July 31, 2011

Proverbial Shit List

Okay, so the son in law just mad my proverbial shit list. After the mechanic put in the new bushings, and tested the truck, it will not go into 3rd gear at all. So the tranny needs to be replaced. A new one from the auto store will run about $1700. So the possibilities of a rebuilt one are there. However, it will still run me about $700 for a rebuilt one and the cost for labor. so I'm still looking at over a grand.

This proverbial shit list is all exclusive. You never come off it. Only 2 others are on it and one of those is an ex. So not only is he going to start forking over monthly payments to me, not the wife, for fixing this. But he has 2 1/2 weeks to fork over the insurance money for the truck, gets the papers signed so it goes in his name so I can be done with it and to sign off on his old car. Which we took away from him because he stopped making payments on it.

He doesn't want to stay on my bad side. I can and will make his life a living hell. You don't respect me, I do not respect you. Period.

Talk About Pain

Yesterday started out good. Even went out for the hair cut i've been meaning to get for the last month or so. However, by the time 6-6:30 rolled around, I started to get a headache. This one wasn't a migrane but sinus. the pressure build up in mt forehead and on top of my head really got to me. At one point the pressure moved down behind my eyes and i could no longer see out of my left eye. Just a blurry, hazy field of what ever particles wanted to make up the masses of objects in my house.

I layed down on the couch in the PC room and fell asleep. Slept for a few hours until mother nature called. At that point, about 8pm, I got up and went to the bathroom and promptly passed out in bed. I could feel the pressure moving from side to side, like an air bubble moving around in there somewhere. I finally fell back asleep. I woke up about midnight when the wife came in. Got up, but i felt no better. Stayed up to about 2:30 then went back to bed. Finally got up about 9 this morning. The headache is still there but not nearly as bad as it was.

Problem is, this is all too re-occurring for me. Sinus headaches anyway. Hot showers, steams baths, Vick's, nothing seems to work to relive the pressure. I just have to let it do that on it's own. Drinking hot liquid sometimes helps loosing it up so i can blow my nose with some kind of end result. But a lot of times it makes it worse as the pressure just moves around.

I've been to the dr's many times for this. There are a lot of things in my daily life that contribute to this. But no one has ever found a cure. I don't think they ever will.

I started to feel a little better, but just went out to the garage to help get the lawnmower started again. Though it's only 86 outside, with the heat index and humidity, it feels like it's almost 110. At least by the weather report. And inside the garage, it's like Death Valley. Now I feel like im drunk, because the pressure is moving around so much, it's throwing my equilibrium off.

Hopefully i can get rid of this today before the start of work tomorrow.

July 28, 2011

Got Lucky

Mechanic stated no real damage to the transmission. But the bushings are shot. He said about $300 to fix it. Plus the son in law, over filled the oil, after he called me and asked where he put it in at!!!!!

He can't count his eggs that he didn't get my foot up his ass.


July 24, 2011

How Do I Check My Dipstick?

So the youngest son in law called me this morning. wanting to know about the radiator in my blazer. after the call, i had a pit feeling. needless to say, he called about 20 min ago. the blazer wont go over 30. It hits 30 and start making funky sounds. He proceeds to tell me that it over heated on his way home from work. Im thinking maybe cracked block. But then it would be making all sorts of hellacious noises. If it started at all. Not to mention smoke from the antifreeze and oil mixtures. Then i ask him to turn it on and pull the tranny stick. bone dry and in his words, "shiny". I asked him when the last time he checked the fluid, he said he took it to the mobile place. Then read me the receipt. 8/29/10. Here's your sign!!!

I know it wont work, but it may enough for him to get it home. But told him to go get 2 quarts of fluid and put in it. Run it for a few minutes, back it up and forward to get it into the tranny. Then check the fluid to make sure its reading on the stick.

Then he calls me from Wally World because he can't find the fluid. I tell him what to get, and i bet he puts it in the wrong spot on the truck.

Not buying a new tranny and not doing a pick a part job either. Guess i will sell it for scraps. Wife is none to pleased. Better yet she's livid. She don't want nothing to do with him now. Don't blame her really.

Granted it's a 94, with medium amount of miles. But damn. At least i took care of it.

He called when he got back to the truck. Asked me if the motor had to be on when he put the fluid in. I said no. Then I Said to make sure you put it where the tranny fluid goes and not the oil. He said, that I know. It would be devastating if he did. You think not checking your fluids for almost a year wont be??

