March 10, 2011

Second Class Citizen, Nothing New

In reality, this already exists. We have the upper class, the middle class and the low class in today's society. And yet for decades, we have also had the second class of citizens int his country. It kinda goes all the way back to when we decided to kick the Indians to the curb. Then it progressed to what we have today.

Now I'm all for people who want to become legal residents of this country. Hell, I was even engaged with a lady from Canada. Who like most other couples, we were going through the legal channels to get her and her son properly registered.

The fight over illegal residents has escalated in recent years. Especially with Gov. Brewers bill in AZ. Which I support. But the article I just read kinda irks me a tad. The reworked version of DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act, would allow any child brought into this country illegally, born here by parents who are here illegally to become a second class citizen. No right to vote, no ability to become an actual legal resident of the USA. But it also removes the ability to deport them at the same time.

Now, I know it's not their fault that their parents came over illegally. Unless of course they are of middle teen years, then by all accounts they should understand what is happening. But to give them a second class citizen ship with out the ability to deport?

One, they can't vote. This country is supposed to be run on the ability to make your voice heard by voting. But then, if your not rich, Corporate America, then your vote still don't count anyway.Might as well make them prisoners, sense prisoners are not allowed to vote after release.

Two, no deportation? Yes the legal system sucks. Yes the bureaucrats play the game as soon as they get elected and all lies from the campaign begin to go out the door. But seriously? Send them back with their parents and make them go through the legal process.

What I find really funny is the lack of ownership in this. Apparently the GOP who supports this, have changed their tactics and are pushing this from the Hill down to state level. and yet at the same time, when you get people like Jan Brewer who take it at states level and try to make something of it, gets heat worse the oil fires in grandma's kitchen.

Here's an idea, anyone caught hiring, using illegal residents for labor get fined $50,000 per resident. After 5 consecutive fines in a 5 year period, they are then fined $100,000 per incident and loose their license for business.  Any illegal resident here working, collecting benefits that belong to legal residents get shipped back home and are put on a 4 year waiting list. If they are caught back in the country before that time and with out proper paperwork, then they and any family they have here are sent back. Legal or not.

People say the illegal resident work the jobs that American's don't want. Guess what. If the prices for the products rise then it's our own faults. Guess we need to get out there and start doing those jobs. The companies need to actually pay for the services rendered. Not cheap ass labor.

I may sound a little cynical, it's because I am. When a lot of the crime committed comes from illegals, then how do you expect me to act? I'm not talking petty crime, but all types of crime. And what happens, they sit in jail or even get released back into society. Why can't we take a slightly harder stance on illegals like other countries? Stop being afraid and stand up.


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