April 18, 2011

Final Frontier

So it's been mad busy hell for the last month. Had the first surgery done. It ended with some small complications, so I went back in a few days later to finish it up. Now the healing is for the most part, done. I need to go back in and get the upper fixtures re-sized so I can start wearing them. 

Mad busy at work. New training, re-training. All because the suits want more in their pockets. But im lucky I still have a job though. And i'm lucky to get written up because of the complications of the first surgery, I had to take a day of work off for the 2nd one. Regardless of if I went in or not following surgery and they sent me home, because I was scheduled to work, it would have been a write up.

So to break up all of the madness, a co-worker and I drove to Tampa tonight to the Iron Maiden concert. I never saw them live before, as they never came close enough to me back in the 80's to go see. So all the footage I saw, has been on bootleg video's and YouTube.

Tonight's show, in two words or less, Fucking Amazing. This is the only band out of the 2-3 dozen I have seen, that sounds so much like their album when playing live. For these guys being in their early to mid fifties, they have not lost their touch in 3 decades. The showmanship, the light show, the music, all of it was the best. I now have a new best concert. And it will take a lot to beat this one. And I mean A LOT!!

 What I found extremely cool about tonight was the range of ages that attended the show. Of course, there were people around my age give or take a few years. So that's the mid 30's. Then there were kids as young as what looked to be about 7-8 and people my parent's age. So in all 7-8 to about 55-58. Now that's a wide range of listeners. The kid next to me had to be about 12-13 years old, was there with his dad. This kid was head banging away, throwing the "devils" sign and knew the lyrics to the old Maiden songs they played. True headbanger right there! I was proud!!

All in all, it was an excellent evening out with a great friend. Too bad we have to miss the Motley Crue/Poison tour. All due to the fact the exact same seats we just paid a $100 even for 2 tickets will cost us over $100 each. So were not spending that kind of money and driving 3 hours round trip for that. Think Nikki Sixx blocked me on twitter because I started bitching at him about the prices.

So now I've had a vent release, it's back to the grind tomorrow. guess it's a good way to start off a Monday work day!

By The Way: Iron Maiden so fucking rules!!!



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