July 23, 2011

Down With Apple, Long Live Android

So, trip to Lowes to get replacement plugs for the lawnmower, check. Trip to Target to get phone case and screen protector, Nope. They only cater to Apple. Trip to Walmart for same thing, Nope. Again, only cater to Apple. WTF Apple is not the only company that makes phones. And they have lost mass ground in the market to Android.

Trip to Sprint store to get case and screen protectors. WTF, you sell the phones and carry accessories but don't carry anything but generic shit for the new phones. Yet i can go on line and order form over seas? The case i got was not what i wanted, but i needed something. the screen protectors, which the clerk said yes they will work are an inch to short to cover my phone.

Yet they had a lot of crack berry shit and specific items for other phones. I have still yet to find a micro sub cable for charging under 6' in length. Really people?

I hope Apple burns to the ground. I wont miss them. Then maybe these stores will start stocking other items for other phones.


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