March 25, 2011

Starz Next In Line

Okay, I should be sleeping. I have another surgery scheduled in less then 4 hours. But i've slept so much for the last few days, and on top of that, the main in my mouth is so severe, it's keeping me awake.

Just read an article where Starz is now jumping the bandwagon and delaying movies and shows to Netflix as of the April 1st launch of Camelot. Guess people love failing and dying business models.

What I don't think these pay for channels take into account is, that most people don't want to or don't like to pay $14-$20 a month, just to watch one original series. I mean, for the last 3 decades or more, Starz, Showtime, HBO, Skinimax and all the others show the same movies each night of the week all month long. I mean, how many times can you watch Tin Cup or Apollo 13 or Bad Boys? There's over a million movies out there. If they would change the lineup every week from the 8pm to midnight slots, maybe more people would agree to buy these channels.

There's better ways for me to spend that money to get my entertainment. I just wish the money suckers would realize were in the 21st century. And what worked 100 years ago, doesn't work now.


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