a grave threat to any other student, by passing along a virus that will harm them as well, I say ease up. She also states that "the 30-minute daily regime her daughter goes through adds up to 2 1/2 hours a week, or up to 80 hours each school year." Really? Two and half hours a week is all it takes to teach someone compassion?

One parent even said if it was his children, he would keep them home. Okay, so here's a challenge to this parent, with no excuses. Keep your child home the rest of the year. Home school them, change your daily routine to evolve around the child. I bet you will be begging for the kid to go back to school. 

The protest from the parents isn't to ease up on the restrictions. It's because they're afraid. They afraid to teach their own child compassion. 

 This reminds me of a story from back home. There was a young boy who so desperately wanted to play football. But due to his medical condition, one good hit to the chest would kill him. He would go to every game, cheer the teams all the time. he even went as far as becoming part of the cheer leading squad. Finally, before it was going to be too late for him. His parents and the football league came to a decision. Yes, it was a decision that put their child in harms way. But it was also a decision, showing the young man, that because he had a condition, no one was giving up on him or separating him from the others. 

All of the other teams were made aware of this man and his condition. Now, he didn't get a lot of playing time. But he did get some. When he was placed into the field, the other coaches gave their team the heads up. This young man scored a few touchdowns. But he also got hit as much as all the other kids. But the difference here was, the other teams knew they couldn't hit him int he chest. So they did the next best thing, they tackled him like they were taught.

When this young man came off the field each time, you could see the smile on his face. He went on to graduate high school and is even a father now.

So all I have to say to these extreme parents in FL, lighten up. Teach your kids. The wold is not safe, the world isn't fair. If these kids grow up with compassion now, who knows, one of them might be the one who finds the cure for this illness or any others like it.

I for one, say let the girl stay in school. Let her be around her friends. Let her learn. Let others learn from her.

March 21, 2011

More Rubber Stamping

So the FCC finally rubber stamped the merger between CenturyLink and Qwest, making them the 3rd largest telecom in the industry. But who is really going to benefit from this? The customers, the employee's or the shareholders?

Just a couple of insights from articles and reports around the net. Upon recent approval, the FCC stated that the new company, what ever it is going to be named, needs to offer broadband to low income houses for $10. And it also needs to give these low income houses a new PC for $150. I see a lot wrong with this.

First, $10 broadband? that should amount to nothing more then a 768kb connection. No video streaming, no on line gaming. How well groomed will the lines be? How many issues will occur that will keep these people calling into the help centers? Most households today are going toward on-line tv services and video for entertainment. That's great, as it gives the cable companies competition. But you can't do that on a $10 a month broadband. And we know that it won't be $10 a month. They will find new fee's and taxes to hike that up to cost the same as other tiers they offer, in other area's. Just not in those select areas. And yet they have to offer download speeds of at least 4mb to at least 4 million subscribers. With their current structure, 4mb DSL is a lot more then $10.

Secondly, new PC's for $150? I think it's kind of absurd to tell an ISP they have to give away pc's to customers that buy their product. I mean Ford doesn't give away vehicles to consumers just for buying their extended warranties. Also, where is the money going to come from? CenturyLink is known for cutting out a lot of expenditures to save money. They've taken a lot away from it's employees to save money. They've recently just outsourced an entire PC repair department to save money. 

So let's do some basic math. Let's say that all CenturyLink has to do is give out 10,000 of these $150 PC's. That comes out to $1.5 million dollars of expenses. Again, where is this money coming from? Centurylink has already stated they are increasing their 2011 budget to $1 billion. But this was before the FCC rubber stamped the merger buyout. Out of this one billion, it is said to be used for fiber lines to cell towers. They also stated, that they did not include and costs for merging Qwest into the company into this budget. So here is another, where's the cash coming from? What other cuts are they going to make, to make all this happen? The timeline I saw in the FCC statement was a 5 year period. But that was on the $150 PC's. But how long before they think they are loosing money and someone else goes.

