July 6, 2011

Home Brewed Fireworks

So the wife had it out with the niece this weekend. The niece who has been staying with us for almost a year now, since her mother passed away last year. The biggest thing that brought it about is her attitude. Not to mention her whinny ass kids. Now the 2 year old i can understand. But the 8 year old thinks she's the center of god's created universe. I got news for her!

Anyway, she kicked the niece out Sunday night. Told her to leave or when she did come back, all her stuff would be outside.

I wouldn't' have been as pleasant. But that's me. My time is coming. They say hell knows no fury like a woman scorned. They've never seen me blow up.

So now I get home last night and the wife tells me, the niece took a leave of absence from work. Because she can find a regular babysitter. Now the wife can watch the kids a day or two. But it is hell on her. Especially the 2 year old. And she has what I would call a worthless father.

So, the clock is ticking. I can hear it. Ain't no mouse waiting for the chimes either. When the sand runs out, so does the charity and good will.


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