April 22, 2011

Good Friday Equals Corporate Pay Day

Every since the buy out of my company, a lot of things have changed. A lot don't seem for the better either. I have come to hate corporations as much as I hate politicians. One thing I don't understand is the new structured holidays. So they gave us a few extra paid holidays, which is nice. But the holidays them selves make no sense. 

The first one is Good Friday. yes, it's the Friday before Easter. But there is no company Easter holiday. Granted, not a lot of companies celebrate Easter as a paid holiday. But Good Friday? Makes a little sense, but at the same time, I would rather have Sunday off so I can spend it with my family. So this year, I work on the "official" company holiday today, but I also work on Sunday. Which means no Easter dinner.  And no egg hunt!!

The other holiday that makes absolutely no sense to any of us is Black Friday! Black Friday isn't a national holiday. It's a corporate pay day. So we have 2 holidays in the same week, which used to be a scheduling nightmare. Not it's simple. If your already scheduled to work on the day in which the holiday falls, your working the holiday.  And since schedules are done upwards of 3 months in advance, there is no guarantee you will get that day off. And you may get lucky enough to find someone who will switch shifts with you.

I'm not against working holidays, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. I'll work them all. But if I do want one of them off, I have to try and choose a schedule 3 months in advance for that one day. Meaning for three months, I can get stuck with a schedule that interferes with everything else.

The company used to take volunteers for the holidays. And for the most part, they filled all the positions rather quick. But under the "new rules", you don't have that many options. 
I wonder if I can get the Easter Bunny to show up at work on Sunday to give me some candy?


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