March 3, 2011

Beginning of a Journey?

Okay, so i did it. Finished the last season of Buffy. But i wanted more. I wanted to know what happened afterward. So, on my way into work tonight, i stopped off at the Books a Million store and picked up the first 2 books in the Season 8 series. So that will cover the first 10 issues of the comic series.

Now, I've been a fan of comics since i was little. Never got into collecting them until my late 20's. Had to sell a $1200 collection for reasons I do not want to speak of. And so i'm left with a few books, couple of graphic novels and the memories of some amazing artwork and story lines. 

SO, I'm thinking of starting a new collection. But where to start? So many titles for each character there is. I think though, instead of the main big ones like Marvel, DC, Image & Top Cow, i will look for the smaller presses. I do however need to replenish my Witchblade and Darkness series. Along with Tomb Raider and Fathom. 

Now, I think i would like to get book 1, A Long Way Home, from season 8 signed by the main cast of Buffy. This would include Buffy herself Sarah. But also, Michelle, Alyson, Nick and Anthony. In the process, I would love to get Eliza, David, Seth and Mr. Whedon's signatures too. 

Would be nice to add to the last fleeting realm of my collection of one shots, zero's, first issues and the few signed i do have left. 

Now the question is, what is this journey going to take and how long?


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