He got it home. Said it felt like it was shifting. But once it got to 30, it was making hellacious sounds again. So, either the 2nd gear band is broken or the flywheel is coming apart. My bet will be on the gear bands.

July 23, 2011

Down With Apple, Long Live Android

So, trip to Lowes to get replacement plugs for the lawnmower, check. Trip to Target to get phone case and screen protector, Nope. They only cater to Apple. Trip to Walmart for same thing, Nope. Again, only cater to Apple. WTF Apple is not the only company that makes phones. And they have lost mass ground in the market to Android.

Trip to Sprint store to get case and screen protectors. WTF, you sell the phones and carry accessories but don't carry anything but generic shit for the new phones. Yet i can go on line and order form over seas? The case i got was not what i wanted, but i needed something. the screen protectors, which the clerk said yes they will work are an inch to short to cover my phone.

Yet they had a lot of crack berry shit and specific items for other phones. I have still yet to find a micro sub cable for charging under 6' in length. Really people?

I hope Apple burns to the ground. I wont miss them. Then maybe these stores will start stocking other items for other phones.

July 22, 2011

Im Drowning

So, for the last few days, I've woken up with some serious sinus headaches. Feels like I'm drowning.


July 12, 2011

Matchbox and Tinder

I know times change. but what happened to kids going out racing bikes, jumping bikes, playing with gi joe or its equivalent. staying out until the street lights come on, building forts in the woods and having all the kids on the block get together for some wiffle ball or football? has the morale responsibility teachings of a parent slipped that bad? 

I hate young people with xbox and playstations who dont fucking listen when you try to help them. I think all kids under the age of 18 should be banned from owning a game systems or playing them and go outside and play with fire or something.

July 7, 2011

I'm IN... I Finally Made the + Crowd

YES!!!!! I'm part of the Plus crowd now. Meaning, I've gotten the invite to the new Google+ social network platform. 

So I've been playing with it. It's laid out in a real easy way to use. Simple and yet Web 2.0 elegant. But what I've noticed, and brought to my attention by a co-worker who is also using it, that it looks like the Ubuntu theme for Linux. Kind of like the new "Preview" theme for Gmail. 

Overall, I've been playing in + for a few hours. I've sent out invites, though most people won't be able to join right away, have my circles set up, my sparks set. It's looking good. The layout has some similarities to Facebook. But how many ways can you make a layout that's so busy and yet easy to navigate and read?

One thing, and i'm sure it will change as this moves forward, is no more "I need boards for my chicken coup" spamming my streams. 

One of the biggest advantages, and maybe even a slight disadvantage of using Google+, is the ability to get updates, add people to my circles from the new + bar when logged into your Google account. So while I'm working on a document, checking my email or messing around in my calendar, I can read updates and add followers to circles, all without having to open Google+ itself. This makes keeping up on the streams easier, and I don't always have to keep the page open. Just logged into my Google account. Unlike Facebook, where you need to keep it open all the time or rely on a mobile app. But Google+ has a mobile app too, so it makes access to it just as easy.

If Google sticks with this and pushes and promotes it with the better then Facebook privacy settings, I have a feeling, this may catch on. Now it won't explode over night and be a 7 million user website like that. But if they keep with it, it looks to be a great contender to the king of social media. 

But one question still remains, when, where and how will the Google ad's come into play in the layout?

July 6, 2011

Home Brewed Fireworks

So the wife had it out with the niece this weekend. The niece who has been staying with us for almost a year now, since her mother passed away last year. The biggest thing that brought it about is her attitude. Not to mention her whinny ass kids. Now the 2 year old i can understand. But the 8 year old thinks she's the center of god's created universe. I got news for her!

Anyway, she kicked the niece out Sunday night. Told her to leave or when she did come back, all her stuff would be outside.

I wouldn't' have been as pleasant. But that's me. My time is coming. They say hell knows no fury like a woman scorned. They've never seen me blow up.

So now I get home last night and the wife tells me, the niece took a leave of absence from work. Because she can find a regular babysitter. Now the wife can watch the kids a day or two. But it is hell on her. Especially the 2 year old. And she has what I would call a worthless father.

So, the clock is ticking. I can hear it. Ain't no mouse waiting for the chimes either. When the sand runs out, so does the charity and good will.


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