March 12, 2011

NFL on Lock out? Good.

Yes I am a fan of the sport. Matter of fact, I've been a Steelers fan since the mid 70's when I was a kid. (let the rape comments ensue!)

The only game I've ever been to cost roughly $36 for nose bleed seats. This was back in the '96-'97 season. Those same tickets today are about $100. Really?

I'm not against only the players or only the owners on this matter. I'm against them both. Most players are paid an extreme amount of money to play a game that they once loved. Now they are bitching and whining like little school girls that they don't have enough. And they owners keep feeding them, create grandiose stadiums that get paid for by the tax payers, etc.

On a multi-billion dollar a year business, why do the fans, who keep these jack asses employed, still have to shell out $80 and up for a jersey? $30 and up for a damn hat? And on top of that, hundreds for tickets and $7 for a hot dog? Seriously? A fucking hot dog? My mom use to make these NFL jersey's back in the late 80's, early 90's. Back then they were still about $65 each. Yet she was only making minimum wage for a 40-50 hour work week in the factory? Fuck Corporate America.

What I find funny, is that most star athletes not only get outrageous salaries in the millions, but they also get millions from endorsements. Yet the average fan who attends one game and helps pay the multi-million dollar salary, might make about $34-45 thousand a year if that, or less. That's quite a big offset if you ask me. How much do these clubs pay their workers who walk the stands selling beer, food and the like? I almost bet it's minimum wage or just a hair above.

So why were their only to tables at these meetings just recently? Why wasn't the public tax payer represented, when we have just as much to do with the sport as anyone else? Because with out us, there would be no one to play for. With out us showing up and spending our hard earned money, there would be no million dollar salaries.

So three of the top quarterbacks are filing an anti-trust lawsuit to give them 3 times the amount of any damages they have incurred. Really? Why don't they take all of that money and hand it over to the fans? Why don't they use that money and lower tickets back down to where a fan who works 2 full time jobs can afford to go to a game and buy some food while there and not worry about how they will pay their next bill? Why? Because the players are just as greedy as the club owners.

Why do players of any professional sport have to make more then the guy who runs the country in annual salary? Doesn't make sense. The base rookie salary for 2010 was around $325,000. Didn't include any bonuses, etc. So the way I see it is, all players, regardless of position and experience, start at $325,000 a year. Not to go above $500,000 a year salary from the NFL, and this includes any bonuses from the league. If they want to make more then this, then they go get endorsements, from 3rd party companies. Owners pay should be capped at $450,000 a year. They should not make more then their top paid players. This would then leave a shit load of money in each clubs pool to make needed upgrades to their stadiums, lower ticket and food prices. Lower the prices on merchandise and give the fans a better experience. Hence the whole Jones Super Bowl fiasco.

They want to bring up player safety, etc. Fine. use all the extra money to invest in equipment manufacturing, training and what not. All the players know the risks they take when they sign up to play a sport. Otherwise they wouldn't play. And what about a retirement program that actually helps pay the bills of retired players? The extra money could go there as well.

You're supposed to play the game because you love it. You only love it because you can drive around in hundred thousand dollar cars, own multi-million dollar homes. And yet when you see fans in public, you act like your better then us, (same goes for actresses and actors).

On the down side of all of this, if they do actually lock out the entire season, or even half the season, expect the ticket and merchandise prices to sky rocket.



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