June 23, 2011

Executive for a Week?

So apparently, I won a contest at work because i had the highest numbers for the month. So being the winner, I get my boss's boss's office for a week. Sounds like fun, but it's not me. I remember the email vaguely, describing the contest. However, i deleted it and never thought about it again.

I'm not one for contests at work, unless it has something to do with raising money for a worth while cause. I've always been one to just show up at work and do my job and leave. I've dealt with customers for the better part of the last 30 years. Be it working in fast food at 15, the automotive retail world for 4-5 years, department stores, etc. I treat each customer as i am a customer myself. A lot of people don't get that. 

Im not a salesman though. I cannot sell ice to Eskimo's. I can offer something of beneficial value, if I know it will help. Something I learned while working for Advanced Auto for so many years. But not this job. 

I've been in the office for 3 days so far, today making number 4. It's is nice to have some quiet while working, however I miss the daily jabber with my co-workers around me. So it's kinda isolating.  But it's worth it.

I get a nice dinner as well. Most of the times when things like this happen, Red Lobster or another nice restaurant is chosen. It's okay, but I'm me. So i chose iHop. Besides, I've been craving pancakes for awhile. So why not let work pay for them.


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