March 3, 2011

Graphic Novel

So, for years now, talk about procrastination, I have been wanting to do a comic book. More or less a one shot. But the more I thought the idea out, the more it would need to be about the size of a graphic novel. Still being a one shot though.

So I have been playing with a lot of story lines over the years. But they all come back toward the same thing. So I just may have to run with that. Now of course, I would end up doing all the art work and writing. So this should come to light in th next 10  years if i can get myself to get started. 

Problem is, I don't draw people. I haven't been able to ever. But yet i use 3D model and rendering programs to create them for my art. So it looks like this would be a 3D rendered novel. 

Still don't even have a title. Have a lot of working titles, but nothing solid yet. So many details to flush out. Guess i need to set up some sort of system to get that going. 


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