March 4, 2011

Shoulder to Cry On

So I talked, well texted, with a very close and dear friend this evening. She is under the weather. Not like flu or sick, but sorrow and emptiness. When ever she is sad, I always end up sad for some reason. God only knows we have both had a hard time in life. But I know her's has been a little harsher then mine. And i'm so glad she was able to pull through all of that. 

But as time goes on, things change. We change. I told her that it can't rain everyday. She came back with, but it can rain for a very long time. True it can. But it's what you make of that rain that will help make you.

I told her, that it's more of a test to see how much you believe and trust yourself. I know she is having a rough time and I so wish I could help. The best I can do right now is be an ear and a shoulder. I have always hated to see her hurt. 


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