June 13, 2011


For ten long years now, America has been at war. At war with Iraq, war with terrorist and a war amongst ourselves. Both economically and emotionally. After ten long years, one has to wonder when is it going to end?

Our freedoms, as there is not only one freedom, has never come at a cheap price. But as time has gone on, not only us as a whole, but as individuals as well, have taken a lot of these freedoms for granted. Sometimes to a point, that we no longer question authority or our leaders. 

With this whole War on Terror, it kinda reminds me of being a kid and always reading about the War on Drugs. A war in which there was no one enemy, like in a typical conflict. But a group of individuals that made up a faction. It was a war in which we spent billions of dollars and yet really didn't get no where. To this day, there are still millions and millions of dollars worth of drugs, making their way into our country every day. Not a very successful war if you ask me. 

So, I have to ask the same question. Is this whole War on Terror successful? Yes, we have been able to pull out some of the most dangerous criminals and terrorists. And like the War on Drugs, there was someone to take their place.  History has shown, that there will always be some lunatic out there, wanting to cause harm on others for nothing more then his own beliefs. 

Being a former member of the military, part of the famed 101st Airborne, I know what it's like in the military. Though I was lucky and unlucky at the same time, I never saw the light of combat. But when a fellow soldier falls, it eats away at the heart. 

Such as the recent loss of a fellow soldier, Devin Snyder, who at 20 years of age, was killed in Afghanistan on June 3rd. 20 years of age! Why? Her and three others were hit by an IED, all 3 perished.  All three, who like a lot before them were trying to protect our freedoms. 

I respect Devin and the others. I respect any member of the military. But I have to question the authority. Call it my nature. Was there a reason she, as well as all of the others have had to perish? Was there another way around all of this? How many more will perish before we can safely say, No More?

I have lost a lot of friends and family members over the years. However, loosing a fellow soldier always seems to hit just a bit closer to home. 

I mean, 11 years after the fact, we are still arguing over money and there is still no memorial for those lost in 9/11. We are supposed to be a  country based on freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of persecution. Yet everyday, we are put into and put ourselves into a position to fight against these very things. We have taken cue's from our leadership and have learn to live by that without question. 

So in ten more years, will we still be fighting the same war? If so,  I have this bad feeling it won't be on some foreign soil. But if history has anything to prove, it will be in our own back yard. 



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