March 24, 2011

I thought IT Hurt Before

Okay, so were 48 hours removed from surgery. They couldnt pull the one tooth on the bottom because apparently they had given me all the knock out drugs they could, yet i was still feeling it and moving too much. However, all the top ones are out.

Since the drugs are worn off, im down tot he pain pills prescribed. Plus the Penicillin.  Problem is, though the swelling has gone down a lot, my entire mouth is sore as hell. It feels as if it's being pulled in every direction. 

I tried the dentures again. They are way too big for my mouth. When in, they actually rest against the back of my mouth, setting off my gag reflex. Though that was never that strong before anyway. My upper gum in the front doesn't so much hurt as it's in an uncomfortable stage. It's the sides on the top and where they did try and pull the bottom tooth out.

They did a deep cleaning on my bottom and damn they feel funny. I keep rubbing the bottom teeth with out realizing it with my tongue, then they start to hurt. On a pain scale, 7-8 is wear i start to get annoyed as hell. 9 is where i call the ER or what ever i have to, to make it stop. 10 I just pass out. I will put the pain right now at about a 6. Im following orders like i should as far as meds go. I for one however, cannot wait for all of this to be over.


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