A company who's sole purpose is to make it's shareholders money at all cost, at what seems to disregard the employees and customers, is doing just that it seems. they have a set of founding principles. But yet those only seem to work one way. From the employees stand of view. So now the question(s) remain, who else is going to loose a job in this recent merger buyout?


March 19, 2011

Oppps, Sorry Mom

I did it. Forgot my moms birthday. SO she get's no gifts yet. I did call her last night though. Told her what was up. She said it was okay, at least I called. So after i get out of surgery next week, I will get her something and send it up to her. 

On a side note, if it was for my calendar reminder, I would have totally forgotten my own birthday last year. 

March 17, 2011

Top 'o the Morning To You

If it takes me only a few then im guilty of something. If takes a 12 pack before I leave then im an alcoholic. Either way, it's the morning after that makes you shameless that your irish.

March 14, 2011

To Be Scared ot Not To Be Scared

Well, I have an appointment today in a few hours to see the dentist. Get to look at my new hardware and set up the first round of surgery for myself. Reconstructive on the upper jaw and the full replacements. This is not gonna be good. I've been scare shitless once in my life, this makes the second time.

On the flip side, i get a few extra days off of work for recovery.

March 12, 2011

NFL on Lock out? Good.

Yes I am a fan of the sport. Matter of fact, I've been a Steelers fan since the mid 70's when I was a kid. (let the rape comments ensue!)

The only game I've ever been to cost roughly $36 for nose bleed seats. This was back in the '96-'97 season. Those same tickets today are about $100. Really?

I'm not against only the players or only the owners on this matter. I'm against them both. Most players are paid an extreme amount of money to play a game that they once loved. Now they are bitching and whining like little school girls that they don't have enough. And they owners keep feeding them, create grandiose stadiums that get paid for by the tax payers, etc.

On a multi-billion dollar a year business, why do the fans, who keep these jack asses employed, still have to shell out $80 and up for a jersey? $30 and up for a damn hat? And on top of that, hundreds for tickets and $7 for a hot dog? Seriously? A fucking hot dog? My mom use to make these NFL jersey's back in the late 80's, early 90's. Back then they were still about $65 each. Yet she was only making minimum wage for a 40-50 hour work week in the factory? Fuck Corporate America.

What I find funny, is that most star athletes not only get outrageous salaries in the millions, but they also get millions from endorsements. Yet the average fan who attends one game and helps pay the multi-million dollar salary, might make about $34-45 thousand a year if that, or less. That's quite a big offset if you ask me. How much do these clubs pay their workers who walk the stands selling beer, food and the like? I almost bet it's minimum wage or just a hair above.

So why were their only to tables at these meetings just recently? Why wasn't the public tax payer represented, when we have just as much to do with the sport as anyone else? Because with out us, there would be no one to play for. With out us showing up and spending our hard earned money, there would be no million dollar salaries.

So three of the top quarterbacks are filing an anti-trust lawsuit to give them 3 times the amount of any damages they have incurred. Really? Why don't they take all of that money and hand it over to the fans? Why don't they use that money and lower tickets back down to where a fan who works 2 full time jobs can afford to go to a game and buy some food while there and not worry about how they will pay their next bill? Why? Because the players are just as greedy as the club owners.

Why do players of any professional sport have to make more then the guy who runs the country in annual salary? Doesn't make sense. The base rookie salary for 2010 was around $325,000. Didn't include any bonuses, etc. So the way I see it is, all players, regardless of position and experience, start at $325,000 a year. Not to go above $500,000 a year salary from the NFL, and this includes any bonuses from the league. If they want to make more then this, then they go get endorsements, from 3rd party companies. Owners pay should be capped at $450,000 a year. They should not make more then their top paid players. This would then leave a shit load of money in each clubs pool to make needed upgrades to their stadiums, lower ticket and food prices. Lower the prices on merchandise and give the fans a better experience. Hence the whole Jones Super Bowl fiasco.

