June 23, 2011

Check Yourself

Seems someone in the house today woke up on the wrong side of five beds. And im not talking about the baby.  Bitchy is an understatement for today. But the baby is having his moments again today.

And my name was mentioned because the garbage can, which was empty when i left for work and over full when i cam home from work, still sat in the washroom. Seems no one could be bothered to take it out to the trash.And i've stated, if people can't take the damn thing out when they fill it up, then it can sit there. It's less then 15 feet from the washroom. But I guess picking up a garbage bag is too heavy for most people. So maybe I'll take the whole damn thing out and leave it in the garage for tonight's trash man.

So far, ass, bitch, shit and fuck are about every other word coming out of the mouth. I could understand a moment or two of having  a really bad day, as I have them from time to time. But this is an everyday thing.  And I know if the grandparents were still alive, none of this would be happening.


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