July 24, 2011

How Do I Check My Dipstick?

So the youngest son in law called me this morning. wanting to know about the radiator in my blazer. after the call, i had a pit feeling. needless to say, he called about 20 min ago. the blazer wont go over 30. It hits 30 and start making funky sounds. He proceeds to tell me that it over heated on his way home from work. Im thinking maybe cracked block. But then it would be making all sorts of hellacious noises. If it started at all. Not to mention smoke from the antifreeze and oil mixtures. Then i ask him to turn it on and pull the tranny stick. bone dry and in his words, "shiny". I asked him when the last time he checked the fluid, he said he took it to the mobile place. Then read me the receipt. 8/29/10. Here's your sign!!!

I know it wont work, but it may enough for him to get it home. But told him to go get 2 quarts of fluid and put in it. Run it for a few minutes, back it up and forward to get it into the tranny. Then check the fluid to make sure its reading on the stick.

Then he calls me from Wally World because he can't find the fluid. I tell him what to get, and i bet he puts it in the wrong spot on the truck.

Not buying a new tranny and not doing a pick a part job either. Guess i will sell it for scraps. Wife is none to pleased. Better yet she's livid. She don't want nothing to do with him now. Don't blame her really.

Granted it's a 94, with medium amount of miles. But damn. At least i took care of it.

He called when he got back to the truck. Asked me if the motor had to be on when he put the fluid in. I said no. Then I Said to make sure you put it where the tranny fluid goes and not the oil. He said, that I know. It would be devastating if he did. You think not checking your fluids for almost a year wont be??

He got it home. Said it felt like it was shifting. But once it got to 30, it was making hellacious sounds again. So, either the 2nd gear band is broken or the flywheel is coming apart. My bet will be on the gear bands.


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