They want to bring up player safety, etc. Fine. use all the extra money to invest in equipment manufacturing, training and what not. All the players know the risks they take when they sign up to play a sport. Otherwise they wouldn't play. And what about a retirement program that actually helps pay the bills of retired players? The extra money could go there as well.

You're supposed to play the game because you love it. You only love it because you can drive around in hundred thousand dollar cars, own multi-million dollar homes. And yet when you see fans in public, you act like your better then us, (same goes for actresses and actors).

On the down side of all of this, if they do actually lock out the entire season, or even half the season, expect the ticket and merchandise prices to sky rocket.


March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Buffy

14 years ago, Buffy first aired on TV. Now, Warner Brothers wants to make a new Buffy movie with out the man who created it. What are they thinking? I don't care who you get. They are not the epitome of the Buffyverse, Whedon is.  Hell, look at what the studios did to the first Buffy movie. They would try to make this one follow along the lines of the comic book movies of today, guaranteeing it's failure. Buffy is Buffy. And with out the original cast of the show, those who were left alive, without Whedon himself at the helm, it will flop. 

For a better understanding on this, here is an excellent write up from Comic  Book Grrl

Is It All About Self Fulfillment?

Yes, another post about how ignorant people are today. Seriously though. Think about it. Next time your out in Walmart, a fast food joint, wherever, stop to look and listen. You will be surprised. 

What really bugs me the most is, people know what they are doing. They fail to take 30 seconds and read. I've seen it a million times. I deal with it day in and day out. 

Perfect example was tonight. A lady asked me to show her how to get to her pictures folder on her PC. I asked her if she ever opened the folder before she said yes. I asked her to show me. She proceeded to open her pictures folder, we saw her pictures, then she closed it. Then she asked me, not once but twice, to show her how to get to her pictures folder. Really?

People think I make a lot of this stuff up. But one would be surprised at how many actual Darwin awards I could hand out in a months time. I try to be nice with people. People have told me I should have been a teacher. NO WAY IN HELL! I can work with you to help solve issues. I cannot cater to your helpless act of self fulfillment because you get off watching other people hold your hand. 

As I grew up, I was taught to be self sufficient and ask for help when I truly needed it. Weird things is, I did that. But a lot of others can't seem to fathom that idea.  

I like it how people buy new gadgets. Whether it's a TV, printer, pc, game console. And yet they cannot take 30 seconds to read the instruction manual. Hell they never open the damn thing. Then they call and say hey, this ain't working fix it. Once prompted for the manual, they say they don't have it or can't find it. But they jsut told you less then 3 minutes ago, they just opened the thing from the box. 

We want accountability from our govt. yet we cannot expect to hold ourselves accountable for stupidity?

March 10, 2011

Second Class Citizen, Nothing New

In reality, this already exists. We have the upper class, the middle class and the low class in today's society. And yet for decades, we have also had the second class of citizens int his country. It kinda goes all the way back to when we decided to kick the Indians to the curb. Then it progressed to what we have today.

Now I'm all for people who want to become legal residents of this country. Hell, I was even engaged with a lady from Canada. Who like most other couples, we were going through the legal channels to get her and her son properly registered.

The fight over illegal residents has escalated in recent years. Especially with Gov. Brewers bill in AZ. Which I support. But the article I just read kinda irks me a tad. The reworked version of DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act, would allow any child brought into this country illegally, born here by parents who are here illegally to become a second class citizen. No right to vote, no ability to become an actual legal resident of the USA. But it also removes the ability to deport them at the same time.

Now, I know it's not their fault that their parents came over illegally. Unless of course they are of middle teen years, then by all accounts they should understand what is happening. But to give them a second class citizen ship with out the ability to deport?

One, they can't vote. This country is supposed to be run on the ability to make your voice heard by voting. But then, if your not rich, Corporate America, then your vote still don't count anyway.Might as well make them prisoners, sense prisoners are not allowed to vote after release.

