March 8, 2011

You're So Not Doing It Right

What I don't understand is, in my line of work, people come to me when they have issues. PC issues thank god, because some of these people have so many personal issues that it make Charlie Sheen and his Tiger Blood seem normal. 
But due to the various nature of the problems, the time it takes to fix them varies. But people have this knack to for telling me how to do my job and tell me I am wrong. And yet when you ask these same people the most simplest of questions like, what color is your vehicle or what did you eat today? You get answers that belong in a Kubrick film. (BTW god bless sir.) 

I mean just tonight, I have been told I was doing my job wrong again. How wrong can you go, by going to a website and asking a customer to log into their account for that website? How wrong is it to ask a customer if the problem started before or after they added new hardware to their PC?

I still think we need to have some sort of National PC exam before you can own or operate a pc. Don't go to a Dr and tell them they are listening to your heart wrong. It's rude, obnoxious and stupid. So don't do it to me either.


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