Two, no deportation? Yes the legal system sucks. Yes the bureaucrats play the game as soon as they get elected and all lies from the campaign begin to go out the door. But seriously? Send them back with their parents and make them go through the legal process.

What I find really funny is the lack of ownership in this. Apparently the GOP who supports this, have changed their tactics and are pushing this from the Hill down to state level. and yet at the same time, when you get people like Jan Brewer who take it at states level and try to make something of it, gets heat worse the oil fires in grandma's kitchen.

Here's an idea, anyone caught hiring, using illegal residents for labor get fined $50,000 per resident. After 5 consecutive fines in a 5 year period, they are then fined $100,000 per incident and loose their license for business.  Any illegal resident here working, collecting benefits that belong to legal residents get shipped back home and are put on a 4 year waiting list. If they are caught back in the country before that time and with out proper paperwork, then they and any family they have here are sent back. Legal or not.

People say the illegal resident work the jobs that American's don't want. Guess what. If the prices for the products rise then it's our own faults. Guess we need to get out there and start doing those jobs. The companies need to actually pay for the services rendered. Not cheap ass labor.

I may sound a little cynical, it's because I am. When a lot of the crime committed comes from illegals, then how do you expect me to act? I'm not talking petty crime, but all types of crime. And what happens, they sit in jail or even get released back into society. Why can't we take a slightly harder stance on illegals like other countries? Stop being afraid and stand up.

March 9, 2011

New Projects

So I have been trying to keep a little busy. I've started a bunch of projects. Like always, a lot wont see the light of day. Which really isn't a bad thing. Because I normally learn something new and apply that to something else I am working on.

One of the projects that has been on again and off again in the last 8 years is my own comic. The story always stays the same, but though i majored in art in high school, I cannot draw a human to save my life. So i was going to go all 3D. However, I'm stuck yet again, on an over all render style. Too realistic, too cartoonist, etc.

Working on a logo for a podcast group. Drawing something ever never attempted before, so it's a challenge. 

Trying my hand for the second time, at portraits. Not as easy as it looks. Last time was back in Jr. High. And even that looked like a Picasso.

Have even been tossing around some idea's for some new web projects. Just need to find someone i can trust and work with to make it happen. 

Oh well, the more the merrier I guess. Maybe I should just get away from the PC for awhile and pick up and brush and paint and do some landscapes.

March 8, 2011

You're So Not Doing It Right

What I don't understand is, in my line of work, people come to me when they have issues. PC issues thank god, because some of these people have so many personal issues that it make Charlie Sheen and his Tiger Blood seem normal. 
But due to the various nature of the problems, the time it takes to fix them varies. But people have this knack to for telling me how to do my job and tell me I am wrong. And yet when you ask these same people the most simplest of questions like, what color is your vehicle or what did you eat today? You get answers that belong in a Kubrick film. (BTW god bless sir.) 

I mean just tonight, I have been told I was doing my job wrong again. How wrong can you go, by going to a website and asking a customer to log into their account for that website? How wrong is it to ask a customer if the problem started before or after they added new hardware to their PC?

I still think we need to have some sort of National PC exam before you can own or operate a pc. Don't go to a Dr and tell them they are listening to your heart wrong. It's rude, obnoxious and stupid. So don't do it to me either.

March 7, 2011

I'm The Master of Insomnia

still no sleep. damn migraine keeping me awake and i have to be up in a few hours for work.

Almost Done

Looks like the new layout is coming along. I may swap out the succubus for something different so the image can transpose on both sides of the page. maybe not. I will have to see how I like this after week or so.  Wish I could get the rounded borders I want, however the browsers aren't all CSS3 compatible yet. Other then that, it's looking pretty good.  May have to copy this over to the website as well.

My PC Needs Phonics

When a consumer and PC user doesn't know even the most of the basic's...

Customer: Yeah my inter keeps me a something. I don't know.
Customer: I used to be a tech but this all changed.
PC Tech: (silently laughing)
Customer: I need that vius scan you all have.
Customer: my comptur all yours.
PC Tech: May i please have your account information?
endless silence ensues......

The Torture

Sitting here at work and out of no where my head decides it wan'ts to split log a log. Pain running up my spine, into my neck and my whole head feels like it's on fire. Wonder if this is how making love to a succubus feels!

March 6, 2011

Another Sleepless Night

With out you.....
Started taken Melatonin to help me sleep but it doesn't seem to be working. The first night I had some hellacious nightmares. Not that I minded those. But last night was another mind racing, blowing evening. I probably could have done all the works of Shakespeare abridged.

March 5, 2011

Always Late

Okay, so I got around tonight to add a new gallery to the site. But I also added a new twitter button so you can tweet and twit my art work. 

March 4, 2011

Shoulder to Cry On

So I talked, well texted, with a very close and dear friend this evening. She is under the weather. Not like flu or sick, but sorrow and emptiness. When ever she is sad, I always end up sad for some reason. God only knows we have both had a hard time in life. But I know her's has been a little harsher then mine. And i'm so glad she was able to pull through all of that. 

But as time goes on, things change. We change. I told her that it can't rain everyday. She came back with, but it can rain for a very long time. True it can. But it's what you make of that rain that will help make you.

I told her, that it's more of a test to see how much you believe and trust yourself. I know she is having a rough time and I so wish I could help. The best I can do right now is be an ear and a shoulder. I have always hated to see her hurt. 

Apparently Not

Seems my attempt at a Michelle Trachtenberg portrait isn't as close as I thought it might be. Despite all the images of her people look at, it's not close. Guess i'll have to try another one at some time, along with the rest of the cast. 

Another Sleepless Night

Yet another sleepless night. Sounds drowning out my ipod. Still not enough to lawl me to sleep. Kids raising hell at 8am bringing me out of the pre-sleep slumber. And they ain't even my kids. Oye-Ve!

Buffy Verse - Michelle Trachtenberg

Okay, So  I haven't had a lot of time to work on any art. So now I'm on this Buffy kick, I figured I would try some portraits. First up is Michelle Trachtenberg. Younger sister to Buffy and a hottie in her own right. Full 3D render and a little Photoshop.

Created from using images from her days on the show. Click the image for full size.


March 3, 2011

New Design

I have been thinking for awhile now about a new design for my website. Seems at least once a year, I redesign it because i gt tired of the current one. The new design is great. Dark, original art incorporated. Sometimes it seems so bland though. 

I was thinking of incorporating some of the things I've learned over the past 8 months. Make it more sociable. Problem with that is, I don't have much that's sociable to put up. It's more or less a portfolio of all my work. Art wise anyway. 

Maybe i can create some things that people would actually buy. So far in the 5 years I've had the site, I've sold maybe 2 things to visitors. And a bunch to me. I love my work!!

So, I guess I will draw up some idea's for a new layout and design and see where it takes me. 

So It's Started

I have sent some tweets to the cast of Buffy to see about getting the book signed. Let's see how it goes. 

Graphic Novel

So, for years now, talk about procrastination, I have been wanting to do a comic book. More or less a one shot. But the more I thought the idea out, the more it would need to be about the size of a graphic novel. Still being a one shot though.

So I have been playing with a lot of story lines over the years. But they all come back toward the same thing. So I just may have to run with that. Now of course, I would end up doing all the art work and writing. So this should come to light in th next 10  years if i can get myself to get started. 

Problem is, I don't draw people. I haven't been able to ever. But yet i use 3D model and rendering programs to create them for my art. So it looks like this would be a 3D rendered novel. 

Still don't even have a title. Have a lot of working titles, but nothing solid yet. So many details to flush out. Guess i need to set up some sort of system to get that going. 

Beginning of a Journey?

Okay, so i did it. Finished the last season of Buffy. But i wanted more. I wanted to know what happened afterward. So, on my way into work tonight, i stopped off at the Books a Million store and picked up the first 2 books in the Season 8 series. So that will cover the first 10 issues of the comic series.

Now, I've been a fan of comics since i was little. Never got into collecting them until my late 20's. Had to sell a $1200 collection for reasons I do not want to speak of. And so i'm left with a few books, couple of graphic novels and the memories of some amazing artwork and story lines. 

SO, I'm thinking of starting a new collection. But where to start? So many titles for each character there is. I think though, instead of the main big ones like Marvel, DC, Image & Top Cow, i will look for the smaller presses. I do however need to replenish my Witchblade and Darkness series. Along with Tomb Raider and Fathom. 

Now, I think i would like to get book 1, A Long Way Home, from season 8 signed by the main cast of Buffy. This would include Buffy herself Sarah. But also, Michelle, Alyson, Nick and Anthony. In the process, I would love to get Eliza, David, Seth and Mr. Whedon's signatures too. 

Would be nice to add to the last fleeting realm of my collection of one shots, zero's, first issues and the few signed i do have left. 

Now the question is, what is this journey going to take and how long?

March 2, 2011

35-mile ride on minivan hood

Now, I read this story and I could help but think of the Police Academy movie where the wife rode the hood all the way to basic training. Funny as hell. But in all seriousness, I think she needs to have her head examined. From the story she was on the hood as her husband was backing out of the driveway. As soon as he hit the street and started to move, she should have had the Common Sense to roll off because he wasn't going to stop. 

 Now he's being charged with kidnapping because she wanted to play the million dollar woman?  Think they both need some time in Arkham.

Full Story

The 5 Hottest Ladies of the Buffy Universe

Okay, so I think I've hit my mid-life crisis. I've been on a kick of old TV series from my school days. First came Angel. Always liked the whole dark and dreary thing. Besides, whats more protagonist then a vamp with a soul? As soon as Angel series finished, I started season 1, episode 1 of Buffy. Okay, I admit it, there's always been a small crush on Sarah and the others. But hey, isn't that what nerds and geeks do?

So now I'm up near the end of Season 7. I never did pick up the Season 8 books. Just might have to. But as I've watched all 7 seasons, I started to wonder who was the bad ass chick of them all. Who ranked the highest on the hotness scale.

So, without further ado, here's my list.

1. Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan)
Okay, she may not be the main character of the Buffy Universe. But she is hot. A powerful witch, sexy red head (dirty girl). Especially with her in short hair. She is accepted by her friends even when things do go bad. I think more importantly, she accepts herself, even though she is afraid to.

2. Buffy Anne Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
So the main star makes number dos on the list. Yes, she's overly attractive and seductive. She has power beyond anyone's control, including herself. But sometimes she doesn't know when to ask for help when she really needs it.

3. Dawn Summers (Michelle Trachtenberg)
Little sister makes the list. She's hot, perky and willing to kick ass. She's more like the girl next door but she will put her foot where the sun don't shine if she needs to. Bonus: she was magically created! Besides, have you seen her Maxim pictures? She's all grown up now!!!!

4. Drusilla (Juliet Landau)
The weird one. Riddle speaking, seductive and little quirky knacks of Dru sit well with me. Okay, maybe I need help and a white coat, but hey! She listens to her pixies and I listen to my little krispies. One in the same isn't it? Besides, Dru has the ability to lift you up and put you down all with just her presence. Just look how she played on poor Spike.

5. Joyce Summers (Kristine Sutherland)
"My Mom?" Yes, the matron the the Summer's household made the list. She was very hot and at the same time helped keep normalcy running. And at times, you always knew if you had to, Mom was the one you could talk to, because you knew you couldn't talk to yours!

So there's my list. Now I know you'll say where's Eliza, Amber, Claire, etc. Don't get me wrong, They are all hot, powerful and well deserving. But the more I watch the series, the more the top 5 stick out. The more I would want any of the top 5 by my side, should I have to face evil. Well, Except Juliet. She's there because I can't help but love her manipulative ways and expressions. But she could be useful.


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